"What the hell is all of this?!" Hannah shielded her entrance with her body. 

"The Emperor has issued an Executive Order, the state will be taking this investigation off your flippers from now on," the guard stated through an almost robotic sounding audio device. 

"But I've gathered all this evidence with my friends, this case is personal to me!" Hannah shouted. 

"That makes your judgment biased based on your involvement in the case, the Senate will compensate Du for all inconveniences and guarantee your protection," the guard grabbed a walkie. "Civil Protection Unit SD-551 requesting backup for the clearing of this facility, over." 

The other end took no hesitation to reply. 

"Sergeant Kelly approves backup. CP Units SD-599 and CD-006 arriving shortly," 

"Roger that, Civil Protection Unit SD-551 out," the CP Unit replied.

Hannah pounded on the armored penguin, shouting over him. 

"You can't do this! We're solving this case, gives Du no right to suspend my property for investigation!" 

The CP officer pulled out a baton and nudged her gently. 

"Miss Freeze, we acknowledge Du want to help, but insubordination and disorderly conduct is going to get Du nowhere. I am not out to get you, nor are our men, we are only carrying out a task gegeben to our ranks,"

Hannah knew that what he, oder she was saying was right. She couldn't blame herself for being upset, but at the same time, she couldn't blame the Civil Protection Units for doing their jobs. Fragen popped up in her mind, however.

"Then what about the guys? Why are they in cuffs?"

"Skipper and Rico attacked two of our units when attempting to enter, and Kowalski continued shutting the door when we asked to come inside, they'll be able to get bail for three hundred Imperial Marks a piece. Fortunately this needs no hearing, so if Du have the money, your Friends can get out right then and there," the CP Unit announced. 

"I got the money... But how am I going to get my evidence back?" Hannah asked. 

The CP Unit sighed with grave dismay. 

"It's an executive order, first since 1975, it has the power of law, and nothing can overturn Imperial Decision," 

"Not even seeing the emperor himself?" 

He chuckled softly. 

"No one sees the emperor anymore, aside from a pocket of members in the court and his servants, all security measures are on oben, nach oben priority to him. Level five security protocols have been enacted on every single Weltraum in the Imperial Palacade, from bathrooms to gardens, bedrooms and hallways," the CP unit stated with solid dignity. 

"I'll find a way to talk to him, but I'll do it as "legally" as he did when he seized my evidence," Hannah hissed. 

The CP Unit chuckled again. 

"Miss Freeze, I would Liebe to see Du even try to challenge the sheer walls of one's willpower, especially the Kaiser's," SD 551 responded, heading over to her door and placing a sign. 

"Union Seizure Site 12. Only authorized personnel allowed beyond this mark, violators will be seized for questioning," Hannah read. 

"Miss Nicole, we'll leave Du alternative housing for the week we're searching here, I'm sorry it has to be that way, but I am following protocol, nothing more," he handed Hannah a key. 

"What's this?" 

"Your new penthouse until we're done here," SD-551 answered.


With a salute, the CP Unit escorted her out, giving her a map leading to her temporary home.