Hiroto slowly awoke to find Lucy sitting Weiter to him watching like a little puppy, “Hm ?” he asked trying to sit up but felt a pain in his stomach and laid down again
“Don’t try to move, your stomach is still not healed”Lucy sagte giving him some water.
“Thank you”Hiroto sagte taking it, “How did I get here ?” he asked taking a sip and looking around trying to find somewhere where he could get out
“That’s what I’d like to know”Lucy said, “I heard a cry from Du but when I got there Du were unconscious”
“I was ?”Hiroto asked holding his head and then his stomach, “Where did Du find me ?”
“I found Du Weiter the river from over there oder there oder there”Lucy sagte pointing in different directions, “I’m not sure where it is”she sagte scratching her head
“I remember how I got in the river”Hiroto sagte with a groan
“Could Du tell me ?”Lucy asked curiously
“Yeah, I was cornered Von a bunch of guards who wanted to kill me”Hiroto started, “They stabbed me in my stomach and before they could kill me I fell off the cliff and I went unconscious” he finished off
“Why were they trying to kill Du ?”Lucy asked already knowing the reason, she just wanted to see of Hiroto was comfortable talking about it
Hiroto was hesitant to answer in fear of scaring of off but he told her anyway, “I was cursed Von shadows when I was younger, they took my parents and made into shadow carrier” he sagte looking at her waiting for her to run away oder try to call for help
Lucy did none of those things but instead came closer to him, “I know how it feels to lose your family” she sagte looking at him, “They should’ve known the traumatic experience Du went through and should’ve helped Du instead trying to kill you”
Hiroto was surprised, no one has stayed around him after they learned he was cursed and no one ever cared about what happened to him in the past, all they cared about was what he had done even if it was all Von accident that he couldn’t control, “So Du Lost your parents too ?”
Lucy always looked sad but when Hiroto asked that she looked even sadder, “No one ever believes what happened so I won’t say it”
“You believed my story, so I will believe yours”Hiroto said
Lucy sighed and looked down, “It happened a while ago...”
A small village that Lucy called Home was a blaze and was slowly burning down. Shadows and humans with black eyes were attacking and killing everyone they could find, destroying everything in their paths.
“Come out little girl, we know you’re here!”One of the shadows sagte going into Lucy’s house
Lucy was hidden outside her house in the bushes with her brother Hizuki.
“Sis I’m scared”Hizuki whispered completely petrified and was about to cry
“Please don’t cry Hizuki, as long as they don’t find us we’ll be okay”Lucy sagte also looking like she was about to cry
“But mom was...”
“I know”Lucy sagte holding back her tears “All of Friends are dying as we speak”
“Are Du over here ?”The Shadow asked floating around the bushes.
Hizuki was about to scream but Lucy covered both their mouths to prevent that. All of a sudden Hizuki’s eyes turned white and pupil-less and Lucy noticed this.
“Hizuki ?”Lucy whispered ever so quietly. Hizuki didn’t answer and fell over. Lucy checked him and started crying uncontrollably, “Hi..Hizuki!” Hizuki had no pulse and died. The Shadow jumped out of him and looked at Lucy with evil eyes and a torturous grin
“Found you!”The Shadow sagte maniacally
“Nooo!”Lucy exclaimed glowing white and forcing the Shadow out.
“Get her!”The shadow exclaimed and black eyed human came and attacked Lucy but her father appeared and killed him
“Lucy, run away!”Her dad exclaimed
“But dad”Lucy sagte with teary eyes
“Lucy, run!”Her dad exclaimed protecting her from other attackers, “Listen to me, run far away from here, go!
Without a word Lucy watched him and felt her tears rolling down her cheek and turned away and ran off while her father was being killed, she didn’t see it but she could feel it, everyone she’s ever known, ever loved were dead....or maybe not
“Wow, I can’t believe that happened to you”Hiroto said
“Yeah”Lucy sagte starting to cry again while Hiroto was rubbing her shoulder in an effort to comfort her a bit and ignoring the pain he was feeling