Each Uisge (Scottish) - Malevolent water horse
Eachy (English and Scottish) - Humanoid lake monster
Eagle Spirit (Many cultures worldwide) - Leadership oder guidance totem
Ebu Gogo (Flores) - Diminutive humanoids, possibly inspired Von Homo floresiensis
Echeneis (Medieval Bestiaries) - Remora, sagte to attach to ships to slow them down
Edimmu (Sumerian) - Ghosts of those not buried properly
Egbere (Yoruba) - Humanoid that carries a magical mat
Einherjar (Norse) - Spirits of Merida - Legende der Highlands warriors
Ekek (Philippine) - Flesh-eating, winged humanoids
Elbow Witch (Ojibwa) - Hags with awls in their elbows
Eldjötnar (Norse) - feuer giant
Eleionomae (Greek) - Marsh nymph
Elemental (Alchemy) - Personification of one of the Classical elements
‘Elepaio (Hawaiian) - Monarch flycatcher spirit that guides canoe-builders to the proper trees
Elf (Germanic) - Nature and fertility spirit
Eloko (Central Africa) - Little people and malevolent nature spirits
Emela-ntouka (Central Africa) - Gigantic, elephant-killing beast
Emere (Yoruba) - Child that can Bewegen back and forth between the material world and the afterlife at will
Emim (Jewish) - Giant
Empusa (Greek) - Female demon that waylays travelers and seduces and kills men
Encantado (Brazilian) - Dolphin-human shapeshifter
Verzaubert Moor (Portuguese) - Verzaubert princesses
Enenra (Japanese) - Monster made of smoke
Enfield (Heraldic) - Fox-greyhound-lion-wolf-eagle hybrid
Enkō (Japanese) - Kappa of Shikoku and western Honshū
Epimeliad (Greek) - apfel, apple baum nymph
Er Gui (Chinese) - Hungry ghost
Erlking (Germanic) - Death spirit
Erymanthian eber, wildschwein (Greek) - Giant boar
Ethiopian Pegasus (Medieval Bestiaries) - Two-horned, winged horse
Ettin (English) - Three-headed giant
Eurynomos (Greek) - Blue-black, carrion-eater in the underworld
Ežerinis (Lithuanian) - Lake spirit


Fachen (Irish and Scottish) - Monster with half a body
Fæcce (English) - Old English Animal protection spirit
Fairy (Many cultures worldwide) - Nature spirits
Familiar (English) - Animal servant
Far darrig (Irish) - Little people that constantly play pranks
Faun (Roman) - Human-goat hybrid nature spirit
Fear gorta (Irish) - Hunger ghost
Feathered Serpent - Mesoamerican dragon
Fenghuang (Chinese) - Rooster-swallow-fowl-snake-goose-tortoise-stag-fish hybrid
Fenodyree (Manx) - House spirit
Fenris (Norse) - Gigantic, ravenous wolf
Fext (Slavic) - Undead
Finfolk (Orkney) - Fish-human hybrid that kidnaps humans for servants
Fir Bolg (Irish) - Ancestral race
feuer Bird (Many cultures worldwide) - Regenerative, solar bird
Firedrake (Germanic) - Dragon
Fish-man (Cantabrian) - Amphibious, scaled humanoid
Fomorian (Irish) - Goat-headed giant
Forest stier, bull (Medieval Bestiaries) - Giant, red cattle with swiveling horns
Freybug - Norfolk black dog
Fuath (Celtic) - Malevolent water spirit
Fucanglong (Chinese) - Underworld dragon
Funayūrei (Japanese) - Ghosts of people who drowned at sea
Furu-utsubo (Japanese) - Animated jar
Futakuchi-onna (Japanese) - Woman with a Sekunde mouth on the back of her head
Fylgja (Scandinavian) - Animal familiar