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Fan fiction by canal posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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IM carnaden i look pretty normal but there is a world of darkness i'm a part of and don't want to be near it anymore while my best friend proseffini it on the light side we're totally different people but yet i feel like we have so much in common."Carnaden" proseffini sagte who came up beside me.i turned my head to her."Hey prossefini"i sagte trying not to sound stupid wich seems to happen alot."Are Du still up for tonight"proseffini asked."Well if i sagte no i would be stupid heh"i soude still sounding stupid.Proseffini nodded walked away.I sighed in relief i made no further fool of my self.Meanwhile with proseffini."Proseffini don't tell me carnaden is your boyfriend cause if he is i am sooooo jelous"one of proseffini's friend said."Well Du know mean i go geter but carnaden well we've know each other for a long time but for that dreaded mor all we can do is kiss"proseffini said."yeah that mor is i peeping tom and a bastered"kiyami sagte one who was a part of the dark world to."i guess Du could put it like that" proseffini said."hey look angle creep yor light carnaden is dark Du can't keep him to yoursef so let him be befor he breaks your herz he is still a bad boy you...
Fan fiction by canal posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I have never not once thought of dieing Von mor's sword but yet it happend I carnaden shall tell Du my story.I was walking in the woods one Tag with my frined proseffeni and a terrible storm flew over.proseffeni just walked along in her white little minidress i could not think straight any time i was behind her.I walked up beside her and she sagte the wind sure must have put Du behind.Oh Du know how i am I sagte looking seem happy today carnaden.Well why woulbn't i i'm friend with he hottest girl in all of trone.I couldn't see that we were just in another so called trap of mor's.Oh so Du think i'm hot carnaden sagte proseffeni.Every boy in school thinks that.As we walked along the dirt covered rode anyone we passed looked at us like we were crazy.Carnaden if everyone thinks i'm so hot why has noone asked me out proseffini asked.Just cause their scared.I felt like i could take on anything so i made a move.Proseffini if Du want someone to ask Du out i could give it a try i sagte as if i were a king.Ok go ahead and try carnaden.Proseffini will Du go out with me.Sure carnaden.Hah thats all carnaden said.Well what were Du expecting me to go all and KISS Du til you...
Article by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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There is a tradition in the Nabéshima family (of the Hizen daimyo) that, many years ago, the Prince of Hizen was Verliebt in eine Hexe and cursed Von a cat that had been kept Von one of his retainers. This prince had in his house a lady of rare beauty, called O Toyo: amongst all his ladies she was the favourite, and there was none who could rival her charms and accomplishments. One Tag the Prince went out into the garden with O Toyo, and remained enjoying the fragrance of the Blumen until sunset, when they returned to the palace, never noticing that they were being followed Von a large cat. Having parted with her lord, O Toyo retired to her own room and went to bed. At midnight she awoke with a start, and became aware of a huge cat that crouched watching her; and when she cried out, the beast sprang on her, and, fixing its cruel teeth in her delicate throat, throttled her to death. What a piteous end for so fair a dame, the darling of her prince's heart, to die suddenly, bitten to death Von a cat! Then the cat, having scratched out a grave under the verandah, buried the corpse of O Toyo, and assuming her form, began to bewitch the Prince.
