As they both sat Von the fire, talking about their lives, it was so nice to count. And Miguel though her a perfect lady..
    "I snuck away, my father won't even notice. I just know he won't..." she continued. She just looked plain depressed.
"So, Du and your father almost never talk? Me and my father where close, as far as I can remember." Miguel said. "But I don't remember much..." He looked down to his watch. "This is what my father gave to me on my 5th birthday. Just before they died..." he continued.
        "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Gabby covered her mouth to cover the gasp. She touched her necklace. The feuer flickered from the breeze . The snow still fell slowly and gently. "My mother died giving birth to me, so L know how it feels to.." she paused, "To remember the things missing in your life of witch Du never known." Tears welled in her eyes.
"You never got to know your mother?" Miguel asked.
"No." It all went silent.
"That's so sad. At least I got to know my parents. Du never got the chance."
"But it made it easier to lose her. I didn't know her, so almost no pain." They sat once Mehr in silence. ALMOST no pain. They both understood. Almost didn't mean none.
Miguel stared at the fire. It danced and weaved and sank and rose almost hypnoticly. It scarred her a little. His hair was a little messier than she'd seen before. "What's your Favorit color?" he asked.
"What's your Favorit color?" he repeated.
"Pink? I guess?. Maybe purple oder periwinkle?" She was confused. "Why?"
"Because I want to know things about you.." His face was warm. "Everything.."
"Oh, well then what's your Favorit color?" She looked at his slippers. Crimson red. She haddn't even noticed he was wearing them..
"Red, oder maybe blue."
"Suspected.." He smiled at her reply. The change in conversation seemed to rejuvenate him.
"What do Du like? Crafts, arts, music, books?"
"Yes, I Liebe art and Bücher and music." A smile sneaked across her face.
"I Liebe books, too, and music. I'm kinda bad at art." He felt much lighter. His herz rushed, his stomach fluttered. An insane thought crossed his mind. But it also excited him. The danger of rejection, of getting caught. The rush of rebellion. He reached over, took her head in his hands and pressed his lips to hers. His tongue ran across her teeth. He kissed her roughly, with desperation and passion. She tasted of honey. He loved it.
Mr. Conrad waited jumpy and scarred. Where was she? Danger lurked behind every corner and in every crevasse. She could be stolen, she could be dead! Where was John with the Suchen team?! He started hyperventilating. The wedding was was so soon! In a couple hours it would be tomorrow! The sun would be lurking around the horizon. It would rise in a couple hours, too. This thoughts where killing him. John walked through the door with several townsmen.
"Where have Du been? Where the hell is Gabrielle?" The cherries came once more.
"I'm so sorry we took so long, sir, but we're ready now." John replied. He had with him some townsmen. Mr.Conrad had dark circles under his eyes. So did John. They all did. It had to be at least 3am. "Come, then, let us depart." He grabbed a over jacke and some oil lamps. They left to look for Gabby.
Gabby's herz raced as he kissed her. She had never been kissed. And if she had, it would have never compaired to this. Hungry, warm, spicy, wonderful, frightening. He pressed up against her with a force like none other. The force of need and passion. She had felt the medal on his teeth. It was warm and smooth but bumpy.
It was forebidden to KISS a man Du where not married to. It stopped. She gasped. She hadn't wanted it to stop.
"I-I-I..., I'm so sorry..." he whispered.
"Why?" she replied in an almost inaudible tone. But he heard her. She blushed.
"Because, I-I-I.......Kissed you."
"I know. But I don't want Du to be sorry."
"I mean, it was an accident and a crazy idea and....- Wait, what?"
"I don't want Du be sorry." She blushed likes rose bush.
"You Don't?"
"No..." she said. "I liked it." Once Mehr she whispered so quietly he almost didn't hear her.
"Umm... I don't know what to say..."
"Say you- you're not sorry." she desperately whispered.
