Gabby sat quietly at the tabelle in the dinning hall. Her and her father sat at the opposite ends of the long table. She sat at the left end; closest to the fire, and her father at the other end intently starred at his plate. He sat at the other end underneath her mother's big, green watchful eyes from her only perch.
    Her mother had died while she had been giving birth, so the only way she'd ever seen her had been the portrat, and when she had once looked at it one night, and sagte to her father, "Daddy, I wish Mommy had gotten to see me before she died." it took him an Stunde to respond. He had told her finally, "Darling, she sees Du and me everyday.. Up in heaven. She watches us." but his lip had trembled at the word 'us'. As though he didn't believe she watched him also. Just her. She had been six. She never spoke of her to him again.
    The maid and butler stood across the room and the feuer crackled. They both had solum expressions and stood perfectly upright. They had just Minuten Vor served dinner, and now they stood as still as a mannequins. The whole house was silent. The stars came out and she wondered, "Can Miguel see the stars from where he is?" finally, her father finished and they both the survants came over to collect the plates.
    The sun melted into the horizon. The sweet smell of wild Blumen wafted though an open window somewhere in the house. The birds sang their goodnights to the world, and it never replied. She stared at her side of the table. There was a chill down her spine. She felt sick. She had the mind to run out of the house and talk to Miguel again. Her herz raced just thinking about him. Thump thump, thump thump. She feared her father could hear it. He finally left the tabelle and she practically raced away.
    When she got into her room, she felt her halskette grow warm. Then hot. So hot in fact, in that it began to scorch her skin. She slowly grabbed the chain to lift it off and his worried face popped up in the center.
"Hello, Miguel." She said, knowing full well the displeasure in her voice showed for her father. "What's wrong?"his eye where dull and lifeless.
"I'm freaked out. My aunt, Ms. Bangelle, has a really big knife... And it's the same one I....I....I...." He couldn't finish his sentence.
"That Du got stabbed with?" her blood ran cold as his eyes expanded with recondition.
"How- how -how do Du know that?!" his voice could not remanie steady. "That happened in... In my - my room! The door was closed!" his eye grew cold and frightened.
" I told Du that I have visions.. I though if i told Du any Mehr you'd think I was crazy."
"What do Du mean Von visions?"his face was blank.
" Well, umm... I'm not sure how to explain it."
" Ok then.." he did not look as though it were ok.
He was in the attic room. It looked really cold.
"Is your window open?" she asked as calmly as she cold.
"Yessss! Everytime I turn around I swear it opens again." He practically slammed it shut. He looked very tired. Dark circles enveloped his eyes, as if he hadn't slept in days.
" Are Du ok?" he asked. He look a little worried.
    She looked sad. As though she had spent the whole Tag doing something she hated. Very run down.
"Well not really. Today was umm, my reception. For the wedding."
" How are Du getting married?! Du can't be older than fifteen!" he looked alarmed.
" What do Du mean? I've been betrothed to Donte' since I was six.. I have to marry him before I'm 16."
" Donte'? That's that ass's name?!" Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth to cover up her gasp.
" Oh, crap! Did I just say that out loud? I swear I didn't mean to... I ... I just sagte that because.. I saw the way Du looked when Du talked about him and... I.. I couldn't help it! I'm so sorry!" He blinked slowly waiting her answer.
" It's okay. It's just I've never heard anyone call Donte' an arsch before. He's very high on the popularity scale. With the exception of people that know him. And to be truthful, that's exactly how I feel about him." her voice had a break in it and her eyes had begun to water.
" Really? Du do hate him? He must be horrible.."
"Yes... He is." he started to turn red. He felt very bad.
" Do Du think you're going to be okay, Miguel? Du seemed pretty scared. "
" Yes I think I'm ok it's just, what was a messer that size doing in my room? And what was Mrs. Bangelle doing with it? It's just ever since I was younger, i've always had my doubts about her being my aunt, and about my parent's death being sun accident, and now all that does is put Mehr in my mind... Wow I've never told anyone that." he blinked, clearly supprised about his feelings towards this girl.
" I don't know why, but around Du I feel like I can say anything and not be judged."
" Thank you." she smiled for the first time that day. It felt very nice to be trusted.
" Are Du positive you're going to be okay? I just want to make sure." her smiled reassured him.
"Yes. Yes I am." And for the first time today, he smiled. And it felt nice.