Debra talks arrogantly about her team and herself!
Where: Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona
When: 1st February 1999
Show: Raw

One week after watching Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart winning the WWF Tag Team Championship, Debra was the centre of attention as Kevin Kelly introduced her for an interview on the stage to a big reception.

KK: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time is the manager of the new WWF Tag Team Champions, Debra!

Debra walks out onto the stage

KK: Congratulations on the success of Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett but many people feel that Du have been instrumental to their meteoric rise to the oben, nach oben here in the WWF.

Debra: I think so well of course I did Kevin but I mean... now with their abilities combined with my irresistiability nobody stands a chance. This body means business as well as pleasure!

KK: Very nice... so I have to wonder Debra what is really on the horizon for...

Mark Henry now appears and hands Debra a rose before like the Zurück week hitting on her again!

Mark Henry: Well pleasure's my middle name and that's about all I wanna do is give ya. I think me and Du should hook up.

Debra: I tell Du what that sounds interesting but tell me something honey... Du think Du got what it takes to make me hot... chocolate?

Mark Henry: Well I'm the kind of Schokolade that melts in your mouth and not in your hand.

Just then the WWF Tag Team Champions attack Mark Henry for a nasty beat down. Debra is then seen to be laughing at the misfortune of the man who had handed her a rose suggesting Debra had set him up all along! However her actions would have consequences as would be seen on the Weiter episode of RAW!

Later on, Debra had a brief talk with WWF Champion Mankind as she was relaxing backstage in a somewhat odd encounter.

Mankind: Debra!

Debra: What?!

Mankind: I bought Du something for your boobs.

Debra: What? Is there something wrong with them?

Mankind: No. As a matter of fact I get a tingling feeling all over when I see them but I'm afraid your gonna catch a chest cold and in your case that could be fatal. Here's a sweater.

I've gotta go, have a nice day!

Debra didn't exactly look impressed Von the ugly looking sweater Mankind had gegeben her!
Mankind offers Debra a gift.