Miguel got home, Mrs. Bangelle looked at him strange. Her small, cold eyes glared at him. And he just smiled to himself.
"So, Miguel, how was your day? I hope it was fine. "
She was slowly Polishing and sharpening a dark medium sized knife.
" It was lovely day. I talked to girl... And... I....... Told her how innaproprite her outfit looked..." She looked as though she didn't believe him but didn't say a word.
    As he walked up the stairs and then he realized that she was polishing the same messer he had been stabbed with in bed. But that messer was at least twice the size of a cooking knife. And he had never seen it before in the house. What had she been doing with it? She had looked like she was still angry. He touched his cheek. No longer did it make him laugh with mindless happyness. It chilled him to the the bone, now. It made him think about all the things he may have made the wrong decision about. Was Gabby thre wrong decision?
He tripped over something heavy. He landed on his bett hard, face-first. The cotton stung the wound. He touched his pocket and it made his mind wander..... What was she doing right now?    
    The snow gently drifted outside to the ground. He remembered the chill on his bare skin. The heat in his cheeks had warmed up his whole body. And the way her eyes had been glued to him. It made his chest tingle. It was strange.
    Mrs. Bangelle sat quietly downstairs, sipping a cup of tea. She smiled coldly, knowing very well Miguel had no clue the real reason she had exploded about him being shirtless this morning.
"He shall never know till the time is right.... He is the monster he has always despised." Her eyes grew wide and changed from the light blue to a dark red, and a evil exspretion filled her face. The cold wind hurriedly blew and crashed outside. The weather had grow violent since Miguel had come home. It had changed with her feelings. No Mehr silence. No Mehr shadows.
    At the time of his parents death, a small latino boy had been bestowed apon her. She had bearly knew them, and they gave her a child she had only met once. He was a freindy enough boy. A warm crooked-toothed smile and a smart interior had been assets to his training.
    A sweet and innocent appearance that had fadded over time into a rough-housing young man who made everyone's eyes around him, widen in utter disbelief. He had the manners of a dog. He was sly and just the tiniest bit mischevious. And yet he knew nothing of the fact that he was in no way related to her, and that his parents 'accident' had been entirely set up. And the real reason she had been so alert when he had been shirtless, was because he had a small tracing chip inside his shoulder, and it left a dark scar. It was a terrible secret that, like the murder, he would never know until the time was right. When he became the thing he had been training for for so long. The one thing they would one Tag share. The blood of Satan running though them.. He would forever become a demon....