The door gently opened, and there stood her father in his dark black suit and his gray over jacket. His long black hair tied back in a ribbon and his face freshly shaven and he looked absolutely immaculent, but his face was full of displeasure.
"Dearest Gabbreille, I have intense news to tell you. Your wedding has been moved up to Weiter week. It is no longer in a month. It will be a small change and will affect almost nothing else."
"What? Weiter week? But that's too soon!"she felt sick and deludded.
"I know it feels like that right now but soon you'll be married and it will all be fine."
"FINE?!" she thought. "How is me marrying Donte' fine?!"
"I just hope Du can understand why it's earlier. Donte's mother wanted to make sure she could make it, because she going to help her sister two towns away and she'll be gone the whole week of the original wedding, she just wanted to see your wedding day."
How sweet of her, she was actually going to see the wedding.... It would have been even sweeter if Donte' was not part of it. Her herz sank and her lungs would not accept the air she breathed in. She thought that it was terrifying she had to marry the boy in the first place but it was now moved up extremely close and she was terrified.
"Well I'll give Du time to soak all of this up, but I still expect Du at the dinning hall at eight sharp. Please do not be irresponsible with your feelings at the table. If Du are Du should know it will not affect the change in the wedding at all. "Goddbye dear."
" Goodbye father, have a lovely night."she felt cold, like it was snowing inside her own room. oder her inside her heart.
Her eyes closed and she cried . "I just can't do this! He's a jerk a rude and loud and a pure idiot! The sun went down slowly outside, and the moon would rise soon, and she hoped that it would rain. It would lighten up her heart. ~¤~¤~¤~
The bus came 20 Minuten late. He was freezing cold, and his Carmel colored skin must have been the color of the snow. With the exception of his checks. The driver opened the door and he borded. People he kinda new where screaming and telling the bus driver to turn up the heat. He agreed Von quitetly scream out the opinion, but there was no feeling in his voice. Ever since Gabby had come in on his watch, he had been frustrated because she had never told him why she had to go and why she kept looking at him like that. She had been looking at him like he was special. Like a superhero, oder a king.
When she had to go she looked terrified. It was probably her fiancé. A who ever he was, she clearly did not like him very much. He must be awful.
When he got to school, he couldn't pay attention at all. Everything he did just went Back to her. Her smile, her eyes, everything. What had she ment Von 'visions'? Who was she really? He had so many questions, but no one to answer. How could he do this?