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Yacumama (South America) - Sea monster
Yadōkai (Japanese) - Malevolent, nocturnal spirit
Yagyō-san (Japanese) - Demon who rides through the night on a headless horse
Yaksha (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Male nature spirit
Yakshi (Keralite) - Vampire
Yakshini (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) - Female nature spirit
Yakubyō-gami (Japanese) - Disease and misfortune spirit
Yale (Medieval Bestiaries) - Antelope- oder goat-like animal with swiveling horns
Yallery-Brown (English) - Nature spirit
Yamaarashi (Japanese) - Porcupine spirit
Yama-biko (Japanese) - Echo spirit
Yama-bito (Japanese) - Savage, mountain-dwelling humanoid
Yama-chichi (Japanese) - Monkey-like mountain spirit
Yama-inu (Japanese) - Dog-like mountain spirit
Yama-oroshi (Japanese) - a Radish-grater spirit
Yama-otoko (Japanese) - Mountain giant
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Waldgeist (German) - Forest spirit
Wampus cat (Cherokee) - Human-cougar hybrid
Wana-games-ak (Abenaki) - Water spirits
Wani (Japanese)- A crocodilian water monster
Wanyūdō (Japanese) - Demon in the form of a burning ox karte, warenkorb with a human head
Warak ngendog (Indonesian Muslim) - Egg-laying bird
Warg (English and Scandinavian O.N. vargr) - Giant, demonic wolf
Wassan-mon-ganeehla-ak (Abenaki) - Aurora spirits
Water monkey (Chinese) - Water spirit
Water sprite (Alchemy) - Water elemental
Wati-kutjara (Australia Aboriginal) - Iguana spirit
Wa-won-dee-a-megw (Abenaki) - Shapeshifting schnecke spirit
Weisse Frauen (German) - Female spirit
Wekufe (Mapuche) - Demon
Wendigo (Algonquian) - Anthropophagous spirit
Wentshukumishiteu (Inuit) - Water spirit
Werecat (Worldwide) - Feline-human shapeshifter
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Ubume (Japanese) - Ghosts of women who died in childbirth
Uma-no-ashi (Japanese) - Horse's leg which dangles from a baum and kicks passersby
Umibōzu (Japanese) - Ghost of drowned priest
Umi-nyōbō (Japanese) - Female sea monster who steals fish
Undead (Worldwide) - Dead that behave as if alive
Underwater panther (Native American) - Feline water spirit
Undine (Alchemy) - Water elemental
Ungaikyō (Japanese) - Mirror monster which can display assorted wonders in its surface
Unhcegila (Lakota) - Dragon
Unicorn (Medieval Bestiaries) - One-horned goat-lion-stag-horse hybrid
Unktehi (Lakota) - Serpentine rain spirit
Unktehila (Lakota) - Reptilian water monster
Upinis (Lithuanian) - River spirit
Urayuli (Native American) - Hairy giant
Uriaş (Romanian) - Giant
Urmahlullu (Mesopotamian) - Lion-human hybrid guardian spirit
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Saci (Brazilian) - One-legged nature-spirit
Sagari (Japanese) - Horse's head that dangles from trees on Kyūshū
Sakabashira (Japanese) - Haunted pillar, installed upside-down
salamander (Alchemy) - feuer elemental
Samebito (Japanese) - hai demon
Samodiva (Slavic) - Nature spirit
Sandwalker (Arabian) - Camel-stealing, giant arthropod
Sânziană (Romanian) - Nature spirit
Sarimanok (Philippine) - Bird of good fortune
Sarngika (Hindu) - Bird spirit
Sarugami (Japanese) - Wicked monkey spirit which was defeated Von a dog
Satori (Japanese) - Mind-reading humanoid
Satyr (Greek) - Human-goat hybrid and fertility spirit
Satyrus (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always bär twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates
Sazae-oni (Japanese) - Shapeshifting turban schnecke spirit
Sceadugenga (English) - Shapeshifting undead
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Q-R (this is a short one)

