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posted by 67Dodge
"Your Identification please, mister Barker," the female on the counter commanded. 

Damion reached into a pocket in his leather jacke for a plastic ID card, setting it gently on the desk. 


Damion sighed, getting several rolls of paper. 

The lady at the counter took a look at each and every form set on her desk, scanning the bar codes and typing away at her keyboard with scrutiny. She first looked at the ID card, the black text Lesen "Todd Barker", and a non-smiling face stared back at her. She looked at the certifications as well. Her plump figure was clad in all black, with only one white patch on her chest Lesen "Marie". 

"Well, everything here looks correct, you've vouched and own a property, congratulations, you're in business." Marie handed Damion the papers back with a smile. 

"Thank you."

He took each paper, folding them up and picked up his business plaque, shuffling each in his flippers, and made his way out of the building with an awkward hobble. 

Damion opened his Shop as soon as each chair and station was ready to be used. He carefully organized each brush Von color, size, and function, meticulously sharpened his ornate razors, mixed the creams and dyes until they were nice and pasty. The floor was tidied up, and register activated. Damion hung up his certificates, and threw on a white hemd, shirt and pants, black boots, and a dark blue vest. Now, all he had to do was wait for a customer. 

First they were slow minutes. Damion had all the patience of the world, he was thinking, wondering, picturing with his greatly expansive mind. Minuten became hours. As the clock over the register chimed 3 o' clock in the afternoon, Damion yawned with boredom, readjusting his dark brown contacts over his true eyes. It was a few Minuten in that a male pinguin stepped inside. 

"Good afternoon, um... Are you, Todd Barker?"

Damion didn't hesitate. 

"Yes, how may I be of service today, a stylish trimming of the hair? Soothing skin massage?" 

"Actually, none of the above, Du see, I need to get to an interview with a company over Von the RoPa district, and I-"

Damion pretended to listen to this man's gush of a story. 

Wow, look at this fool talk, it's as if he's a mouth with feet and flippers, no wonder why no one will hire this clown. The way he swings his flippers when speaking, how he's leaning on the door lazily, yammering, his accent. I'd say he's a dirty Prole from outside getting migrant work and feeding off my taxes. Look at his belly, is he about to lay an egg oder is he stashing red weed in condoms in his gut? Suppose I schlagen, punsch him and he'll get high instantly. Heheh..

"...So I was hoping I could get my chinstrap bleached and a trim to the feathers near my jaw?" 

"But of course."

The pinguin sat himself in one of the seats, awaiting for a cloak. 

Damion grabbed one of the many creams he had closed up, getting a swab, Q-tips, and a small brush, pulling out one of his razors. He brought each one over to the station Von the chair the pinguin was seated in, then proceeded to grab a cloak, draping it around his guest's neck and covering his body. 

"Sorry, could we start soon? I have an hour.." 

Typical Proletariat scum... They never just sit back and stop worrying about their nonexistent problems. Damion thought as he dipped the brush in the cream. 

With careful strokes, Damion lathered the dye over the chinstrap on his customer, smoothing out the edges where white feathers met black ones. He gazed upon his razor, eyes dilating as he did, slowly picking it up. 

Why don't I just put this filthy animal out of his misery...? After all, he'd want that soooo much...

Damion unlocked the razor, sharpening it on a board. 

He lowered the blade near his customer's jugular vein, his flipper shook slightly. 

Yes. Yes. I want this, it will be perfect... 

He quickly pulled back, instead, angling the blade to shave the offending chinstrap. 

"There Du go sir, would Du like anything else? Haircut perhaps?" 

Damion wiped the remaining creams off with a towel, held up a mirror, revealing a clean, plain white surface over his guest's chin. 

"Nope, that'll do just fine!" 

Damion weakly hobbled over to the register to finalize the transaction. 

"That'll be five Antarctic Marks..." 

His guest got the amount, laid it on his desk, and headed out. 

"Thank you!"

"Don't Du want your change?"

"Keep it." 

The door shut and Damion stood in the Shop in silence. 

I can't do that... I need Hannah.. I need her so much.. She's counting on me to change my ways. I can't let her down~ 

Damion sat in one of his chairs and sighed. 

Why am I tormented to desire such violent fantasies...? Ever since that slut abandoned me for a one night stand I've wanted nothing Mehr than to purge the world of such RUDE people. Then, Hannah comes in, and she melted my herz into her own~ I can't stop thinking about her kastanie eyes, her beautiful smile, her delicate flippers, her small feet, her short legs.. It's so cute when she has to stand on her toes to KISS me~ I can never forget her eyes staring tenderly back at me, her flippers caressing mine, her massive, wide rear en-

Damion paused. 

"Hang on!" 

He smiled. 

"The Kid is running around town slashing all the innocents of Antarctica for the sake of some demented fetish for blood. And I can't just make myself a target for the authorities... I WILL get to destroy somebody's life. Yes....! Oh that's brilliant~"

Damion put his razor blade in his pocket after closing it up. 

