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Sin is the beast that has been cast upon the world of Spira for them to pay for their actions for relying on Machina and using it to kill and make their lives easy.
For a thousand years summoners would go on a pilgrimage to hone their abilities as they traveled to the ruins of Zanarkand to gain the final Aeon (Summoning) in hopes of finally killing Sin and bringing an eternal calm. Though no one has done so and Sin has continued to appear after a year or two after it's defeat. The people of Spira keep hope in their hearts that one day it will be gone for good.

Greatly resembling a large island, Spira is composed of a mainland continent with several smaller islands to the east, west and south. Spira consists of many diverse climates: the tropical seaside islands of Besaid and Kilika, the temperate locales in the Mi'ihen Highroad and Mushroom Rock regions, the polar extremes of Macalania and Mt. Gagazet, the deep, mystical forests of Macalania and the arid deserts of Bikanel.

People in Spira can be seen weaving, working in shops, bars and travel agencies, playing blitzball, raising chocobos, sailing boats, managing shoopufs, working in archaeological digs, working as Mercenaries/Sphere Hunters and performing in a variety of entertainment troupes. One assumes some Spira residents fish and grow produce to supply their fellow Spirans with consumable goods.

Another form of occupation is shown in voluntary works such as the summoner/guardian pilgrimages and various religious temple work.

Spira uses gil as its official currency, but evidence dug out in the Bikanel Desert by Al Bhed expedition parties indicate it may have used gold coins in the past.

The once abundant machina is now encouraged to be shunned by Bevelle's edicts, and only the outcast race, the Al Bhed, attempt to regain some of the lost knowledge. Due to the censorship on machina, fighters who utilize magic for battle have become commonplace and in demand, and none more so than summoners, who enjoy something of a caste of their own: help and privileges are granted to them during their pilgrimage in exchange for their coming sacrifice against Sin.

Yevon (A Religion) dominates every aspect of Spiran life, spreading its teachings and acting as a benevolent protector of a much diminished world - a world where no more than forty million people live and virtually any kind of technological and social progress has been asleep for 1000 years. Yet, beneath the surface, unity of the Spiran mainland, distrust and old anger still boils deep, leading one to perhaps wonder if the various warring factions wouldn't have blown each other to smithereens without Sin's pacifying presence. Only blitzball truly unites the world around a common passion, the sport, which survived Sin's coming and which holds annual tournaments in Luca's stadium, left untouched by Sin's wrath mostly due to the Crusaders' efforts.


Ronso- The Ronso are a race of muscular, anthropomorphic feline humanoids. The Ronso tribe lives at the base of Mt. Gagazet and guard the sacred mountain fiercely. They are formidable warriors, well known for their strong sense of honor and loyalty, as well as their pride and quickness to anger.

Humans- Humans also known as Hume and Humanoid.

Al Bhed- The Al Bhed are a human tribe of technologists. Making up ten percent of the Spiran population, they are notable for their unique language and their use of machina, a technology prohibited by Yevon.

Guado- The Guado are a humanoid race that lives amongst trees, they are the protectors of Spira's afterlife, the Farplane, and the Macalania Woods. The Guado's capital city is Guadosalam, from within which they guard the entrance to the Farplane.

Hypello- The Hypello are a race of amphibian creatures. The Hypello seem not to have grasped the common pronunciation in Spira, often lisping any words with an 'S,' for example Shay (say) and Yesh (yes), converting some words into gibberish, for example Ebullibody (everybody), Inveshtitagating (investigating) Imposhibibble (impossible), as well as ending most of their sentences with a questioning tone. They are agile in the water, but are not so nimble on dry land, walking at a torpid pace.









[Your Current Story]
You wake up once again on the peaceful Island of Besaid. The Calm ended recently and since the Island has little too no Machina Sin seems to never attack it. This reason alone is what drew you to move here.
 Sin is the beast that has been cast upon the world of Spira for them to pay for their actions for rel
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Name: Kezero Vermillion

Race: Human

Age: 17

Appearance: (Pic)

Occupation: Fighter

Weapon: Gauntlets/Gloves

History: TBR
 Name: Kezero Vermillion Race: Human Age: 17 Appearance: (Pic) Occupation: Fighter Wea
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Name: Satomi, Kirano

Race: Human

Age: 16

Appearance: (Pic)

Occupation: Summoner

Weapon: Magic

History: She is originally from the Yevon Capital City of Bevelle. She was raised by her mother once her father was killed while serving with the Crusaders. Seeing her mother in such sadness convinced her to become a summoner and truly defeat Sin so that no one would ever have to go through that pain again. She studied feverishly and became an apprentice summoner. She only had to finish by praying to the Fayth but her mother had ran out of Gil from her father's saying and could no longer afford to live in Bevelle. So she decided that her and her daughter would move to the peaceful Island of Besaid. There her daughter could still finish her training and she knew they'd be safe from "Sin"
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 Name: Satomi, Kirano Race: Human Age: 16 Appearance: (Pic) Occupation: Summoner Weapon
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
*A guy was punched to a wall*
Kezero: You listen alright? You're not exactly a friend of mine, so I'll give it to you like this. If you ever mess with another civillian in this town, I'll make sure that I'm the last person you see, got it?!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: Okay Mom I'll be careful.

