Miguel woke first. It was really early. Maybe 4 in the morning. They had barely slept at all. But the hemd, shirt he had gegeben her lay open, astray on the bed. A corset lay on the floor. What had he done?! She lay holding his arm. Her chest was bare. He wanted look so bad! But it was not right.. Was it? He slid out of bed. She didn't Bewegen . He walked over to his dresser and got a new pair of clothes. The window was closed for once. And he got dressed.
    Gabby rustled the sheets in the bed. Miguel turned around and saw her peeking out from under the covers.
"How long have Du been looking at me?" he asked her.
"Long enough..." she replied.
"Oh, well, we need to get Du something better to wear... oder something at least..." he blushed.
"Ok, but how will we get out? Me, I mean."
"Oh, umm.." Oh crap! How would he sneak her into school? How would he write a note to his teachers convincing enough for them to not get in trouble?
"How about I go down and check on my aunt? Then when I know where she is I can sneek Du out? I might even be able to get Du some of her clothes."
"That'd be very nice.." she smiled. "And you're very cute when you're nevous..." Miguel blushed redder.
"Thank you. Du very pretty, too." Redder and redder. But he was not lying. She was pretty.
    He tiptoed downstairs to check up on Ms.Bangelle but as he go there, the tabelle was empty and the house was silent. The was a note on the tabelle in her spidery scrawl:
    Dear Miguel,
I have left earlier than normal to fulfill a prior engagement. I hope Du can take care for yourself like a man. I will be back tomorrow at 4 pm.
Sincerely, Ms. Bangelle.
     It sagte nothing more. Not where she was oder why she left other than a "prior engagement". The note was bare and pointless. But it was a Bangelle-free day.
    Miguel rushed back upstairs. No point in being quiet he yelled to Gabby Von his aunt's room.
"Gabby, she's gone for the Weiter two days! Du can come out!" He could not hide the excitement in his voice.
"And Du are sure of this?" she asked, cautiously.
"Yes!" he quickly replied. If she hadn't left, she would be yelling at him for yelling in the house. Gabby came out of his room with the quilt from his bett firmly pressed to her chest.
"Where are you?" she asked. Miguel realized it was still pretty dark. How had he not noticed?
         He walked up to her and took her hand. They walked down to his aunt's room. In the middle of the staircase, there was a split. The left side, Miguel had never been able to go on, unless an emergency. There was a hall at the oben, nach oben of the off side and at the end, a door. His aunt's door.
"Here we are..." Miguel said. He opened the door with a creak. He entered. "Come in." he beckoned. She sauntered in
"It's very..." She searched for they words. "Different."
"You mean bland and lifelessly repulsive?" he sagte with a crooked smile.
"Yes, that is exactly what I mean." She giggled. He reached a small closet. He reached in and pulled out a bland black, knee-length dress. Gabby made a face. Miguel laughed.
"Ok then. No black?"
"No." smiled wildly. "Try pink.. oder at the least white.."
"Ya, like she has people colors.." Now Gabby smiled. Miguel tried again. Same dress in grey.
"Try this."
"Alright.." She walked over in the corner and turned. She slid it on. It fit perfectly.
"Wow, Du look, umm.." He smiled.
"Thank you. "
"So, Du want to eat something, cause we got about an Stunde till school.."
"Ok." They went downstairs and Miguel started to think of what he'd write to his teachers. But she was worth it. Right?
Mrs. Bangelle stood in front of the corpse. All the color had drained from the man's face. The blood had been drained as well. He was a very irony man. Salty too. Not to her taste.
The man had been accident. She had been angry and unwary. But that was taken care of. She kicked the body and laughed her cold laugh. She sauntered on though the moonlight. It wouldn't last much longer, that of which she knew. What a shame... But she had other matters to attend. She must reach the elders. Their aid was of need. NOW. She she picked up her speed. Maybe they'd wait. Maybe not.
Miguel and Gabby rushed down the stairs. The sun peeked over the horizon as if cautioned as Gabby had been. Wary and dubious of the lack of her. But it rose with no Mehr trouble. Gabby's dress swirled bright around her like a halo. Though it's dark color may have made others look full and sad, it came alive on her. But in an instant- Gabby began to violently shake and shutter, as if the worlds ultimate goal was to tear her down. And it succeeded. She tumbled down the last few feet of stairs and hit the floor. She still shook like thunder.
"Gabby! Are Du alright? Gabby?!" Miguel was terrified. She withered in pain but just as instantly as it had appeared, it disappeared like it was never there. Her face now was smooth,calm and unconscious. He gently tried to lift her over to the sofa. She was unaware of him panicking.

Gabby opened her eyes and shivered. Mrs. Bangelle had been in her vision. She had killed someone and was in front of three pale red-eyed beautiful people. They had been talking about Miguel. The room they had been in was dark and looked cold. It scared her so bad.
She looked around and realized that Miguel sat Weiter to her looking stressed and awaiting her awakening. He looked strangely pale.
"Hello Miguel..." Gabby said.
"Oh! You're ok! Thank God!" He got darker as the blood returned to his face.
"If that scared you, then a whole Tag will give Du a herz attack." Gabby giggled out. "I do that about twice a day, now."
"Oh," he replied. "So you're ok, right?" He asked once more.