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Note: This is just for fun. I do not claim to know the specifics, thoughts, oder actions of medals. The words and Ansichten spoken oder expressed Von the “medal” oder the interviewer (me) are in no way affiliated with the F4 oder Fanpop itself, unless Du count the fact that I’m posting this on Fanpop.

Today, I, Kate, will be conducting an interview with a Dedicated (green) medal. That’s right folks, a real, actual medal! After much persuasion, and promises of many future contributions to “feed” the medal (this will be explained in the interview), I managed to persuade one of my Dedicated medals...
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The My Updates feature received a major overhaul during the last few weeks. I'll provide a quick run down of how it works and what it can do for you.

Where Can I Find It?
My Updates can be found on your user Profil page if once Du are logged in. If Du have updates, it should be the first module on the right hand side of your page. If Du don't have any updates, then the module doesn't Zeigen up - but Du can always go to My Updates from the bottom right link in the About Me module on the oben, nach oben left of your Profil page.

What Does It Do?
My Updates shows Du when content has been added to the...
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Right, I have been thinking about this. I have been thinking about certain things on Fanpop recently and as much as I Liebe this place there are certain things that irk me.

Hate Spots
I've seen spots that are about hating a certain thing. I thought this place was Mehr about sharing things we enjoy so we can give each other images, links, videos, etc not "oh I hate this and this and this". It doesn't make anything friendly.

Me Me Me Spots
I mean no offence to anyone that has these kinds of spots and has created them but Fanpop isn't MySpace oder any of those other social networks. It's a different...
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 Um, ok so maybe these features aren't THAT secret...
Um, ok so maybe these features aren't THAT secret...
There are a lot of features on Fanpop. Some are well known and others are less well known (there are also a ton of others we *want* to do, but that's for another conversation). Today I thought I would highlight a few of the less-well-known features for you.

Why? Because, dammit, we spent time on these features! Sure picks and Bilder might be sexier, but these are the runts of the proverbial Fanpop-litter and they need some time in the spotlight too.

(side note: if Du already know about these, then consider yourself a very knowledgeable Fanpopper. But if Du don't...well, here's hoping you...
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posted by JulieL44
I wasn't sure where to post this Artikel so I decided to put it on this spot.

One Jahr ago, the lives of many people around the world (especially of the people in Quebec) were turned upside down because of the death of Anastasia De Sousa. She was an innocent victim of the shooting that occurred at Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec exactly one Jahr Vor on September 13th, 2006. I just wanted to give her one moment of silence on this very sad anniversary and I was hoping Du would all Mitmachen me in this. I was completely devastated when I first heard the tragic news about this shooting last year...
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posted by dimitri_
So I thought it would be fun if we could all do this. Every Fanpop user can partake in, all Du do is answer the Fragen and Du can personalize it of course :)

1. How long have Du been on Fanpop?
Technically, 2 years.

2. Which club are Du most active on?
The Disney Princess club, the community is really tight :)

3. Which club is your favorite?
Childhood Animated Movie Heroines, I wish Mehr people checked it out. Du can talk about basically anything animated surrounding the heroines so the topics are limitless.

4. Which section is your favorite?
The Umfrage section, it's the most active, quick and...
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