Single cover for "Shake it out"

1. "Only If for Night"
2. "Shake It Out"
3. "What The Water Gave Me"
4. "Never Let Me Go"
5. "Breaking Down"
6. "Lover to Lover"
7. "No Light No Light"
8. "Seven Devils"
9. "Heartline"
10. "Spectrum"
11. "All This and Heaven Too"
12. "Leave My Body"

Deluxe Version:

13. "Remain Nameless"
14. "Strangeness & Charm"
15. "Bedroom Hymns"
16. "What the Water Gave Me (Demo)" 17. "Landscape (Demo)"
18. "Heartlines (Acoustic)"
19. "Shake It Out (Acoustic)"
20. "Breaking Down (Acoustic)"
21. "What The Water Gave Me (video)"

iTunes UK is now accepting pre-orders for the album ahead of its October 31st release datum via Island Records. According to Canadian radio broadcaster Alan Cross, the album’s North American release will follow one Tag later on November 1st via Universal Republic.


1. What The Water Gave Me
2. Shake It Out
3. No Light! No Light!

Will be released October 31.

Du can hear a sampler of the album here:
Album cover
Single cover for "What the water gave me"