Satomi's Mom: You better be. The cloister of trials within the temple is supposed to be very dangerous. If things get too hard I want you to come back immediately.

Satomi: *Would giggle* Okay Okay Okay.
*She'd then walk out of her hut and would breathe in the fresh Island air would slowly walk towards the Temple trying to remember every part of her training.*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Woman: Thank you kind sir,
Kezero: No biggy,
Woman: I have some information, about a summoner,
Kezero: A summoner you say,
*She'd give him the information*
Kezero: Whoa, sounds like a big thing, I'm definitely on that.
Woman: Better hope you can convince the guards though,
Kezero: Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I'll be just fine. Now I just have to figure out where to find her.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
*As the two talked between the Huts. The boy could see Satomi walking by towards the temple. There was no doubt she was a summoner. The determination in her eyes along with her elegant Kimono and head dress she had to be the one.*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: The description was right on point. That's the summoner I'm looking for, *he'd slowly follow*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
*As she walked and focused she began to hear footsteps behind her. Remembering her mother's warnings of stranger on her journey she turned quickly and gazed at the boy. Seeing how it was a simple teen like her she let her guard down and sighed.*

Satomi: Hello sir. *She'd bow*
How may I help you?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: You're the summoner by name of Satomi correct?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: *She'd blush at the fact that someone had already knew her name.*
Well I'm a summoner in training. I shall become a true summoner once I gain my first Aeon (Summoning).
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Well, you might want to hurry with that, there's people that are coming after you. And let's say they aren't exactly the friendliest with Summoners.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: Oh my.... Do you happen to know who? It doesn't matter... I have no guardians and no aeon so if I don't hurry I'll truly stand no chance.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: A group of mercenaries, if they come through I can try my best to protect you for as long as I can Miss. Satomi.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: that's so kind of you. I'd be honored if you defended my throughout the temple.
There shouldn't be any fiends in the cloister of trials so all we'd have to worry about are the puzzles inside and these mercenaries. They shouldn't be allowed to enter the temple under Yevon's teachings it's forbidden to enter the temple if you're not a summoner or a summoner's guardian. So if you wouldn't mind would you also guard me till I can reach the boat to Kilika tomorrow?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Not a problem, such a fair lady as yourself shouldn't go around unguarded.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
*She'd blush then would would bow in gratitude.*
Satomi: Well lets go....what's your name sir?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Name's Kezero Vermillion, I was an underground fighter, with my power you won't have too much to worry about in terms of enemies. (Is that acceptable at all?)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: it's a pleasure to meet you Kezero.
(Yeah it's okay)
*the pair would then enter the temple then the priest let her and Kezero into the Cloister of Trials. They would go in and would spend hours figuring out complicated puzzles to enter the chamber of the fayth.*

Satomi: I'm sorry but can you wait here. Only I am allowed to go and pray to the fayth. It may take a while, but i beg of you please wait for me.
*She'd then walk into the chamber.*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Don't worry, I'll stand guard, the mercenaries could be here any minute,
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
*hours would pass until the door to the chamber of fayth slowly reopened*
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Alright, nicely done.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: yes it is done. I am now a summoner. *she was covered in sweat and her hair began to come loose from her head dress. She then walked down the steps and would fall to her knees.*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Miss. Satomi! *he came to her side*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
*She'd wobble to her feet*
Satomi: I'm sorry. It's just that praying to the Fayth is a difficult and tiring task a summoner must complete. I'm so glad that I succeeded. Let us return to the village and alert everyone of my success *She'd smile politely. The two would then walk out following the original path. They then left the temple after exiting the cloister of trials. Once they stepped outside they saw the villagers surrounding the temple staring nervously at Satomi.*

Satomi: It is done...I am a summoner and will start my pilgrimage tomorrow afternoon.
*The villagers then began cheering and asked for her to demonstrate her new gift.*

Satomi: Of course. Hmm Kezero would you also like to see me summon the Aeon?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: A summoner summoning an Aeon, yeah, I'd love it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
*Satomi began to pray and chant while the Islanders began playing music. She started to do an Island styled dance making her movements flow like the water in the ocean. She then stood still and raised her hands to the sky. An orb of light formed around her clasped wrists and shot into the air bursting into multiple orbs and forming a gate. Then a beast flew down and shattered the gate and flew slowly around Satomi.*
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 *Satomi began to pray and chant while the Islanders began playing music. She started to do an Island
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Whoa, amazing.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: The Aeon of Besaid. Will you accept me as your master?

*The beast would land and allow Satomi to pet it.*

Satomi: Well Kezero you did help me attain him. So I'll allow you to name him.

