One half of the Tag Champs with Debra!
Where: America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
When: January 31st 1999
Show: Sunday Night Heat
Match: Jeff Jarrett w Debra Vs Big Bossman

Thanks partly to Debra's help, Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart had defeated The Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock on the Zurück episode of RAW is War to win the WWF Tag Team titles.

On this episode of Sunday Night Heat, one half of the new champions would be accompanied Von Debra for a match against one half of the former champions, The Big Bossman who was looking for revenge.

Bossman was in control of the match after slamming Jeff Jarrett to the mat which brought Debra onto the schürze as she attempted to distract Bossman to buy her man some time. It seemed to have worked but Bossman would turn the tables and with a hard slam, there was nothing Debra could do as she watched with horror as Jeff Jarrett was defeated in the ring.

After the match, Bossman threatened Debra with his trademark nightstick to force her to leave the ring. Then Bossman hit Jarrett with the weapon and left celebrating what he had done, leaving Debra to try and revive her injured client.

Debra has the Bossman's attention!