Qareen (Islamic) - Personal demon
Qilin (Chinese) - Dragon-ox-deer hybrid
Qiqirn (Inuit) - Large, bald dog spirit
Qliphoth (Jewish) - Evil spirits
Questing Beast (Arthurian legend) - Serpent-leopard-lion-hart hybrid
Quinotaur (Frankish) - Five-horned bull


Rå (Norse) - Spirit that protects a specific place
Rabisu (Akkadian) - Vampiric spirit that ambushes people
Radande (Unknown) - baum spirit
Ragana (Lithuanian) - Malevolent wizard
Raiju (Japanese) - Lightning spirit
Rain Bird (Native American) - Rain spirit
regenbogen krähe (Lenape) - krähe spirit
regenbogen fisch (Hindu) - Whale-sized, multi-colored fish
regenbogen Serpent (Australian Aboriginal) - Dragon
Rakshasa (Buddhist and Hindu) - Shapeshifting demons
Ramidreju (Spanish) - Extremely long, weasel-like animal
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Obake (Japanese) - Shapeshifting spirits
Obambo (Central African) - Homeless ghost
Obariyon (Japanese) - Spook which rides piggyback on a human victim and becomes unbearably heavy
Obayifo (Ashanti) - Vampiric possession spirit
Obia (West Africa) - Gigantic animal that serves witches
Oboro-guruma (Japanese) - Ghostly gespann, oxcart, ochsenkarren with the face of its driver
Oceanid (Greek) - Nymph daughters of Oceanus
Odei (Basque) - Storm spirit
Odmience (Slavic) - Changeling
Og (Jewish) - Giant king of the Amorites
Ogre (Medieval folklore) - Large, grotesque humanoid
Ohaguro-bettari (Japanese) - Female ghost lacking all facial features except for a large, black-toothed smile
Oiwa (Japanese) - Ghost of a woman with a distorted face who was murdered Von her husband
Ōkamuro (Japanese) - Giant face which appears at the door
Okiku (Japanese) - Plate-counting ghost of a servant girl
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Maa-alused (Estonian) - Subterranean spirit
Machlyes (Medieval Bestiary) - Hermaphroditic humanoid
Macrocephali (Medieval Bestiary) - Giant-headed humanoid
Madremonte (Colombian) - Nature guardian
Maero (Māori) - Savage, arboreal humanoids
Magog (English) - Giant protector of London
Maha-pudma (Hindu) - Giant elefant that holds up the world
Maikubi (Japanese) - Quarreling heads of three dead miscreants
Mairu (Basque) - Megalith-building giant
Mājas gari (Latvian) - Benevolent house spirit
Majin (Japanese) - Magical beings
Makara (Indian) - Aquatic beings
Makura-gaeshi (Japanese) - Pillow-moving spirit
Mami Wata (Africa and the African diaspora) - Supernaturally beautiful water spirits
Manananggal (Philippine) - Vampire that sever their torsos from their legs to fly around
Mandi (Medieval Bestiary) - Humanoid with a forty-year lifespan
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Kabouter (Dutch) - Little people that live underground, in mushrooms, oder as house spirits
Kachina (Hopi and Puebloan) - Nature spirit
Kage-onna (Japanese) - Shadow of a woman cast on the paper doors of a haunted house
Kahaku (Japanese) - Little people and water spirits
Kajsa (Scandinavian) - Wind spirit
Kalakeyas (Hindu) - Descendents of Kala
Kallikantzaroi (Greek) - Grotesque, malevolent spirit
Kamaitachi (Japanese) - Wind spirit
Kami (Japanese) - Nature spirit
Kamikiri (Japanese) - Hair-cutting spirit
Kanbari-nyūdō (Japanese) - Bathroom spirit
Kanbo (Japanese) - Drought spirit
Kanedama (Japanese) - Money spirit
Kappa (Japanese) - Little people and water spirits
Kapre (Philippine) - Malevolent baum spirit
Karakoncolos (Bulgarian and Turkish) - Troublesome spirit
Karakura (Turkish) - Male night-demon
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Iannic-ann-ôd (Breton) - Ghost of a drowned person
Iara (Brazilian) - Female water spirit
Ibong Adarna (Philippine) - Bird that changes color each time it finishes a song
Ichimoku-nyūdō (Japanese) - One-eyed kappa from Sado Island
Ichiren-Bozu (Japanese) - Animated prayer beads
Ichneumon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Dragon-killing animal
Ichthyocentaur (Greek) - Human-fish hybrid
Iele (Romanian) - Female nature spirits
Ifrit (Arabian) - feuer genie
Ijiraq (Inuit) - Spirit that kidnaps children
Ikiryō (Japanese) - can be considered a 'living ghost', as it is a person's spirit outside their body
Ikuchi (Japanese) - Sea-serpent that travels over boats in an arc while dripping oil
Iku-Turso (Finnish) - Sea monster
Il-Belliegħa (Maltese) - Malevolent well spirit
Imp (Medieval) - Diminutive, demonic servant
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Gaasyendietha (Seneca) - Dragon
Gagana (Russian) - Bird with iron beak and copper talons
Ga-gorib (Khoikhoi) - Anthropophagous monster
Gagoze (Japanese) - Demon who attacked young priests at Gangō-ji temple
Gaki (Japanese) - Ghosts of especially greedy people
Gallu (Mesopotamian) - Underworld demons
Galtzagorriak (Basque) - Diminutive, demonic servants
Gamayun (Russian) - Prophetic bird with human head
Gana (Hindu) - Attendants of Shiva
Gancanagh (Irish) - Male fairy that seduces human women
Gandaberunda (Hindu) - Double-headed bird
Gandharva (Hindu) - Male nature spirits, often depicted as part human, part animal
Gangi-kozō (Japanese) - Fish-eating water-monster
Garappa (Japanese) - Kappa from Kyūshū
Gargouille (French) - Water dragon
Garmr (Norse) - Giant, ravenous wolf
Garuda (Hindu) - Human-eagle hybrid
Opinion by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Each Uisge (Scottish) - Malevolent water horse
Eachy (English and Scottish) - Humanoid lake monster
Eagle Spirit (Many cultures worldwide) - Leadership oder guidance totem
Ebu Gogo (Flores) - Diminutive humanoids, possibly inspired Von Homo floresiensis
Echeneis (Medieval Bestiaries) - Remora, sagte to attach to ships to slow them down
Edimmu (Sumerian) - Ghosts of those not buried properly
Egbere (Yoruba) - Humanoid that carries a magical mat
Einherjar (Norse) - Spirits of Merida - Legende der Highlands warriors
Ekek (Philippine) - Flesh-eating, winged humanoids
Elbow Witch (Ojibwa) - Hags with awls in their elbows
Eldjötnar (Norse) - feuer giant
Eleionomae (Greek) - Marsh nymph
Elemental (Alchemy) - Personification of one of the Classical elements
‘Elepaio (Hawaiian) - Monarch flycatcher spirit that guides canoe-builders to the proper trees
Elf (Germanic) - Nature and fertility spirit
Opinion by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Sekunde part C-D

