Saci (Brazilian) - One-legged nature-spirit
Sagari (Japanese) - Horse's head that dangles from trees on Kyūshū
Sakabashira (Japanese) - Haunted pillar, installed upside-down
salamander (Alchemy) - feuer elemental
Samebito (Japanese) - hai demon
Samodiva (Slavic) - Nature spirit
Sandwalker (Arabian) - Camel-stealing, giant arthropod
Sânziană (Romanian) - Nature spirit
Sarimanok (Philippine) - Bird of good fortune
Sarngika (Hindu) - Bird spirit
Sarugami (Japanese) - Wicked monkey spirit which was defeated Von a dog
Satori (Japanese) - Mind-reading humanoid
Satyr (Greek) - Human-goat hybrid and fertility spirit
Satyrus (Medieval Bestiary) - Apes who always bär twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates
Sazae-oni (Japanese) - Shapeshifting turban schnecke spirit
Sceadugenga (English) - Shapeshifting undead
Scitalis (Medieval Bestiaries) - Snake which mesmerizes its prey
skorpion Man (Sumerian) - Human-scorpion hybrid
Scylla (Greek) - Human-snake-wolf hybrid with a snake's tail, twelve wolf legs, and six long-necked wolf heads
Sea-bee (Heraldic) - Fish-tailed bee
Sea monk (Medieval folklore) - Fish-like humanoid
Sea monster (Worldwide) - Giant, marine animals
Sea serpent (Worldwide) - Serpentine sea monster
Sea-Wyvern (Heraldic) - Fish-tailed wyvern
Seko (Japanese) - Water spirit which can be heard making merry at night
Selkie (Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, and Scottish) - Human-seal shapeshifter
Senpoku-Kanpoku (Japanese) - Human-faced frog which guides the souls of the newly deceased to the graveyard
Seps (Medieval Bestiaries) - Snake with highly corrosive venom
Serpent (Worldwide) - Snake spirit
Serpopard (Ancient Egypt) - Serpent-leopard hybrid
Setotaishō (Japanese) - Warrior composed of discarded earthenware
Shachihoko (Japanese) - Tiger-carp hybrid
Shade (Worldwide) - Spiritual imprint
Shahbaz (Persian) - Giant eagle oder hawk
Shang-Yang (Chinese) - Rain bird
Shedim (Jewish) - Chicken-legged demon
Shedu (Akkadian and Sumerian) - Protective spirit with the form of a winged stier, bull oder lion with a human head
Shellycoat (English, Scottish and German, as schellenrocc) - Water spirit
Shen (Chinese) - Shapeshifing sea monster
Shenlong (Chinese) - Weather dragon
Shibaten (Japanese) - Water spirit from Shikoku
Shikigami (Japanese) - Child-sized servant spirit
Shiki-ōji (Japanese) - Child-sized servant spirit
Shikome (Japanese) - Underworld hag
Shin (Japanese) - Giant muschel which creates mirages
Shiro-bōzu (Japanese) - White, faceless spirit
Shirouneri (Japanese) - Animated moskito netting oder dust cloth
Shiryō (Japanese) - Spirit of a dead person
Shisa (Japanese) - Lion-dog hybrid
Shishi (Chinese) - Protective animal
Shōjō (Japanese) - Red-haired sea-sprites who Liebe alcohol
Shōkera (Japanese) - Creature that peers in through skylights
Shtriga (Albanian) - An evil oder dangerous witch
Shui Gui (Chinese) - Drowned ghost
Shunoban (Japanese) - Red-faced ghoul
Shuten-dōji (Japanese) - Oni
Sídhe - (Irish and Scottish) - Ancestral oder nature spirit
Sigbin (Philippine) - Goat-like vampire
Silenoi (Greek) - Bald, fat, thick-lipped, and flat-nosed followers of Dionysus
Simargl (Slavic) - Winged dog
Simurgh (Persian) - Dog-lion-peacock hybrid
Singa (Batak) - Feline animal
Sint Holo (Choctaw) - Serpentine rain spirit
Siren (Greek) - Human-headed bird
Sirin (Slavic) - Demonic human-headed bird
Sirrush (Akkadian) - Dragon with aquiline hind legs and feline forelegs
Sisiutl (Native American) - Two-headed sea serpent
Si-Te-Cah (Paiute) - Red-haired giants
Sjörå (Norse) - Freshwater spirit
Sjövættir (Norse) - Sea spirit
Skin-walker (Native American and Norse) - Animal-human shapeshifter
Skogsrå (Scandinavian) - Forest spirit
Skookum (Chinook Jargon) - Hairy giant
Skrzak (Slavic) - Flying imp
Sky Women (Polish) - Weather spirit
Sluagh (Irish and Scottish) - Restless ghost
Sodehiki-kozō (Japanese) - Invisible spirit which pulls on sleeves
Sōgenbi (Japanese) - Fiery ghost of an oil-stealing monk
Soragami (Japanese) - Ritual disciplinary demon
Soraki-gaeshi (Japanese) - Sound of trees being cut down, when later none seem to have been cut
Sorobanbōzu (Japanese) - Ghost with an abacus
Sōtangitsune (Japanese) - fuchs spirit from Kyoto
Soucouyant (Trinidad and Tobago) - Vampiric hag who takes the form of a fireball at night
Spearfinger (Cherokee) - Sharp-fingered hag
