Forever Who do Du prefer Ioan Gruffudd as?

Pick one:
Henry morgan (Forever, 2014-15)
Horatio Hornblower (Hornblower, 1998-2003)
Lancelot (King Arthur, 2004)
Hob (Very Annie Mary, 2001)
Daniel Riddick (San Andreas, 2015)
Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards (Fantastic 4, 2005/07)
Benjamin Merryweather (The Secret of Moonacre, 2008)
William Wilberforce [and, yes, that's Benny!] (Amazing Grace, 2006)
Kevin Sheperd (102 Dalmatians, 2000)
Jeremy Poldark (Poldark, 1996)
Fifth Officer Harold Lowe (Titanic, 1997)
Gareth Harries (Pobol y Cwm, 1994)
Can't decide– he's amazing!
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 zoe_elektra posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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