As he stepped threw the portal he was surprised, it wasn't some magical land as he was told. It was a forest, quite a beautiful one but never the less a forest. He and three other kids in his Jahr had travelled threw a portal from the realm of earth and this was the first thing they saw, miles and miles of evergreen trees. Only moments before that ahead his long Lost mother revealed to him and the world that magic exists, and that he Dexter is a wizard and is friend Abby is a fairy, his friend Lucas is a genie, and his other friend roxy is a elf. As the rest of there group stepped out of the portal they were displeased as well.
"Well this isn't what I was expecting" shrugged Lucas.
"I was kinda expecting some kinda hogwarts" added Abby.
"I'm sure your mom left Du some kinda clue as to get there in that map Dexter" sagte roxy. Dexter searched inside the bag his mum gave him, she had gegeben one to everyone as a kind of start up kit for there first Tag at school, filled with many magical things such as: spell books; pixie dust; orbs, crystals, and other things the kids did not understand. In dexters however his mother had left a map of the whole realm. It was enchanting to look at however they saw none of that around them, she had also left him a set of instructions, with the Titel 'when Du get Lost and don't know what to do. They each agreed that, that applied to there current situation.
"First it says find the small green bag and throw it into the air when Du first get out of the portal" read Dexter. He retrieved the small green bag from his bag and threw it into the air. At first all they saw was the smaragd green mist settle onto the floor, but Sekunden later it sprung into the air like a predator after its prey and left a long green line leading to one end of the forest. They all followed it until they reached a small dirt path, then Dexter started Lesen again:
"Once Du reach the small path that leads threw the forest follow the first journey along it until Du reach the school, put your hoods up because the their may be bandits along the way, p.s good luck on your first Tag of school I can't wait to hear all about it". They did as the note sagte and walked along the winding dirt path for what felt like hours. Suddenly a ferocious roar sounded overhead and the ground shook.
"What was that!" Screamed Abby.
"Well why don't Du fly up and see tinker bell" sarcastically added Lucas. They could hear the thing get closer to them, they saw feuer emerge from the tress and they dropped to the ground. They all closed there eyes and pretended to play dead, the thing landed and eventually there fear gave into them. They got up and stared at it. It was a twenty five foot dragon with a huge compartment that looked surprisingly like a bus behind it, it had a long snout and had two horns , if it wasn't for the human staring from the oben, nach oben of it they would of run in fear.
"Are Du lot getting on then?" asked the driver.
"Where are Du going?" Asked roxy.
"Well to magic school of course".
They each looked and saw that at the compartment at the back of the dragon was full of kids like themselves but different species. There were wizards, fairies,mermaids,trolls,elves,vampires, almost every Fantasy creature known to man seemed to be on that bus, even a gorgon was there. They each got on and took seats at the front, they didn't want to miss anything. Dexter took a look at the note just to see if he had missed anything and he saw on the back it sagte ' a dragon bus may stop and take Du there it will be much faster so I advise Du to get on it' they shot off from the ground like a falling star, sterne in reverse and what seemed like Minuten they had arrived. The school was spectacular like a schloss out of a fairytale , it was so beautiful with giant golden tips for towers, and large fields, an echanted forest to the left, and a magical village to the right, not to mention hundreds of students right underneath them, they all gawped in amazement as they stared at there house for education for the Weiter few years, it was nothing like school on earth, it was better.