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cannibalZoey posted on Feb 02, 2014 at 08:46AM
First chose
Name : Luna
Creature : fairy/princess
Pet : a peagus
Lives : a beautiful house next to a beautiful river or lake were the moon is crystal at night
Hair style : long midnight blue and blonde hair with a black crown
Dress : long black dress with no straps
Wings : celestra blue
Relationship : ( markiplier ) mark the worrier
Most Prized item : my sword and my peagus

Second chose
Name : shimmer
Creature : mermaid but I can be a human with those uh legs I think that's what they are
Pet : a dolphin
Lives : in the ocean next to this beautiful Clift with a this rocky shore with this little cave in a cliff
Hair style : blue with blonde
Top : two purple seashells
tail : midnight blue
Relationship : oh well I'm in between a fight with to guys that r cute mark the worrier and wade the centaur their both really cute
Most prized item : my home,relationship , and my friends

Ok now I need to here out of you so what is your fantasy character

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ArtemisStag said…
Name: Atra
Creature: Sort of fairy like thing
Pet: None
Lives: Palace in the underworld made of black mist and shadows
Hair: Short, choppy, ebony black
Top: Black tunic with blood red rope as belt
Pants: Black, relatively tight
Wings: Leathery black, tipped with fragments of rubies and diamonds that appear to be searing into her flesh
Relationship: None
Most prized item: a ebony bracelet that makes her immortal

Name: Luxa
Creature: Sort of fairy like thing (Atra's twin)
Pet: None
Lives: Palace made out of clouds and light, in the sky
Hair: Long, floor-length, white blonde
Dress: Gauzy, silky, flowing material that I'm almost certain doesn't exist
Wings: Giant, covered in white feathers tipped with either silver or gold
Relationship: No one
Most Prized Item: A ring that grants her immortality
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErinnAshleyRose said…

Creature:a shapeshifter

Pet:a dragon

Lives:in a cave,with a great water supplie,and good food

Hair:it is brown with white streaks and fades to purple

Clothes:tattered music note shirt and blue jeans

Most prized item:her pet

Name:neko ender

Species:neko/dream maker

Pet:a cat

Lives:in the same cave

Hair:messy black hair with white and purple highlights

Clothes:she has blue and purple pjs and green slippers

Ears:a silver that fades to blue and a matching tail

Most prized item:her cat,and a necklace to catch dreams and lock 'em up