Cabeiri (Greek) - Smith and wine spirits
Cacus (Roman) - Fire-breathing giant
Cadejo (Central America) - Cow sized dog-goat hybrid in two varieties: benevolent and white, and malevolent and black
Caipora (Tupi) - Fox-human hybrid and nature spirit
Caladrius (Medieval Bestiary) - White bird that can foretell if a sick person will recover oder die
Calingi (Medieval Bestiary) - Humanoids with an eight-year lifespan
Callitrix (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always bär twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates
Calydonian eber, wildschwein (Greek) - Giant, chthonic boar
Calygreyhound (Heraldic) - Wildcat-deer/antelope-eagle-ox-lion hybrid
Camahueto (Chilota) - One-horned calf
Cambion (Medieval folklore) - Hybrid between a human and an incubus oder succubus
Campe (Greek) - Dragon-human-scorpion hybrid
Candileja (Colombian) - Spectral, fiery hag
List by Knowitall123 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I`ll post this in parts because it`s too long to Upload all at once


Á Bao A Qu (Malay) - Entity that lives in the Tower of Victory in Chitor
Aatxe (Basque) - Evil spirit that takes the form of a bull
Abada (African) - Small type of unicorn reported to live in the lands of the African Congo
Äbädä (Tatar) - Forest spirit
Abaia (Melanesian) - Huge magical eel
Abarimon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Savage humanoid with backward feet
Abath (Malay) - One-horned animal
Abatwa (Zulu) - Little people that ride ants
Abumi-guchi (Japanese) - Furry creature formed from the stirrup of a mounted military commander
Abura-akago (Japanese) - Oil-drinking infant
Abura-bō (Japanese) - Spectral feuer from Shiga Prefecture, in which the shape of a monk can often be seen
Abura-sumashi (Japanese) - Ghost of oil thieves
Acephali (Greek) - Headless humanoids
Article by Okuni posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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When people ask Du something like, "Do Du believe in magic?" what is your answer? How long do Du take to answer this? Have Du ever thought about it? Here are my thoughts of the subject.

