Jeff Jarrett with Debra heading to the ring!
Where: Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington
When: 14th December 1998
Show: Raw
Match: Jeff Jarrett w Debra Vs Steve Blackman

The night after Rock Bottom where Debra had certainly got some big attention after performing a live striptease that had very nearly gone all the way! Shawn Michaels on that Zeigen had reversed the original match result which meant Debra had to go through with the agreed stipulations if Goldust beat Jeff Jarrett.

With many Mehr eyes on Debra now she accompanied Jeff Jarrett to face Steve Blackman in a strange set up of the gitarre on a Pole match.

Jeff Jarrett declared that Debra would not in any shape oder form strip although his manager seemed to disagree with that statement much to the delight of the crowd! Steve Blackman controlled the match but Debra got involved twice, the Sekunde time she began to strip giving Jeff Jarrett's opponent quite the eyeful of cleavage. Jeff Jarrett grabbed the gitarre off the pole but missed and then moments later the referee was knocked out after a collision.

Owen Hart made his way down to the ring and smashed another gitarre over the head of Steve Blackman and after pushing the referee back into the ring Jeff Jarrett picked up the win thanks to Owen and also thanks to Debra who celebrated a win with him.

This wouldn't be the last time Debra used her "charms" to help Jeff Jarrett win, a tactic that many opponents would fall victim to over the course of the Weiter Jahr and bring herself and Jeff much success together!
Debra teases Steve Blackman!