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flightFlora sagte …
"The moon is getting bigger " predicting the thoughts
circling my mind mom replied " But it's getting brighter,
sweetie " " but nothing is brighter mama the road which
I chose is getting blur see that star, sterne can't be seen "pointing
towards a star, sterne distant in the sky. A despair crossed her
face she quickly hold my hand and sagte " whats the matter
? Du don't talk like this it's not Du " gepostet vor 3 Monaten
flightFlora Kommentiert…
As I was trying hard to look her in the eyes and finding words to finally tell her the truth about myself , I saw someone coming from behind vor 3 Monaten
flightFlora Kommentiert…
Before we noticed him . It was dad who informed my mom about my last days . The thought of leaving them behind always hunted me till I lived . The needles injected in my arm hurt my mother Mehr than me . Those tears in my dad's eyes are enough to pierce me through my herz . I'll always be ashamed and sorry for what is not in my hands. vor 3 Monaten
flightFlora Kommentiert…
The worst part is there's no cure ○ vor 3 Monaten
flightFlora sagte …
1 Feb Thursday
It was unexpected to meet your family like that xD
#apbohotachihay😄#blessedpupil gepostet vor 3 Monaten
flightFlora sagte …
15:31 30 jan~

All of a sudden it hit Du like a flash. I'm afraid these tiny
little pills wont work and I'll have to answer all the Fragen
which I'm trying to know myself . The Mehr I run away
The Mehr Du get close to me.🛡please God don't make
me hate dad the only one I've left with I don't wanna hate
him 🔒
#thelastchapter gepostet vor 3 Monaten