When people ask Du something like, "Do Du believe in magic?" what is your answer? How long do Du take to answer this? Have Du ever thought about it? Here are my thoughts of the subject.

When someone asks me that same question, oder at least something similar, I tend to delay my answer Von about a second. Of course, a Sekunde in extremely short, but a delay is a delay. How can people answer that Frage with complete certainty? How do we actually know whether fantastical creatures and myths are real oder not? This has been a set of Fragen left Nicht beantwortet for centuries.

Fantasy exist in people's minds and hearts, and myths were originally a way to explain things people of the past never understood. At least that is what scientists and skeptics of the modern world choose to say. But did they ever truly consider the possibility that all these stories and legends could be real? Some say there is a reason for everything. Some say Du cannot create things from absolutely nothing, not even a simple lie. So where did the people of the past come up with these myths and ideas? The human mind was never used to its full potential, thus it has been proven impossible to make up such elaborate and mythological legends with no grounds whatsoever.

In those stories of fantasy, is it sagte that all these creatures hide from human beings. Who's to say they're not doing that as I write this? There have been many, many reports of people seeing creatures, such as fairies, elves, werewolves, spirits and several others. Of course, a large fraction of these reports have been proven false, which many use as grounds that such things do not exist and can only be faked. But what about that other fraction? The videos, Fotos and recordings with Supernatural phenomenon captured in them, phenomenon even the best experts fail to comprehend? Is it really possible to fake things so well? Has human technology advanced so far already?

I think not. I have personally seen some things that either have no explanation, oder are too amazing to be described. I would rather not discuss what I had seen, as I am sure that there are some who would not believe me and would leave Kommentare I would not want to read. But I really don't think that we, as humans who rely on technology to do most of our work, are able to recreate scenes of Fantasy that perfectly. Du really cannot truly say Du believe unless Du have seen things before yourself.

I bet that all of Du Lesen this have some doubts. I doubt that some fantastical creatures exist, but I also believe in some, even those I have yet to see. Chances are i may never see them, but I will continue to believe. So here's my Frage for Du readers: How many of Du in this Fan club can actually say Du believe in Fantasy whole-heartedly? How many of Du can actually tell others Du have no doubt in your mind that such things exist? How many of Du still believe even after hearing the words 'There's no such thing' over and over again? Remember, that's for Du to decide. Don't take my word for it. Just take your own.