Mrs. Bangelle sat in her study inspecting the sample of Miguel's blood. It was dry and the color rust. He had delicious looking blood. It had very easily come off the knife, and had instantly made her true form show. She loved blood. It made her mouth water. Miguel couldn't stand the way it tasted. When it got in his mouth he made a horrible face and spat for hours. But when it was outside his mouth, he was fascinated Von it. But still, he loved violence.. Another asset to his becoming.
    But it bothered her that he also had a gentle side, a caring side. Something that made him care even when he didn't want to. And a lust for women. Something that would also get in the way. He was physically strong, but mentally weak. He had no will power. Terrible problems.
    The sun slowly went down and she was thankful for that. She could go outside hunt. She slowly got up and open the door to her study. She quietly tiptoed down the stairs and out the küche door. She became a demon. Sharp fangs came out of her mouth and dark black wings came from her back with a a loud repulsive tearing noise. Her cold blue eyes did not change though. She spotted a stray dog and attacked.

    Miguel shot upright in his bed. He had been reading... There was a loud yelp outside. He opened the window and peeked his head out into the night, and was greeted Von the bracing wind. The snowflakes gently fell outside, dancing gracefully in the striking chill. The moon shone on the snow, making it sparkle like dimonds but, reveling nothing that could have made the noise. But the wind slowly revealed an acrid smell. He shoved his face back inside.
"What the hell..." he coughed violently, "...was that!?" he coughed more, gasping for air not tainted Von the reached smell.
" Oh my God! What died? I need to wash that taste out of my mouth!" he scrunched up his nose.
He ran down stairs to grab a cup of water, oder juice, oder anything... The house was silent, with the exception of the stairs' creaking. As he got down to the dinning room, walked into to the large, open küche to grab a glass. Walking over to the sink he saw a small puddle of blood Von the counter. He almost vomited. He backed away, his stomach lurnching. Then there was a noise behind him..
"Real men do not whimper over dots of blood." Mrs. Bangelle stood behind him with a small bandage of gaze on her wrist.
"Did Du cut yourself?" Miguel asked, his hand over him mouth. He was already skeptical of her answer.
"Yes indeed, I did.." her eyes where incredibly wide. The pool of blood sat, becoming sticky and thick as the blood lining the bandage grew wider. Wetter, he thought, too. His stomach lurnched again.
" Well I'm just going to go back to bed..." Miguel replied.
The entire time he walked out of the room, he knew she was watching him leave... It freaked him out. Everytime he thought back to her he thought of the gash. How had she gotten that? No messer could have done that.. No matter how big; it was too high up.. Sometimes, she terrified him....
The sunshine hit her face like a precious piece of gold, and at the moment, it was worth that much... The last few days had gone slower than anything. Filled with measuring for her dress, and prodding and poking her body, shoving it in the corset. And as well as that she had to spend Mehr and Mehr time with Donte', ALONE. It was horrible talk to him. He never spoke of things of interest to her. She loved art, and music, and poetry. She loved gardening, books, and all those things her father gave her the opportunity to do, because of wealth. But she had always wished to learn of the world outside hers. Where the people ran free and had felt the feelings of true love, and graceful respectful conversations where they could contribute and they could matter.
That was how she felt around Miguel... Like she could matter.
She slowly walked down the stairs, not even bothering to get dressed. Her father would not be happy, but she didn't care.
" Goodmorning, father. How are Du doing today?"
" Well, I'm doing fine, Gabrielle. How are Du my dear?" He did not even mention her bett linens.
" Fine as well, just fine.."
They hadn't had a real conversation in years.. It was just small talk. Like they didn't even know each other. She had been born the same Tag as him, and he had forgotten it on Mehr than one occasion.. It always left her wounded like an animal on the inside. With a raw hurt in her heart..
    She sat down at the end of the table, felling under dressed for even breakfast. The servants came in bearing sweet oats and honey breads. They placed them down before her and her father, like gifts, late and inadequate for the occasion.
" Thank Du very much." She smiled. It felt sickening to smile so sincere at someone who didn't care if she lived oder died.
" You're welcome." The butler grumbled. The maid didn't say a word, but eyes her clothes disapprovingly.
" So father, do we have anything planned for today? Like a plan with Donte' and his mother?"
" No darling.. Today is free. Du may go to the park if Du like.. But only if your chaperone comes.. oder Du may tend the garden, if Du please.." Of corse, free as a bird.. In a cage made to look big, but is no bigger than anyone else's
Her father then started to talk to himself about things like gardening where ment for servants..
She had grown to understand, that his freedom in life was getting anything he wanted that he could buy. Servants, maids, butlers, fine food, big home, and yet he was all alone, because, she believed that it was his desperate Try to full the hole in his heart. The hole left Von her mother, his wife.... Darlenleene Conrad.
" That would be lovely father.. I will go get dressed."
" Ok, I will alert your chaperone dear."
" Fine." She finished get breakfast quickly and rushed back upstairs to change. Her maid was waiting to help her in her clothes.
" Are Du going anywhere today sweetheart? Do Du need to put on anything special?" The elderly lady asked sweetly.
"No, just to the park." Her maid was much nicer than her father's for the kitchen..
"Oh, well that's lovely darling."
"Are Du going alone?"
"You know my father,'it's unladylike to go out alone, not married, gentlemen like to look dear..'"
"Oh yes."
The dress was a plane brown with blue lace, and very comforting after the days of fairytale worthy dresses. After pinning up her hair and lacing her boots, she raced downstairs hoping that her chaperone was not ready. But he had been waiting patiently for her down stairs.
" Hello, Ms. Gabrielle. Lovely day. They say it's one of the last of it's kind.. So where shall we go my dear?" he sagte in his heavy British accent.
" Yes it is very lovely. And we are togo to the park..Better not
waste the beautiful days." She tried he best to smile, but it just would not come naturally.
They ventured out to the park, but Gabby kept behind trying to stay out of sight. They had to stop for a carriage and she silently slipped away...
She ran quietly around a corner and smashed into a priest.
"Oh, my.. I'm so sorry! Is there anything I can do to make up for that?" Her words nervously tumbeled out of her mouth in akward clusters.
"Oh, dear, it's quite all right.. Du must be in a terrible rush to get where you're going, are Du not?"
"Ye- ye-yes sir......"
"Alright, all is forgiven good bye."
"Thank you." Now she hurried much Mehr carefully. If she left a path of destruction behind her she would be found easily.. She was trying to lose her chaperone, not conjure more..
Then she had to stop. The town was overflowing and then she heard her chaperone not far behinde.
" Ms. Gabrielle, where are you?" His voice shuttered. She'd be afraid too, of her father's wrath.
She pushed though people bodies shoving back with might Mehr than her own, but she pushed on.
" Please come back Gabrielle! Du father will kill me! Come back!" She ran with all her might.
Finally she was in the woods and alone. She grabbed her halskette and whispered, "Miguel, are Du there? I need you.."
Then something happened.. A strange but beautiful light pulled out of her necklace. It was blue and mystical. It touched her then lifted her and it felt like flying..
Then her chaperone rushed around the corner and saw her slowly disinigrating and the little sparkles of her body flew into her necklace.
"Oh my Lord! What's happening?" His face held shock.
"I'm flying away.." she replied calmly. "I'm going to find Miguel.." And with that, there was a glint of light and a pop and she was gone.
"What am I going to tell Mr. Conrad?" He fell to the ground rocking back and forth.
" Ok, have fun..." he repeated over and over, like it would make her come back.. Though he knew it.....