The only sound I could hear was the crackle of the feuer burning in the fireplace. I stared up at the purple Victorian canvas above my head. It is probably 5 in the morning, my eyes were so sore but I couldn't close them. I was very tired but I couldn't stop thinking about what happened after abendessen last night.
    It was around eight in the evening. My brother and I had just finished eating when out of the blue, Mr. Matinary stormed in demanding to talk to my brother at once. Mr. Matinary, a stocky man with dark hair who is a friend of my brothers he was holding a handkerchief with something tightly wrapped inside. It was shaped like an egg.
    My brother stood up silently and lead him upstairs to the study. Since I am very curious, I went up after them a few Minuten later. I put my ear up to the door but all I could hear was Mr. Matinary say in a deep upset voice
''You can't keep this a secret for long. If Du don't help me I will let the government know of what Du have done.''
    He stomped out of the house. He must have been very angry because he didn't even notice me. My brother stayed in the study the rest of the night.
    My name is Alana Bonatie. I'm 16 years old with short, curly black hair and bright green eyes. I have lived with my brother since my parents were murdered when I was 4. My brother, Carlos is 26 years old . He is tall with black hair like me and has hazel eyes.
    I sat up and put my pet lemur Leos on my lap. Well if I can't sleep there is no point in staying in bett I thought. I got my house mantel off the front of my bett and stuck Leos in the pocket as I stepped into the hall way. The marble floor I was cold on my bare feet. I ran across the hall to the study. I could see my brother through the key hole, asleep at the his desk. He gets very grumpy when woken so I quietly walked down the twisty staircase to the küche where I can hear our maid Jema hard at work.
    Jema is always nice to talk to. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has long brown hair and violett eyes, her skin is the softest olive colour, and a most lovely laugh. I stepped into the küche and saw her starting a breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast and hot cocoa. She looked up just as I walk in.
''Good morning , and how is my little rose petal'' she sagte putting some Essen on a plate for me then turning to clean her hands on a towel. Jema never cleans her hands off on her cloths because she is a bit of a neat freak. She was wearing a long silky night dress though it look much to fancy for sleep wear, and Jema made it look even Mehr beautiful. No doubt it was a gift from Carlos, despite the fact that she was our house caretaker he loved her the most. That's one of the many things I adored about my brother he was not arrogant enough to think he was better than her.
'' Fine, just real tired'' I answer. Jema laid the plate of Essen down on the table.
    ''Let me guess the fight your brother had with Mr. Matinary last night kept Du awake'' she said.
''Yep, I couldn't stop thinking about it... HEY!'' I yelled so loud Jema dropped a plate on the floor. ''Sorry, Jem I'll clean that up, but I just remembered when Mr. Matinary left he didn't have that wrapped up object with him, which means it must still be in the study.'' My eyes gleamed with excitement
'' Alana you're not allowed in the study.''
''I know Jem but Du are.'' I sagte with a sneaky grin.


''NO! Alana'' pleaded Jema.
''Please Jem its important and Du always say curiosity is important for young minds.''
''Yes but curiosity also killed the cat but in this case could get Du grounded and me in huge trouble'' Jema turned away from me as my brother walked into the kitchen. I could tell he hadn't slept much either. He sat down beside me and began to eat his breakfast. ''I'm going out and will be gone for a while and Jema I would rather     you didn't clean the study today'' Carlos sagte , then once he had finished his breakfast he got up and was out the door. Jema looked at me with relief and whispered ''see Alana now I can't go in the study either.''
''yes but Du still have the key'' I replied impatiently. ''fine if Du quit bugging me I'll open the door for you'' she sagte in an exasperated tone. Though I could tell she was just as curious as I was. I smiled and looked up just in     time to see Leos finish off my last hardboiled egg. I picked him up and put him back in my pocket, I was too excited to eat any ways. I ran upstairs and put on my favourite off the shoulder t-shirt, jean shorts and a pair of limette, lime green high tops. I ran to the study down the hall where Jema was waiting. ''Ok here is the plan we go in look at that.... thing then leave and if Carlos comes Home we bolt''. She opened the door to the study, I had never seen inside     the study and frankly I was not missing a whole lot. The study had two book shelves on either side of the room, in the center of the room right under the window was an antique desk, antique... ancient is what I mean to say, ancient like everything in this house I thought. I immediately ran to the schreibtisch and began to hastily rummage through drawers while Jema, looking so nervous I thought she was going to pass out scanned the book shelf. After looking for half an Stunde I finally stood up and sagte to Jema ''I give up its not here Carlos must have taken it''. We both began to walk toward the door when I stepped on a baseboard that seemed to be loose. I crouched down and lifted up the board, underneath was the object still wrapped in a small rag like the night     before. I reached in, grabbed it and gently set it on the floor. ''we will open it on three'' I said, having to admit I was starting to get a little nervous myself. ''One..two..THREE!'' I yelled and pulled off the rag. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, it was egg shaped but had a glassy look to it. It shone rainbows every were, I     sat there mesmerized Von the many colours dancing on the walls. All of the sudden the egg began to glow. I leaned in closer to look, there I saw him. It was Mr. Matinary's son Chris. He was very good looking. I had always had a crush on him, the way his black hair moped over his almost black eyes and the way his tanned skin seemed to glow when it hit light, but what was he doing in the egg. I leaned in closer and closer. All I remember after that is that there was a blinding light and I felt like I was falling. I opened my eyes a crack just enough that I could see the silhouette of someone hovering above me, then I blacked out.