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 The True Fan Medal
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Source: Princesslullaby got it!
It's the Weiter highest medal!!! I wanna get it!!!
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Source: Me! (And Notch for creating MC)
ATTENTION: This is just a user opinion's on what could be cool for Fanpop.

1. Customize Profile: Everyone likes to have a nice Profil homepage, so my first idea is we have a chance of customize our own profile, with backgrounds, colors, fonts etc...

2. Medal Meter: I think every Fanpopers like to know how much are they far to get a medal on the spot, so my 2nd idea is FP give us the chance to see if we are far oder close to get our medal.

3. Profil Viewers: How many and what users did check our profile.

4. Kommentar Reply Notice: Be notice in Du Updates when someone reply Du in a comment.

5. Possibility to Change User name: Sometimes people don't like their user names...a opportunity to change would be nice ;)

Hope Du Enjoy It
Alright so this is just for a laugh really, what Du change isn't permanent anyway, only Du cans ee it and when Du refresh everything will change to normal again anyway so it s just for a laugh really so I'm going to teach Du how to Bearbeiten Fanpop Clubs for your eyes only, Du can have a bit of fun with things Du hate oder love!

First Du will be needing:

- Google Chrome
- A Fanpop Account

Open up Chrome

Go to Fanpop and log in

Go to the club Du want to Bearbeiten (or maybe even someones profile, oder yours)

Right click on something Du want to change (For example, the Fan count) and click Inspect Element...

if we wanted to change the Fan count, let's say the Fan count on the group we wanted to change was 200. Look for '200' in the inspect element database thingy...

Then Bearbeiten it and press enter oder f10 to save it

Du can do this with pretty much anything (see my example)
*in tune of link*

Users: Fanpop? (knocks)
Do Du want to fix your problem?
Come on, let's go and fix!
I never see Du anymore
Come out the door
It's like you've gone away

We used to be best buddies
And now we're not
I wish Du would tell me why!

Do Du want to fix your problem?
It doesn't have to be a problem...

Fanpop: Go away, Fanpoppers.

Users: Okay, bye...


Users: (knocks)
Do Du want to fix your problem?
Or change the theme to other colors?
I think some company is overdue
I've started talking to
The Icons on the spots!

(Hang in there, icons.)

It gets a little lonely
All these empty rooms
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Fanpop isn't too bad as it is, but here are some changes that could be made:

1. Specify Bilder Von URL. 1PokeMastr and I are Wiinet users, so we can't Upload Bilder such as Icons and banners for any Clubs that we'd make. If this change was made, we could post our Bilder Von putting in the URL of the images.

2. Highlight club creators. With spots that are basically famous like Random, Fanpop FAIL!, and Anime, it's hard to tell who created the club in the first place. If this change was made, the name of the club's creator would Zeigen up in the club's motto. This way, we could PM the creator if we...
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Lamon Records / Elevating Entertainment (Copyright 2014 Lamon Records) Director: Josh Moody, Producer: Dave Moody Wildfire: Written Von Jill & Julia @jillandjulia
jill & julia
country Musik
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Source: me, and credit to Olivine/caramelmilk/angel for the idea.
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Hey everyone,

I felt like Schreiben about the constant reposting of Icons from livejournal, because I have become a very active lj user in the past months and I know of many lj people who are annoyed as hell to see their Icons gepostet here.

First of all I'd like to say that I did it too. Yes, I took Icons that were gepostet on livejournal and gepostet them here with credit.
Now Du might say: Okay, but if people credit them, why is there a problem? It's not as if the lj people own the original pictures they icon.
This is of course true, but I think it is Mehr about respect and being polite.

Imagine you...
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posted by Snerkie
I swear to whatever higher power Du believe in that I am going to injure someone with all the shoddy spelling going around. Yes abbreviations are easier (in a sense) but it looks like a 5 Jahr old wrote it and a lot of people don't understand it. So lets first go over some abbreviations that we should cut out of our vocabulary here at Fanpop when Du post content...

u = you
r = are
srs = serious
2 = to oder too (using it as "two" is fine)
plz = please

If Du actually take that .5 of a Sekunde to type the whole word people will look at your content, Kommentar and such a lot Mehr and with nicer comments...
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posted by zanesaaomgfan
Hello, today Du will be Lesen a way to help yourself avoid the haters! If Du have a hater oder haters, this might be the simple Artikel for you!

Example, someone said:

"seriously? High School Musical 3?? This movie is for douche bags"

Don't feel offended! The BEST way to ignore that oder make the person go away is doing what I said:

"No it's not. And thank Du for the fine compliment."

They might leave Du alone then! If they don't, the best thing to do is block them (even though blocking does not stop them from posting all over your contributes)!

And if it really annoys you, Berichten them. It's that simple!

But, if they come back, don't leave Fanpop. Don't Berichten them again! Wait until they do something wrong, inappropriate, oder offensive.

WARNING: Never abuse the Berichten button because Du might be harmed if it is done!

That's all for now! :)

-Gabriella a.k.a. zanesaaomgfan

P.S.- This will not stop everyone from bothering you!