Spectre (Worldwide) - Terrifying ghost
Sphinx (Greek) - Winged lion with a woman's head
Spiriduş (Romanian) - Little people
Spriggan (Cornish) - Guardians of graveyards and ruins
Sprite (Medieval folklore) - little people, ghosts oder elves
Strigoi (Romanian) - Vampire
Strix (Roman) - Vampiric bird
Struthopodes (Medieval Bestiaries) - Humanoid whose males have enormous feet, and females have tiny feet
Strzyga (Slavic) - Vampiric undead
Stuhać (Slavic) - Malevolent mountain spirit
Stymphalian Bird (Greek) - Metallic bird
Suangi (New Guinea) - Anthropophagous sorcerer
Succubus (Medieval folklore) - Female night-demon
Sudice (Slavic) - Fortune spirit
Sunakake-baba (Japanese) - Sand-throwing hag
Sunekosuri (Japanese) - Small dog- oder cat-like creature that rubs against a person's legs at night
Suppon-no-yūrei (Japanese) - Ghost with a face like a soft-shelled turtle
Surma (Finnish) - Hellhound
Svartálfar (Norse) - "swart-elves", Cavern spirit
The Swallower (Ancient Egyptian) - Crocodile-leopard-hippopotamus hybrid
schwan maiden (Worldwide) - Swan-human shapeshifter
Sylph (Alchemy) - Air elemental
Sylvan (Medieval folklore) - Forest spirit
Syrbotae (Medieval Bestiaries) - African giant
Syrictæ (Medieval Bestiaries) - Reptilian humanoid


Tachash (Jewish) - Large land animal
Taimatsumaru (Japanese) - Tengu surrounded in demon fire
Takam (Persian) - Nature spirit
Taka-onna (Japanese) - Female spirit which can stretch itself to peer into the Sekunde story of a building
Talos (Greek) - Winged giant made of bronze
Tangie (Scottish) - Shapeshifting water spirit
Taniwha (Māori) - Water spirit
Tankororin (Japanese) - Unharvested persimmon, kaki which becomes a monster
Tanuki (Japanese) - Shapeshifting Raccoon dog
Taotao Mona (Mariana Islands) - Ancestral spirits
Taotie (Chinese) - Greed spirit
Tapairu (Mangaia) - Nature spirit
Tarasque (French) - Dragon with leonine, turtle, bear, and human attributes
Tartalo (Basque) - One-eyed giant
Tartaruchi (Christian) - Demonic punisher
Tatami-tataki (Japanese) - Poltergeist that hits the tatami mats at night
Tatsu - Japanese dragon
Taurokampoi (Etruscan) - Fish-tailed bull
Tavara (Trabzon) - Night-demon
Teju Jagua (Guaraní) - eidechse with seven dog heads
Tengu (Japanese) - Anthropomorphic bird
Tenjōname (Japanese) - Ceiling-licking spirit
Tennin (Japanese) - Angelic humanoid
Te-no-me (Japanese) - Ghost of a blind man, with his eyes on his hands
Terrible Monster (Jewish) - Lion-eagle-scorpion hybrid made from the blood of murder victims
Teumessian fuchs (Greek) - Gigantic fox
Theriocephalus (Medieval folklore) - Animal-headed humanoid
Three-legged bird (Asia and Africa) - Solar bird
Thunderbird (Native American) - Avian lightning spirit, bird
Tiangou (Chinese) - Meteoric dog
Tianlong (Chinese) - Celestial dragon
Tibicena (Canarian) - Evil Dog
Tiddy Mun (English) - Bog spirit
Tikbalang (Philippine) - Anthropomorphic horse
Tikoloshe (Zulu) - Little people and water spirit
Timingila (Hindu) - Sea monster
Tipua (Māori) - Spirit that protects a specific place
Tiyanak (Philippine) - Malevolent spirit in the form of a human infant
Tizheruk (Inuit) - Sea serpent
Tlahuelpuchi (Tlaxcalan) - Shapeshifting vampire
Tōfu-kozō (Japanese) - Spirit child carrying a block of tofu
Toire-no-Hanakosan (Japanese) - Ghost who lurks in grade school restroom stalls
Tomte (Scandinavian) - House spirit
Topielec (Slavic) - Water spirit
Tōtetsu (Japanese) - Greed spirit
Toyol (Malay) - Servant spirit
Trauco (Chilota) - Fertility spirit
Trenti (Cantabrian) - Diminutive demon
Tripurasura (Hindu) - Demonic inhabitants of Tripura
Tritons (Greek) - Human-fish hybrid
Troll (Norse) - Nature spirit
Trow (Orkney and Shetland) - Little people and nature spirits
Tsi-noo (Abenaki) - Vampiric demon
Tsuchigumo (Japanese) - Shapeshifting, giant spider
Tsuchinoko (Japanese) - Small sea serpent
Tsukumogami (Japanese) - Inanimate object that becomes animated after existing for 100 years
Tsul 'Kalu (Cherokee) - Giant nature spirit
Tsurara-onna (Japanese) - Icicle woman
Tsurube-otoshi (Japanese) - Ambush predator
Tugarin Zmeyevich (Slavic) - Evil shapeshifter
Tylwyth Teg (Welsh) - Nature spirit
Tupilaq (Inuit) - Animated construct
Turehu (Māori) - Pale spirit
Turul (Hungarian) - Giant bird
Typhon (Greek) - Winged, snake-legged giant
Tzitzimitl (Aztec) - Skeletal star, sterne spirit