IM carnaden i look pretty normal but there is a world of darkness i'm a part of and don't want to be near it anymore while my best friend proseffini it on the light side we're totally different people but yet i feel like we have so much in common."Carnaden" proseffini sagte who came up beside me.i turned my head to her."Hey prossefini"i sagte trying not to sound stupid wich seems to happen alot."Are Du still up for tonight"proseffini asked."Well if i sagte no i would be stupid heh"i soude still sounding stupid.Proseffini nodded walked away.I sighed in relief i made no further fool of my self.Meanwhile with proseffini."Proseffini don't tell me carnaden is your boyfriend cause if he is i am sooooo jelous"one of proseffini's friend said."Well Du know mean i go geter but carnaden well we've know each other for a long time but for that dreaded mor all we can do is kiss"proseffini said."yeah that mor is i peeping tom and a bastered"kiyami sagte one who was a part of the dark world to."i guess Du could put it like that" proseffini said."hey look angle creep yor light carnaden is dark Du can't keep him to yoursef so let him be befor he breaks your herz he is still a bad boy Du know"Kiyami said.Proseffini was in shock that some one would ever say that.Carnaden passed all of them in the hall to his locker."hey carnaden"Kiyami said."Oh Hey kiyami"carnaden sagte not even looking back."Hey angle creep stay away from carnaden oder this will get ugly Von the way i'm Kiyami but Du probably already know but call my Kiy oder Yami if Du want".kyami said."And it's not angle creep im proseffini"proseffini said.Kiyami gave a smirk and flew like lightning.Proseffini fell to her knees."I was stupid i was sooo stupid to think that light and dark could ever become one"proseffini said.Carnaden walked Home alone tht night wondering what would happen that night she told him about kiyami and he sagte sorry but she still didn't want to talk to carnaden at the time.Carnaden texted proseffini saying:Is there anything i could do to help i am your friend right.Proseffini got the text and texted back syaing:You are my friend carnaden but im not in a good moon tonite may i have peace for tonite.Carnaden got the text and hasn't sagte a word to Proseffini again ever since.