Match Card
Where: Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts
When: June 7th 1999
Show: Raw is War
Match: Bikini Contest

WWF Women's Champion Debra was scheduled to defend her Titel on this episode of RAW against the huge female bodybuilder Nicole bass in what on paper looked like a foregone conclusion gegeben the gulf of size and strength advantage that Nicole would have against Debra who wasn't really known for much fighting wise beyond a slap!

Debra however smartly used the rule that she had 30 days to defend the Titel to avoid this certain quick and painful beat down at the hands of Nicole and instead challenged Nicole bass to a bikini contest and suggested if Nicole won she would give her a Titel shot at her Titel on Weiter week's episode of RAW but if Debra won, Nicole would have to leave her "Puppies" alone!

We had the Bikini Contest hosted Von Jerry "The King" Lawler who obviously was quite the Fan of Debra's "Puppies" as she came down to the ring with Jeff Jarrett. Nicole bass was accompanied Von Val Venis who had been previously interested in hooking up with Debra!

Debra suggested to Lawler that Nicole went first. Nicole bass showed her bikini to a mixed reception and then Debra went Weiter getting a big cheer as she removed her robe, gewand to display her bikini. The contest winner was decided on cheers and the crowd was clearly in favor of Debra and she was declared the winner.

Val Venis and Jeff Jarrett had a brawl over Debra after the match was over and he held Jeff in position for Nicole to hit him with a guitar. Debra managed to pull Jeff away just in time as Nicole smashed Jarrett's gitarre over Val Venis Von mistake!

Debra left the ring with Jeff Jarrett and this episode of RAW with her Women's Titel having outsmarted Nicole bass completely to avoid defending her Titel and embarrassing her rival! One would imagine Nicole would play to her strengths to get revenge on Debra in the near future!
Debra reveals her Bikini
A happy Women's Champ leaves the ring!