She saw his bare chest and his face turning bright red. His mouth opened then closed as though he where going to say to say something to her but forgot. She smiled in a quiet manner until she saw the weather.
"Is it snowing?!" she asked clearly conserned "Aren't Du freezing? Please put on a coat! oder at least your shirt!" her whole face filled with consern. His entire chest was red and rawly cold looking. He didn't even seem to notice it was cold oder snowing. His eyes seemed bright despite the squeak that had filled his anxious and confused voice just moments before...
"I,..... uhh,..... I....Don't..... like... shirts?" He answered as though he was unsure himself. "I didn't know it was snowing. I guess I should put on a shirt, shouldn't I?"she studied his face a little more. His eyes smiled so big his mouth didn't have to.
He slowly pulled out a plade button-up shirt. One like she'd never seen. It too, had perfect stitching.
"Who sews your clothing? It's absolutely perfect." she questioned.
" A huge machine in China, I guess..." his face held nothing but confustion.
"What's a machine? And China? What's that?" her Fragen made his face screw up in confustion. Her's revealed nothing but plain empty feeling. As though she where hiding something very deep. He never answered.
"Well umm, so now that I know why your wearing the dress, why so elaborate?" his question, though clearly ment innocent brought back the night.
"I'm getting married." she spoke in a whisper.
Her face had solitude hidden in it. Her warm eyes became cold as ice. He felt the need to comfort her. It became incredibly strong. "Wait, what?"he thought. He barely knew this girl and when she become sad he wants to hold her?!
The frost in her eyes thawed.
"If I sagte something that offended you, I'm sorry." he whispered.
"I wasn't your falt. Du did not know."
The air blew through his hair. It didn't Bewegen an inch. And for the first time she relized the deep scratches on his left cheek.
"What happened?"
"What do Du mean?"
"Your cheek, the cuts."
"Oh.. " he paused. "My cheek." he touched it lightly. "My aunt .... umm, hit me."
"With what?!?!" her eyes grew wide.
"Her hand. She wears rings."
"What kind?! Razor rings?! It was that angry old lady, wasn't it!" she began yell. It took her only a moment to realize her voice rose and that she was yelling.
"How... do Du know her?"
"I told you, I have visions." she paused. "And I'm sorry I yelled. I-I got upset. Can Du please forgive me?"
"It's what do Du mean Von visions?"there was a bang on the door behind Gabby and a mans voice.
"Gabby, may I speak to you?" it was her father.
"I'm so sorry, Miguel, but I have to go."
"Bbbut, wh...." She put down the halskette and his cold, red, handsome face dissapered.
"Yes father Du may come in."