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kis2009 posted on Aug 09, 2012 at 08:51PM
Being that Flashpoint is such an awesome show with some pretty funny quotes, I figured I 'd start a forum to share some my favorites. Feel free to add, the more the better :)

Spike: So Sam, how many Al-Queda guys you take out?
Sam: What you mean like to dinner?

Lou: You gotta be wasted to take seven tasers like that, right?
Spike: I could take seven.
Wordy: Seven what?
Spike: I could take seven tasers.
Wordy: You could not take seven tasers.

Sgt Parker: Babycakes, how are you?
Spike: Frickin' shag carpet. Been picking it out of her treads all morning.
Ed: Price of love, Spike.
Spike: Yeah she didn't even make me breakfast.
Sgt. Gregory Parker: Say good bye to your girlfriend. Briefing room, five minutes.

Sgt. Parker: Jules, you'll be my secondary. Tact if required.
Jules: Got it.
Ed: Wordy, cover the Boss. Spike, bomb links, explosives if we need 'em.
Spike: Copy, copy! A bomb. Make it a bomb. I never get a bomb. Explosive entry, at least, I could set one off.
Ed: Lou , you're less lethal. It's a hospital, so no gas.
Lou: Less lethal?

Lou: What's your problem?
Spike: Woods. My people don't like em.
Lou: Your people? From Woodbridge?
Spike: No Romans, last three times we fought in the war against the Huns, didn't go so good.

Wordy: Boss, witnesses saw teenagers bolt out of a restroom and up the stairs.
Spike: Three teenage girls, four teenage girls, three girls and a boy, could be seven orangutans.
Sgt. Parker: How about a little less information and a little more intelligence?
Spike: Copy.

Ed: Study hard?
Spike: What's that thing called?
Wordy: Long metal thing.
Ed: Loud noises.
Spike: Gun! See why do we need to re-qualify?

Spike: CJV Electronics. CJV was busted a couple of years ago. They were selling pirated operating systems.
Sam: How do you know that?
Spike: I know because I'm a highly-trained officer on the cutting edge of twenty-first century
Sam: I thought it was because you're a geek.
Ed: He's not a geek, okay? He's a geek with combat skills, that's why the ladies love him.

Wordy: Boxing? Man that is so twentieth century.
Lou: Better than watching The Lion King.
Spike: Hey, I took my nephew, OK? I'm a good uncle.

Spike: [over headsets] Guys there's a way we can do this.
Sgt. Parker: Talk to me Spike.
Spike: Okay, the system's divided into sectors so we can shut them down one sector at a time. So as soon as the ninjas go through sector one, we bring it back up, then we go to the next, and then we go to the next.
Sgt. Parker: Before they realize the sectors down?
Spike: That's the theory.
Sgt. Parker: I'm not asking for theory, can we do it?
Spike: Yeah! [covers ear piece and whispers to Lewis] Theoretically.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr yitznewton said…
S04E16 Blue on Blue

Raf: They're armed to the teeth!
Ed: So are we.