"He had dark black hair..eyes red as blood..pale skin.." My mother sagte describing my father that had died when i was two. "Like me mom? "I asked holding my long hair. "Yes Mavery, like you" My mother smiled wiping away her tears. "Was daddy brave?" I asked. "Braver than Du my sprite" She smiled once more. "Was daddy a good man" I asked, a tear finally falling down my cheek. "No Mavery, he was not, not a good man at all" Mother replied. "But Du loved him" I sagte standing up. "Yes, i loved your father, but after our marriage he took his power for granted and tried to rule the world of Arazon" Mother said. I couldn't say a word. I grabbed my bow and arrows and told mother goodbye. "Be careful my sprite, one Tag Du will rule the world" Mother said. I nodded and ran out the door. I looked at my house once Mehr before turning away, never to return. A swarm of monarch Schmetterlinge flew past."Monarchs? Daniel!" I sagte running towards my best Friends house. "Daniel? Are Du okay?!" I asked. I went to knock once Mehr but the door flew open and i fell on my face. "Ouch" I moaned. I stood up and looked around, nobody was there. I ran to Daniel's room. He lay there on his bed, covered in blood from trying to save me. I sat against the wall, knees hugged to my chest, crying. A hand touched my cheek lightly. There looking in my eyes was Daniel. Dirty blonde hair, purple eyes, and light blue skin. "Daniel" I yelled hugging him. He wrapped his arms around me as i did him. "Please don't ever cry again" He said. "I won't, as long as your with me" I sagte hugging him tighter. I knew it hurt him but i loved him, Mehr than he thought. "Mavery, do Du hate me?" Daniel asked trying to get up. "No, why would Du ever think that?!" I asked stunned. "You haven't been here for about a month" Daniel sagte hanging his head, his blonde hair falling onto his face. "My mom, she sagte i couldn't talk to you, saying it was all your fault i was almost killed" I sagte feeling horrible. "And Du couldn't defend me?" Daniel asked. I could hear a tone in his voice that sounded angry. "I tried Daniel, do Du not believe me?" I asked. Daniel stood up, i could now see actually how hurt he was. He had a stab wound just under where his herz should be. He walked over to me and put a hand on my cheek. "I do believe you" He said. He was taller than me Von only inches.It took only Sekunden of looking into each others eyes before we kissed. Sekunden passed and Daniel disappeared. "He is now only a deadly memory" Something said.