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DemiTitan posted on Aug 17, 2011 at 01:17PM
Well this world is just like Earth. But there's about a 4% chance kids are born with powers eve more if their parents have powers too.
But people have adjusted to this new way of life. Most Superheroes are basically celebrities and hardly any keep secret identities.
There is of course quite a few villains as well.
Now you can be home schooled by super parents until you have a scholarship at the super academy. You do of course need a Hero Licence or you could get in trouble for doing good.
Now remember its all about having a good team.
And saving the world while dodging Paparazzi if your quite famous enough.

Hero academy ages range from 15-19 for three years. At the end you get your licence at the end although you can get a Temporary Buddy Pass to go on a super trip with a friend.


Weapons Possibly;
Family (powers or not);
Going to the Academy?/Year;
Wanted Hero Name;
Looks; (not costume)
Fame Level 1-10;
Pleas make costume on the following site

Have Fun!
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