"I'm not sorry..." She repeated.
"Alright, I'm not sorry."
"Good..." She reached over and kissed him. She decided she would never be afraid again. But it was easy to think that way in his arms.. He stopped her for a second.
"Aren't Du afraid I'll do something to you?" His eyes had fear in them. "That'll hurt Du oder that I'm insane?"
"No," she replied. "I'm not. And I hope I never will be..." The sun would come up soon, and Miguel decided they should go. "Do Du have somewhere to have to be?" Miguel asked, smiling at her. There was hunger in him that had been soothed, a little at least.
"No," she said. "And if I did want to go back, I don't know how." She smiled as well
"Then I could sneak Du into my house... If Du like..."
"I'd Liebe that.."
"The only problem is how?" He thought. " Oh wait! The back door!"
"Alright.." She took his arm and they left. But as they walked he took her face in his hands once more. "Does Du not wanting me to be sorry mean i can do i again?" he asked slyly.
"Yes, It does..." and he embrased her once more.
Ms.Bangelle sat in her bed. She knew what Miguel was doing. She wouldn't stop him... Yet. It was foolish and stupid but, he would learn from it in time.
"There once was a fool and he did nothing but drool, And there once was a king, who could do anything, So the king found the fool and watched him drool And he was killed the very Weiter day...." she sang loudly.. She laughed at the riddle. It was originally a curse. But it would be foolish on her part to use it that way.... He was destined to be much stronger than her.. A monster of a different kind. And that sweet young lady, she would fall for him.. Hard, and no one would catch her. She would Liebe him endlessly. She already had started to... But he couldn't Liebe her... She smiled at the evil thought. Never.
    They rushed out in the late night darkness with lamps and cloaks and food. In the night all they could do is look around and yell, as for the lamps did almost nothing. But the nightly sounds were relentless, also.The screech of an owl couldn't ever be distingueshed between the cry of a girl. "You must look evrywhere we can. And listen as hard as Du can, for she must be terribly frightened.." Mr. Conrad went on. His panic had not ceased.
"Yes sir," a chorus of men replied as they separated to go and find Gabrielle. John stayed behind in the chill and the dark. He was the only one who knew what really what happened. So he just stood out there and shivered.
    Gabby and Miguel trudged through the snow on the way back. As they walked Gabby tripped a few times.
But Miguel always caught her.
"Wow! You're a good catcher.." She smiled as she looked up at him. "Well if Du hadn't fallen, I wouldn't have been able to catch you." He looked into her eyes. He held her from her last fall and stared. They we're a grayish blue. Like the ocean at dusk. Then he let her go and they walked on.
        They finally came up to the door. It was closed but thankfully, not locked. All the lights were off in the house and it was silent.
"Ok, we have to be really quiet," he said. "And when we get to the,stairs, we have to be careful, because they creak and chip. Ok?"
"Alright, Miguel." she said. And for the first time since they came into the house he realized she was holding his hand. Tight. "And since I have school tomorrow, we'll have to write a note for you." She stroked his palm. And they sneaked through the küche and the dinning room and they paused at the base of the stairs.
"Ok, remember to be careful.." he reminded her.
"Ok." They crept up the stairs. Miguel pointed where Gabby should step and she almost fell several times but he held her hand. "When we get up there, if Du need me to, I can give Du a change of clothes. Du know, because you're soaked."
"You're so sweet.." She smiled and stroked the inside of his palm, again. And they finally came up to his room. He opened the door to the attic type room. It didn't look much bigger in real-life than in her vision. "Ok, here we are.."
"It's cozy. If it wasn't so cold.." She shivered. She felt bad pointing that out.
"Sorry." He walked over to his dresser and took out some fadded jeans and a large T-shirt. "It's on the outside of the house, so it's cold.. So, do Du wanna take off your dress?"
Gabby blushed. Miguel looked at her face and realized how it sounded. "Oh! Umm, not like that! I ment do Du want to change out of your wet clothes?"
