"Why must we do this?" Arawn sighed, rolling his wide red eyes. "Because. Prisca asked me to get wood in case of an emergency." "Or was it just to send Du away a little?" "Shut up Arawn! Besides, you're not allowed to talk. So zip it." Aden hissed, whirled around, and slapped his wolf's mouth shut. With that out of the way, he turned and began his Suchen again. In his small town, their wasnt much warmth because of how close they lived to the arctic seas. It sounds strange yes, but when the icy winds blow sixty miles an Stunde across a freezing ice capped ocaan into your neighborhood? Brr. Aden silently cursed as thorns poked at his hands and face, and he shoved them aside. "I wish a dragon were here..... it could burn all these damn brambles and make my job a hell of a lot easier." Aden muttered and unsheathed his silver sword. He lashed at the thorns, cutting them from their bushes, and pushed his way into a clearing. "Maybe..... but Drachen are unpredictable." Arawn sat down, licking his paw. "So are Du at feeding time." Aden joked and sheathed his sword. "We should get going. Somethings com-" Arawn was cut off as a loud roar filled the air. A red shape whipped above the trees, pulling some of them out of the ground. Aden leapt and ducked behind a log,"Finally! My chance to get a dragon!" he yelled, grinning. "What?! Are Du daft? How the hell would Du be able to tame that thing?" Arawn yowled, putting his paws over his face. "I have my ways...." Aden grinned again and hopped onto Arawn. "GIDDEYUP horsie!" he kicked Arawn's sides and Arawn leapt up, breaking into a steady gallop. As they made it into the village, Aden hopped off Arawn's sweaty back and unsheathed his blade. Its tip glinted in the sunlight. Another roar shook the ground, and the dragon landed. Aden's eyes widened. Never before had he seen a dragon. It was the most beautiful yet deadly thing he'd ever laid eyes upon. It was a massive but slender dragon with sleek flaming red scales that shuddered every time it moved. It had horns of Gold on its head, four- two on each side, and blades going down its spine, each easily way taller than Arawn standing on his hind legs. The dragon had claws made of pure steel, but the color of polished gold. It's tail was tipped with probably one of the sharpest blades of all- a triple headed golden spear that crushed buildings like butter. Away from the horns and such, the dragon's body was long and slender like a snake, but well muscled. Its long, coiling tail was at least twice the length of the village, which had about thirty-five houses in each row. Its head was intricately beautiful, narrowed to a tip at the muzzle. Von the looks of it, it was a dragoness. Her wings were huge, each lined with golden spikes at the tip of each membrane. Her chest was like broad golden armor, narrowed to a tip towards the middle, and it traveled all the way to the tip of her tail. Spikes jutted from her cheeks. Her eyes were a fiery golden and it looked as if a flame were captured inside. Her pupil was a contracted slit, barely visible. She opened her massive jaws, her pure white fangs shining like Aden's sword, and she let out a collum of red/orange-black flames. They scorched the roofs of houses, leaving the entire place to burn to the ground. The dragoness' tail lashed and brought down many houses as well. Suddenly she stopped, her nostrils flaring with smoke billowing out. She stood, straight as a tree, listening. Her blazing eyes searched slowly, until they laid upon Aden. He dropped his sword and began to run, when a claw viciously pinned him down, digging into his flesh. The she-dragon let out a triumphant inferno of flames and grasped Aden in her claws. "Wait! Dont take him! Take ME!" a voice screamed and an Arrow screamed through the air, barely missing the dragon's nostril. The dragon stopped, and dropped Aden. He fell to the ground with a sickening thud, and stayed silent. The girl, soon known to be as Aden's older sister, waved her arms frantically. She was wearing a short brown camo tank top, and on oben, nach oben of that she wore a silver breast plate. Around her small waist was a gürtel equipped with shining silver swords and knives. Her long curly brown hair was tied up in a messy bun. She shot another Arrow at the dragon, and it turned, grabbing Prisca, and it unfurled its massive wings, covering nearly half the town, and took off in a burst of flame and ash. Scattered were dead bodies and burnt ones. The survivors- which were few, gathered together and screamed at the sky. All was black for Aden, but he felt a small force pulling him out of the ruins and away from the devastation.