"Though, he's obviously masochistic, torture will do no good on him... Perhaps if I threatened to dispose of him swiftly and painlessly, I'm certain he'll be deathly afraid of not being able to fulfill his fantasies~" Damion smirked. 

At the strike of five o' clock in the afternoon, Damion shut off his "Open" sign, ready to close for the Tag for one lousy customer. 

"Hannah will adore me for absolutely annihilating The Kid~" 

Damion stopped as he heard the door open again. 

"Sorry, we're closed right now, perhaps if Du can arrive tomorrow, I'll be here to assist you."

"Oh but Mister Barker, I'm suffering a terrible case of loneliness~" 

Damion recognized the voice instantly. 

"Hannah!" he ran over to his mate, giving her a soft kiss. 

"Missed me hun?" 

Damion blushed. 

"But of course I did~"

"What were Du just talking about?" Hannah smiled. 

"I was thinking about the properties of the diameter of your rear end~" he chuckled.

"Oh is that so?" Hannah laughed.

"Yeah, it was awfully slow today~"

"Aww... Maybe I should take Du for some abendessen, abendmahl to cheer Du up~" Hannah hugged Damion. 

"No need to, I'm not that hungry." Damion hugged her back. 

"C'mon darling, let's at least grab some meat pies for a quick bite," Hannah sagte as she kissed his cheek. 

Damion sighed happily. 

"Fine... Only because Du suggested it~" 
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The villian's scenes will take place at his lair at an unknown location. He will also be anonymous.

The story:
Private: Good morning!
Gallis and Lucile: Good morning!
Private: What did Du dream last night?
Gallis: I dreamed that I saved Leaellynasaura from extinction, they were so cute. It broke my herz to think of them going extinct.
Lucile: I dreamed that all of us were exploring the Triassic dessert, with a jeep, big bottles of water, binoculars, a camera and lots of preserved fish.
Private: I dreamed of Lunacorns.

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Tom woke up.

Ashley: Good morning!
Private, Lucile and...
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"You need to talk to him, it's all Du can do Skippah, how would Du feel if someone were to be that rude to your ethnic background?" asked Private.

"I won't talk to him. Period. He's done Mehr harm than good these past 2 days and I felt that he needed to be put in his place," Skipper crossed his flippers disapprovingly.

"Talk to him!!" Private frowned.

"NO!!! I REFUSE!!!"

"Skipper, I advise that Du should talk to him, immediately, otherwise he'll be trapped in his thoughts, and hate you, then consequently hate the zoo, can Du imagine him joining the other villains on our list?" asked Kowalski....
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posted by Tressa-pom
Campfire Part 4

Scene 1- Camp Evening

Amber, Dina, Mya and Catherina were gossiping while Leo was still working. There was one un-pitched tent left. Suddenly they heard a scream. All of them ran the place which scream came from. They saw MS, Monique and Nia were running from wolves. Leo whispered something to girls then they climbed tree. They started to throw stones they had collect to wolves. The Wölfe stopped chasing and ran away. All of them are exhausted. They thanked Amber’s team.