*She'd smile tenderly while petting the Aeon*
 Satomi: The Aeon of Besaid. Will Du accept me as your master? *The beast would land and allow Sat
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Valefor,
???: Well, what do we have here?
Kezero: ...
???: Kezero, protecting a summoner?
Kezero: Satomi...
???: You 2 are acquaintances,
Kezero: There's a reason I'm a Vermillion... I'll make sure I get rid of you quick and easy.
???: Getting rid of me isn't easy, *he drew a sword*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: Wait! I don't care if you try to harm me but you will leave Mr.Kezero alone!
*Valefor would fly in front of his master and began to roar. All of the villagers slightly backed away but stayed close enough to see.*
Satomi: Now tell me why you're here before I unleash the strength of the Fayth upon you!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
???: The boy used to work with us,
Kezero: Wanna tell her why I stopped?
???: He kept his morals. Once we started killing off Summoners... Like his sister, his mother.
Kezero: You bastard's killed off my family, I regret the day I started working for you.
???: That's why you became an underground fighter, because you wanted to be strong.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Villager: Lady Summoner do not defend that murderer.
Elderly Villager: Yes he used to kill your kind.
Satomi: I do not care about his past. The teachings of Yevon tell us to forgive and accep those who have sinks with open arms that way they can receive inner peace. So now Ieave this island before I remove you by force!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
*a helicopter just rolled in*
???: Looks like your luck is still here. *he got on* I'll be back for you Vermillion, just you wait. *the helicopter took off*
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: To bring machina to this dispicable.
*she'd them send Valefor back.*
Satomi's Mother: Satomi! Get away from him!

Satomi: Mother wait.
*the villagers then turned on Kezero and began booing him and throwing rocks.*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Tch, you just act like you know it all don't you. Why don't you try to know me... Our original mission was clearing SIN. The bastard's starting getting greedy and killing summoners. I defected from them before this even started happening. So if you're seriously willing to hurt me. Someone who's willing to protect a summoner, then go ahead, I want Satomi to live out her life.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
*They'd continue to protest his staying till Satomi ran in front of him.*
Satomi: Please stop. Kezero is my full fledged Guardian now. He has repented for his ways. We all know only the final aeon can defeat Sin and bring the next calm . They believed they were helpful all he wanted was to protect Spira from Sin just like us summoner's. I believe him when he says he was not apart of the killings and now I trust him with my life. So please allow him to stay at least till the morning when we leave for the pilgrimage.
*she'd then walk up to Kezero and would whisper in his ear*
I know you aren't my real guardian but I don't think they'd let you stay if I hadn't said that.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: You'd really help a low down former mercenary huh? I respect that.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: Yevon teaches us to forgive. That is all I am doing. Plus If my only guardian were to be exhiled I'd be defenseless
*She'd wink and begin to lead him to her family hut.*
Satomi: So you can sleep here on this pallet till morning then we'll head to the boat and split ways there.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: Do we really have to split ways?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: Are you asking to become my real guardian?

*She'd smile*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: I'd be willing to. That reminds me... I've got a sister I want you to meet, ever heard of a girl named Noel?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: I'd be honored if you did.
And I haven't. Does she live here on the Island?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: I've wondered but I never knew. She like me is a former mercenary, she's important to me.
Noel: Wow, you're too sweet huh brother?
Kezero: N-Noel?
 Kezero: I've wondered but I never knew. She like me is a former mercenary, she's important to me. No
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: She is very beautiful.... It's a pleasure to meet you miss Noel.
*Satomi would bow while smiling gently*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Noel: It's a pleasure to meet you as well,
Kezero: It has been a while Noel.
Noel: So, I overheard you're sticking with Miss. Satomi,
Kezero: I'll be her guardian,
Noel: Then let me be with you,
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: Why thank you. But if you don't mind. May I ask why you 2 are being so kind to me? Most people wouldn't travel the dangerous wilds of Spira to defend someone they've just met?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Kezero: You must not know of the Vermillion family,
Noel: We protect anyone and everyone we're able no matter what it takes.
Kezero: We do what some people can't, we also... Well, we continue to try our best to repent for our sins against the world.
Noel: Everyday we rest, we want to rest knowing that we can protect this world from SIN, instead of destroying it. So in all reality, SIN isn't the only thing we have to deal with.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: Your intentions are noble indeed. I would be honored to have you both accompany me on my pilgrimage. We don't have much more room in the hut but if you wouldn't mind Kezero you two could share that pallet? Then in the morning we'll get on the boat and head to kilika so that I can pray to the Fayth and reciece the next aeon.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAdventGhost said…
Noel: *she'd have a flashback to when she was a mercenary with Kezero, but would shake her head back to reality*
Kezero: Noel?
Noel: Sorry... Just thinking,
Kezero: Always so apologetic, *he'd put his hand on her head*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aigomiko said…
Satomi: Well I'll have dinner ready in an hour or two so why don't you two take a walk and catch up?