Jeff Jarrett with Debra heading to the stage!
Where: New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut
When: April 29th 1999
Show: Smackdown! pilot episode
Match: Blue Blazer w Jeff Jarrett & Debra Vs Val Venis

In Kürzlich weeks Val Venis and Debra had been flirting with one another sparking rumors of a potential Liebe interest between the two behind the scenes much to the annoyance of Jeff Jarrett! On this special episode called "Smackdown!" which was a pilot episode for what would soon become a weekly Zeigen later in the year, Debra accompanied Jeff Jarrett to the ring and Jeff told Val Venis he was replacing his original opponent The Blue Blazer.

However The Blue Blazer did turn up for the match and attacked Val from behind to start the bout. Val would eventually take control of the contest and Debra walked onto the schürze to continue the flirtation between herself and the "Big Valbowski" which also distracted the referee. This would lead to Val Venis losing the match to the Blue Blazer as as a result of Jeff Jarrett's interference and having to run away afterwards as Nicole bass came down who was seemingly smitten with Val!

With Jeff, Debra and the Blue Blazer celebrating the Intercontinental Champion, The Godfather would come down to the ring looking to claim Debra who he had "won" after beating Jeff Jarrett a few weeks prior to tonight. After beating down Debra's men, it looked as though Debra might be up for joining the Godfather's "Ho Train" but this never happened as a smiling Debra simply stood and watched with satisfaction as Jeff Jarrett and The Blue Blazer beat down The Godfather and left him laying in the ring.

A good night for Debra and her men!

Debra celebrates with her Team!