MS: We didn’t take the woods, could Du help us to carry them?
Amber: Of course we will help you. *looks...
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posted by Lilly_Penguin
As the penguins armed the security system and got into the car, Lilly turned back at them from the driver's seat. "Are we missing anything boys?" She asked, looking at Kowalski. He then took out his clipboard and began jotting things down. "Negative Lilly. Everything is accounted for." Kowalski announced. Lilly smiled at him and turned back her way. "Alright boys. Let's go!" Skipper said, pointing in the direction of the gates, then Lilly pressed her foot on the gas pedal and zoomed away from the habitat.
"Skipper...what are those?" Lilly asked, looking at a gray line on the floor Von the gates....
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posted by Lilly_Penguin
It was a hot, sunny Tag in the Central Park Zoo and the city was experiencing one of it's usual Summer heat waves. The penguins were barely making it Von with a single paper fan. "Rico! Stop hogging that thing! Im going to die of a heat stroke!" Kowalski scolded, snatching the Fan from Rico and attempting to cool himself off. Rico just grumbled and crossed his flippers. Skipper looked at Kowalski, Rico, and Private. "Where the heck is Lilly?" He asked, scanning the area. Kowalski then pointed down at the dried up pool, and Skipper looked down to see Lilly laying at the bottom, pretending to...
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“Wait, so you’re actually, “interested” in learning about the history of Equestria?” Twilight’s eyes lit up.
“Yeah. why? Are Du surprised?” asked Kowalski.
“Well, yes, I am, no one has ever wanted me to lecture them on anything, regenbogen Dash calls me an egghead for it, but you’re the first pony, oder um…Penguin, who has ever asked me about my studies!” responded Twilight as she smiled with great happiness while standing over Kowalski.
“Really? That’s weird, Du seem like a really interesting pony to Me.” sagte Kowalski as he glared at her. Twilight blushed a bit,...
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posted by Rico4ever16
Hey it’s Loren and I just wanted Du all to know that I’m gonna Löschen the Forum in a few days because I almost have all oc’s for this story the Forum is still open for at least 3 oder 4 Mehr oc’s but not for long so if it’s gone Von the time your Lesen this then I have all the oc’s needed, btw thank Du to all who wanted to be this fanfic. For the ones that are in this fanfic I just wanted Du to know that most of Du don’t come until a few chapters so don’t get worried if Du weren’t in this one because I won’t forget who I chose so don’t worry. Again thank Du to...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly woke up in a dark room tied to a chair. It looked like she was in some sort of underground cave, but she wasn't too sure. "Where the hell am I?" Lilly asked groggily, trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness. Just then she heard footsteps coming from behind her. They were slow and distinct. Someone was coming.
"Hello there miss Lilly." sagte a rather familiar voice. Lilly looked around the room frantically.
"Where are you! Let me go RIGHT NOW!" The unknown villan just laughed. "Why would I eva do that? Afterall, I need you." He replied, chuckling slightly. "Need me for WHAT?" Lilly asked...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The Weiter day, Kowalski grabbed his loveulazer and loaded it into the car, then he turned around and saw Lilly standing right infront of him. "GAH!" He yelled, staggering back and falling into the car. Lilly rolled her eyes a bit and peeked in.
"So, where are Du headed off to so early in the morning mister?" Asked Lilly, leaning against the side of the car. Kowalski hastily sat up and jumped to the front seat. "N-Nowhere. Just taking my loveulazer on a little Sunday drive..hehe." he replied, starting the car. Lilly moved to the driver's side and peered in. "Sunday drive? Kowalski, it's Friday."...
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(Side note: This is the episode that I got the loveulazer from. It's not loveulator. This episode hasn't aired in the U.S. yet, but 27Kowalski uploaded it for us: link)

Once Skipper finally left the lab, Kowalski turned to his work schreibtisch and took a small picture frame. Inside was a picture of the beautiful Doris. "Mabey this time i'll be able to find Du my love." Kowalski sagte in a slightly creepy voice as he stroked the picture lovingly. When he finally finished, he put the picture on his schreibtisch faced down and left his lab to test his newly modified invention.
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posted by skipperfan5431
It's a beautiful Tag in the Central Park zoo and all of the penguins are in the HQ, bored out of their minds. "Skippa. Can I watch the Lunacorns? Im boooooaaad!" Private whined, getting very close to his commanding officer. Skipper just pushed him away. "No Private. We have to be Mehr than ready for when Blowhole strikes again." Skipper replied, putting his flippers behind his back. Lilly flipped her bangs to the side and revealed her big blue eyes. "Come on Skipper...PLEEEEAAASSE let us watch SOMETHING." She pleaded, batting her eyelashes. Skipper then grabed her bangs and gave them a hard...
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posted by 1Amberpet
Name: Alison yellow Whitner

Birthday: 7/7/1997

Species: Artic otter

Afflations: Mya, Yamcha, Kiriah, Chad, Julie, Brian, Tiggie, Zula, Choatsu, Araisel, Alex, and Princess. (She hasn't met popcorn yet)

Favorite Color: A neon yellow
Gender: Female

Age: 10

Home: Antartica

Hobby: drawing, fighting, singing, acting, jumping rope, running, writing, and hunting. (So same as sister)

Brother and sister: Chad and Kiriah

Mom and dad: Julie and Brian/Julie's husband.

Little Biogrophy: Ally grew up in captivity, this time not realy a good surrounding but a surounding thats harsh and herz breaking how they...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Rebecca looked at the German Shepards, then at Fred. An idea was forming in her head, and she was pretty sure it was going to work. "Fred. I have a plan to get past the dogs." She whispered, kneeling beside a zoo bench. Fred's ears perked up a bit. "Ooo. A plan? What is it?" He asked. Rebecca then whispered the plan into his ear. Fred shuddered. "No! No way man! Im not doing it!" He sagte stubbornly, crossing his arms and turning away. "Pleeeeease Fred. I have to get past them." Rebecca gave Fred a welpe dog face and her brown eyes grew large and glossy. "Don't turn around Fred...don't Du dare...
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posted by skipperfan5431
As Rebecca began to make her way out of the park and back to the bus stop, she was stopped Von a familiar shadow. Officer X. "Well, well, well. Look who's a long way from Home past her bedtime." He taunted, grabbing Rebecca's arm. She tried to pull away. "Ouch man! Let me go! Im just headed home!" She yelled, tugging her arm from the man's grasp. Officer X looked around at the exploded grenades and peices of confetti still laying about the floor. " Looks like your little friend had one heck of a party huh?" He said, picking a shell up. Then Alice came into the park. "Rebecca?? What the heck...
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