The Night in the snow
     Gabby landed hard and fell into the chilling fluff of snow. It was dark out and the moon was full and milky white spilling onto her face. Not Mehr than ten feet away there was a vast ocean of crimson snow.
    There was an acrid smell in the air."What is that?!" She crumpled up her nose and backed away, kicking the snow, otherwise untouched.
"Hello?"she whispered in the silent night. "Is there anyone out there? My name is Gabrielle Conrad... Hello?" Every desperate word plummeted into the snow leaving the night silent once more.
    She began to look around in the open landscape, witch turned out, was not so open. A mansion sat no Mehr than a hundred feet away creaking a dizzy song into the air. A lonely melody muted only Von the woods behind it. Inside the mansion a single light stood among the darkness. The highest room in the house.
    "The attic.." she whispered in recognition. She had seen the house in visions, and knew who's it was. "Miguel must be in there.. I wonder if he's alone?" Ideas of how to get in the house up to his room explosively bounced around in her head like little bombs. Each filled with it's own poison. Someone's silloett walked Von a glass window. Then suddenly there was a crash.
    "What was that?" someone screamed."Miguel, tell me right now what that was!" Who ever it was had a terrible temper.
"It was nothing, I swear.."
"Miguel.." she whispered. Her whole body felt warmer, even
though she was freezing.
"I'm going for a walk , I'll be back la-later, ok?" He sounded afraid.
"Oh hell Du are! Tell me what dropped!" She sounded irritated and rude.
"I dropped my cup, ok? Deal with it without me!" There was a loud door slam and it all went silent.

    Miguel rushed out the front door."Why is blood coming out the faucet? God!" He shuttered. "And why is she such a horrible person! The faucet spurted blood! It didn't drip, it poured!"His eyebrows dug into his eyes and he gritted his teeth. He slugged a tree, it's sap Frozen and powdery flying everywhere and unthawing on his knuckles. He kicked a rock and ran away quickly. He had to get away from that house. There was something evil in it...
Once he had left the küche and walked back up to his room, the taste came back into his mouth. He had to get it out this time so he tiptoed downstairs and went into the küche once more.. The blood was gone so he walk over with his cup and got some water. Then the Facet turned on and pored out blood.. He dropped his cup and the blood teilt, split everywhere and then Ms. Bangelle came down the stairs....
    He walked along the trees, as they got thicker the world around him became louder.. Then there was a shuffle in a open area not to far into the woods. He walked closer. Then a girl dressed like she was from the 18th century stood there shivering in the cold.
"Hello..." She smiled and in the moonlight she looked like an angel.
"Hey... Gabrielle?" He tried to smile despite his confusion.
"Miguel.... How are you? Du look cold. It's snowing Du know.. I didn't realize the dress code was undergarments." She giggled, and with that he laughed. So they stood there in the snow like fools and laughed.
    "So how did Du get here? Where Du here the whole time? What are Du wearing?"
    "So full of questions.... So I guess I'll start answering. My halskette brought me here. I live in London, England. And lastly, dress, as if Du don't see. But what are Du wearing?"
    Miguel looked down to see nothing Mehr than his boxers. Then he realized he hadn't noticed that her way truly freezing..
"I didn't even notice..." His cheeks turned red.
"Oh well, Du do look cold...."
"Yes, I am, do Du think we could go somewhere... Du know, warmer?"
"I would really like that..." She smiled.
"The only problem would be where to go. I certainly wouldn't be able to go back to the house with you... oder with Ms.Bangelle there.."
"Why? What is unpresentable about me?" she asked glumly and a little confused.
"Nothing! It's just she- she- she's very particular, and Du are a little different than her standards..... " he felt queasy.
"Alright then.." She whispered sadly.
"So how about the old church?"
"Where's that?" She shivered gently.
"Just down there.." He pointed to a corner of trees. The snow fell slower, it seemed over there.
"How far is it? It's not to far is it?" her cheeks where turning a ruddy red from the cold and she shivered violently.
"No, it can't be Mehr than ten Minuten away..."
There fingers where numb and there bodies quaked from the chill.
The night was amazing though the snow and the wind blew . It rushed past him mouth and buried itself deep inside him bones. He could feel the evil out here. Even away from the house. He though back to the blood gushing out of the faucet. He felt ill again..
"We better hurry... I'm going to freezing to death and i know Du will to, but i will first." He smiled jokingly.
"Alright Mr.undies, we better go." Her giggle filled the forest and they left to go to the church.
Gabby looked at Miguel amazed Von how sad he looked and was tempted to ask him why but decided that he didn't want to talk about it. He was amazingly attractive....
" So um, why are Du not dressed?" She tried to sound as polite as possible. His cheeks turned even redder.
"Well, umm.. It's just, I was going to go to bett and, well it's a long story..." he replied.
"Oh, ok then." She felt idiotic. She could slowly see a steeple behind the thinning trees. It was a lovely dusty blue. As they rounded the corner, she saw the rest of it. The moon shone sleeping just above it. They came up to the doors and she saw that the doors where closed. And locked...
"Oh crap, it's locked!" He was exasperated. "But I bet I can pick it." He walked over to the door. "Hey do Du have a hairpin?" he asked shivering.
"Yes, I think I do..." She handed him the hairpin she had put in her hair what seemed ages ago, and he stood Von the lock shoving it in the keyhole roughly. For the first time she noticed the black hairs going up his legs and arms. She blushed at the thought of Mehr hairs in Mehr places on his body... Disrespectful to think that.
"There!" he sagte after a minuet. "I got it open! Come on.." The door was open just slightly and he struggled to open it anymore. she came closer to it and relized it was made of an increadbly heavy medal. It was engraved in Latin
"May all whom enter be held in the hands of heaven, for all time has left us for certain death." she whispered.
"Huh?" Miguel asked.
"Oh, um it's on the door in latin..." she pointed up to it.
"Wow that's an intresting thing to put on a chaple door...."
"Yes, it really is," she blinked blindly. They walked into the church.
    Gabby got through like a new born faun on an ice rink compared to Miguel. oder that's how it felt.
"Hey," Miguel said, "I didn't I. Du knew how to speak Latin.. Isn't that a dead language?"
"Yes, I do. My father always told me that learning a language connected Du to the culture better, and helps Du understand their history. Even when it's dead."
"Oh, well that's still a strange language... But I get the logic," he replied.
"Well that makes one of us, sir." Their voices echoed in the darkness of the church. The only light came through a broken stained-glass window. It was lovely, but very dark and she kept scraping walls. Von she was much warmer.
"Well, I guess we should try and start a fire.." Miguel grabbed wood for one and took a match hidden in his wait band, out and struck it.
    "What do Du mean she's gone!" screamed Mr. George Conrad. "Where the hell did she go?"
"I-I-I... Don't know.." Gabrielle's chaperone whispered, in a raspy voice.
"Then Du Lost her! Didn't you?"
"I.. Um, yes?" He was helpless.
"How could Du lose her? The wedding's in two days! No bride, no wedding! Du moron!" His face had reddened the last five Minuten to the color of a ripe bunch of cherries."My poor Gabrielle... She's probably terrified! Out in the night alone!" His voice just kept getting louder.
"I know sir.."
"John, don't just stand there! Go round up a Suchen party!" he yelled at her chaperone.
"Alright sir, I will.." He rushed away but after he was out of sight he slowed to a saunter. He knew there was no hurry to call up a party. Gabby wasn't here. He didn't know where she was. But she shure wasn't here. She mise well be dead.