"Oh..." She sounded a little disappointed. "Yes please." She turned around and he turned on a light. "Can Du untie my dress?"
"Ya, sure, I can." He gently untied her and she slipped out. Her corset and underskirt was the only thing on her body now. Miguel could only stair.
"Oh, umm.. Do I need to take off my.. Umm.. Undergarments?"
"I think you'd need to take off the bottom part." That was soaked from the snow as well.
"Oh.. Umm.. Alright.." Her whole face was red. He noticed even her nose blushed. It was cute. She slipped off her underskirt and they revealed thin white cotton underwear. And tan, round hips with long tan legs. He blushed. His ears got really hot. It was uncomfortable. But she blushed worse. What he hadn't noticed about himself was, his mouth was open. But she did.
    "Oh, sorry!" he sagte realizing he had been staring for quite some time. "Here." he sagte trying to avert his eyes.
"Thank you. You're still very sweet... Even if Du like to stare." She smiled and touched his shoulder. It sent tingles through
his body. "Thank you." he said.
     He had stared at her body as she stripped. His face and ears had turned a red she'd never known. It was a strange feeling. She liked it.
    She put on the pants. She had never worn pants. They felt strange. And he redirected his stare to her chest. He was a sweet boy.. He listened and they had things in common.. She liked him. A lot Mehr than Donte'.. Spoiled jerk... Miguel still stared.
"Umm, can I have the top?"
"Oh, yes!" He handed her the T-shirt and turned and sat on his bett looking down at his feet. "Sorry..." he whispered.
After putting on the shirt, she sat down Weiter to him. "It's alright.. No one's ever.. Done that to me." She put her hand on his knee. It was warm. It was bare."Oh, I, umm.. Thanks?"
"You're welcome. So where can I sleep?"
"On the bett if Du want.." he replied.
"Then where will Du sleep?"
"Oh, I don't really know, sorry... I can't sleep on the bett with you?"
"Oh! Yes! It's just I thought- I mean, where I'm from we- I , i mean, can't stay in the same bett unless... Ya."
"Oh, well here we could.. If Du want to. I mean if you'll let me? Oh, I mean, umm, not like that!" He blushed really bad and looked down once more.
"Alright, if we can .. If Du want to.. Du know, sleep."
"Sure.." She could tell he was uncomfortable. He got up and opened the covers. "Ladies first." She crawled in and he after her. She had never been this close to a man. Especially with this little clothes. She liked this, too.
     He was so close to her... He could have touched her. The bett was small, and it was tight fit. He was actually touching her in places. She was cold. He felt her shiver. He wanted to warm her. "Are Du cold?" he asked.
"Just a little."
"Um, is there anything I can do? To help Du warm up?"
"I guess?" she whispered.
" I mean if I can.. oder if you'll let me, oder If I'm not coming o- on to strong...."
"No, it's alright." She had sagte it so caring. So gentle. He slowly put his arm around her and slid closer. It felt so right.
"Is this ok?" he asked.
"Ya it's fine." Her eyes must have been closed because she wasn't looking at where his hands ended up. But he didn't notice either. They dropped down around her waist and hips and up her torso and her chest and just sayed. It tingled and it just felt right.
    She could feel his hands on her chest. They were warm and strong and capable and then he started to unbutton the hemd, shirt and he fiddled with her corset. He had gotten it open... He was groping her and then she realized, she should be terrified. But she was not. He held he breast in his strong hand and her herz raced. This was all new to her.
"Miguel?" she asked
"Huh? Ya?" he asked sleepy. He didn't know what he was doing, did he? No, she decided.
"Thank you.." she said. She cuddled closer. It was wonderful. He started to KISS her neck. It felt nice. And she just started to fall asleep, but then he got closer. He rubbed against her and turned her on her back. And he stopped. It all stopped. She wished it hadn't.