When someone asks me that same question, oder at least something similar, I tend to delay my answer Von about a second. Of course, a Sekunde in extremely short, but a delay is a delay. How can people answer that Frage with complete certainty? How do we actually know whether fantastical creatures and myths are real oder not? This has been a set of Fragen left Nicht beantwortet for centuries.

Fantasy exist in people's minds and hearts, and myths were originally a way to explain things people of the past never understood. At least that is what scientists and skeptics of the modern world choose to say. But did they ever truly consider the possibility that all these stories and legends could be real? Some say there is a reason for everything. Some say Du cannot create things from absolutely nothing, not even a simple lie. So where did the people of the past come up with these myths and ideas? The human mind was never used to its full potential, thus it has been proven impossible...
Fan fiction by Fairstepshaven posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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"Why must we do this?" Arawn sighed, rolling his wide red eyes. "Because. Prisca asked me to get wood in case of an emergency." "Or was it just to send Du away a little?" "Shut up Arawn! Besides, you're not allowed to talk. So zip it." Aden hissed, whirled around, and slapped his wolf's mouth shut. With that out of the way, he turned and began his Suchen again. In his small town, their wasnt much warmth because of how close they lived to the arctic seas. It sounds strange yes, but when the icy winds blow sixty miles an Stunde across a freezing ice capped ocaan into your neighborhood? Brr. Aden silently cursed as thorns poked at his hands and face, and he shoved them aside. "I wish a dragon were here..... it could burn all these damn brambles and make my job a hell of a lot easier." Aden muttered and unsheathed his silver sword. He lashed at the thorns, cutting them from their bushes, and pushed his way into a clearing. "Maybe..... but Drachen are unpredictable." Arawn sat down, licking his paw. "So are Du at feeding time." Aden joked and sheathed his sword. "We should get going. Somethings com-" Arawn was cut off as a loud roar filled the air. A red shape whipped above the trees,...
Fan fiction by saturnfan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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moonlight:lets go to black schloss draka.that is where we will find the jewl.draka:we are here.lets go they went inside then a fairy came up and said, leaflight:do not toutch that.draka lets beat her they did and they took the jewl and then black crowns with red jewls on their heads.draka:yes we are rulers!!!moonlight:at last and we also get our own castle!!!now we are beataful to moonlight:we have the power to take over the world!!!!!!!draka:so we will

Fan fiction by saturnfan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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moonlight:when will we get to get some blood out of their body draka?draka:when mom tells us lets wait until 12:00 to get some power.moonlight:fine.when it was time to go get come blood they met a bunch of ghosts.draka:what do Du want?!?!?ghostsly:what are Du looking for?moonlight:blood!!!!(are they dumb??!!)draka:lets go moonlight.moonlight:right.draka:lets go find that red jewl to get Mehr power than ever and takeover the world!!!!moonlihgt:then we will be the queens of darknes

will they get the jewl in time?stay tooned
Article by POPclogger216 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Fairy tales are only for kids, right?


The story of The Shoes. Few have heard of them. Fewer believe. But that is because of our subconscious mindset: Is there really any good if it’s never there?

The story goes: The Shoes were passed down, to young and old, and, through the power of love, brought out the good in their wearer. Now, all older than ten know that could never happen; shoes, oder anything, bringing out a characteristic in someone. But, for the young who heard, it made them hope, dream, love, and believe. For the adults, it is a trick to get their young to act the least bit nicer, while they still thought to. The teller’s didn’t care about the hidden trueness: The Shoes may very well exist.

