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posted by Tressa-pom
Campfire Part 4

Scene 1- Camp Evening

Amber, Dina, Mya and Catherina were gossiping while Leo was still working. There was one un-pitched tent left. Suddenly they heard a scream. All of them ran the place which scream came from. They saw MS, Monique and Nia were running from wolves. Leo whispered something to girls then they climbed tree. They started to throw stones they had collect to wolves. The Wölfe stopped chasing and ran away. All of them are exhausted. They thanked Amber’s team.

MS: We didn’t take the woods, could Du help us to carry them?
Amber: Of course we will help you. *looks...
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posted by CuteCuddly
The first night in Denmark was surprisingly cold for summer. The Tiere snuggled up Von a lively feuer in the library. Lexii suggested someone read a book to everyone, and CC was nominated. She chose The Lord of the Rings to read, and sat in a big armchair, with Lexii on one arm rest, and Amber on the other.
"...'How bright your garden looks!' sagte Gandalf. 'Yes,' sagte Bilbo. 'I am very fond indeed of it, and of all the dear old Shire; but I think I need a holiday.' 'You mean go on with your plan then?'..." she read. She looked up at all her friends, scanning the room. She gaze turned to Private,...
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posted by kowalskirocks14
Truth in lies 4
It was about 4:00 am, and all but the lemurs were done partying.
Amber and skipper were pacing the floor, one waiting for dillain, the other for kowalski.

The fisch bowl hatch opened, but only dillain came in.
"where's-" amber started to ask.
"oh, I... Forgive me, but I had to knock im out." dillain said, Schauspielen as innocent as possible.
"why?" amber asked.
"well, it's kinda a long story. He started saying your a jerk, cuz you've been hanging with me. So I started telling him up. So he pulls out a hand gun and loads it with bullets, while hea doing that I schlagen, punsch him and goes K.O. See?...
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posted by SgtSkipper
Ninja's Never Change...
The HQ was alive with excitement, as the countdown till the Shirtless Ninja Action marathon aired. Skipper was barking orders as usual and the others blindly followed. “GET THE POPCORN, THE SNOW CONES! RICO! STOP EATING THE SUPPLIES AND HOP TO IT!” He yelled, almost losing his voice. Private and Rune watched from the bunks as the penguins ran about gathering the ‘supplies, essential for full viewing experience’ oder at least that’s what Kowalski said…
Bandit decided to take advantage of all the chaos to sneak outside, but CC, Rune and Private noticed her absence...
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posted by 67Dodge
"K.D... Lilly, do Du have anything on what that may mean?" asked Hannah. 

"Kathryn Dalton?" asked Lilly. 

"No criminal record," replied Skipper. 

"What if it's not an actual name, what if it's a nickname?" asked Private. 

"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!! There's gotta be a real name!" shouted Skipper, slapping Private. 

"Wait a minute, K.D..." sagte Lilly softly, typing on her computer's Suchen engine the words: Bullet, Silver, and Antarctica. 

A few Minuten transpired between searching for James Bond films, and research labs, to one website in page four of the results: "Ft. Grumley...
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