We know this because- we don’t. There is no actual proof of The Shoes. No physical proof. They have no description. But they do exist. They exist to all the believers, dreamers, hopers, Liebhaber – the young. Those who imagine something that helps them achieve their goal. What they – we - don’t know is that The Shoes are us: we are the shoes. Through the trickery of the mind, our lives change, for better oder worse. These...
Opinion by MikaylaRH posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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OK I remember when I was little Lesen stories about the cute little princess, evil bad guys, and no story was complete with out the handsome prince comming to the rescue and the evil blood-sucking-bad-person was defeated and happily ever after.
And I think the reason Fantasy exists is because people needed to escape the fact they were living in a cruel harsh world just for a minuet and think about happy things.
Then someone came along and decided that Vampire Were wolfs and demons were CUTE! WTF? Has every one forgotten what those are?!!! Come on people! And frankly I'm kinda sick of the creepy blood sucking horrors from hell, suddenly being the allureing herz throbs! What happened to good-guys being good-guys and the monsters being monsters? That's it!!!
No weirdo Vampire angst oder the like! (which is frankly a little imature!)
Is there anyone who agrees with me? That it should go back to the old ways and get rid of the man-eating so called Hotties? And set the record strait, bad guys are bad guys to be shunned and good guys are the people Du trust?
Article by Sidd15 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Multiple demons, including Zaren and Airlo, standing around the tabelle with the map in complete silence. Zaren raises one of the monster pieces into the air and they give off a grunt. Then when he slams it down on the last piece of Middle America, leaving only North America as the last continent and all the demons in the room erupt in roars of victory.

"Now I'v been told that this is going to be the toughest take over. But is that going to put us down?" Zaren asks after silencing them.

"NO!" They roar in reply.

"Zaren! Zaren! Zaren Zaren!" they all roar as he leaves to go to his chamber.

Airlo makes a motion for silence "Now, all troops to their stations. I want everybody ready to advance on their targets as soon as the order is given." After this they all file out.

Zaren stares into a large stone cup looking like he is searching for something then a wolf with eagle wings flies in through the window "Zaren, I got a message for ya." he says with a scroll sticking out of a bag he has around his neck.
Article by Sidd15 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Zaren sits in a lawn chair down Von the water with his sunglasses hanging off the side of the chair, his red eyes staring up at the sky. His right arm in a sling, he pops a pain pill into his mouth followed Von a drink of water.

Airlo comes down to him from the temple "Your back? I thought you'd be off with your little friend."

"No, she didn't Zeigen so I came back." he says back with a hint of disappointment.

"Well I'm actually glad I don't have to go get Du now." he says standing Weiter to the chair.

Zaren looks up at him with a confused look "Why?"

"You must have forgotten... Du have to go on the dignitary cruise to talk with all the countries' leaders to talk about possible peace options." Airlo reminds him.

"Oh yeah." he says then stands up and puts his sunglasses on. He turns spreading his wings to go "Oh and one Mehr thing."

"What would that be?" Airlo asks.

"There will be no peace." and with that, the young Demon Lord takes off.
Article by Sidd15 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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A naga, which is basically a giant snake that has arms, comes into Zaren's chamber to wake him up. He groans and sits up "What? Its two in the morning."

The naga points to the door "Massster, there isss an issssssue that requiresss your attention."

He sighs and gets up "Alright alright and Du need to take a class on speech. That problem Du have with s's is annoying."

He gets back to the tabelle with the figures and he sees some have been removed from Europe and parts of Asia. "Whats this?" he asks irritated. "Do Du know how long it took us to take over Asia? And now we're suddenly losing in parts of it and we haven't managed to stay in Europe?"

Airlo points to the section in Frage "My apologies. We are currently regrouping and plan to take back what we Lost as well gain some."

"No that's not good enough. Ready the portal!" he yells at the naga and it slithers off.

Airlo shakes his head "I don't think this is a good idea. Whatever stopped the army could very well stop Du and then where would be."