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...I was bored and experimenting :P
Fanpup says...

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I want to start Von saying that I think it is absolutely brilliant. I visit several times a Tag and there is always something new to see. In my eyes that is the beauty of it right?

I Liebe that although its is a somewhat controlled environment (which is a good thing) we are pretty much able to voice our opinion on what we like and what we don't like.

I joined Fanpop because I Liebe to share videos, photos, Artikel and pretty much anything else that has to do with a common interest. I will confess that I am a major Fan of the office. I Liebe to share any bit of office news with people who will appreciate...
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Jeevahn and Yolanda sing Womanizer Von Britney Spears. for more: link
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well thank God i found Fanpop becuz before i did the last 3 months i was looking in Google and searching for my fav Tv shows images.
till the Tag i was looking for Lost Bilder and i found a site,i went there and it wannet me to have a username...i thought and i used:Melikhan then i came every day...don't know why!!!!!
The 1st person i talked was link and i talked to her and asked her that can i be your fan!!!!it's so bad that she left fanpop...she was a good person...she talked to me friendly and she was my 1st Fan and friend!!!!
i started seeing fanpop....joining Clubs and doing 1st...
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Duplicate Bilder tend to really bother me in certain spots, and I’ve observed that I’m far from the only one. I know it’s difficult sometimes to know if an image has been uploaded into a spot oder not when there are 999,483,937 uploads, especially when they’re lacking in the Schlagwort department.

Google has this nice new feature called a Reverse Image Search. With a reverse image search, Du are able to Upload oder link an image into the Suchen bar and you’ll be gegeben a Liste of web pages containing your selected image.

(I’m about to walk Du through the steps. I’ll be using a picture...
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posted by Olivine
Dear fellow fanpoppers,

fanpop is not pro-choice concerning medals.

Many of Du will agree with me when I say that there are users among us who are a bit too motivated when it comes to collecting medals.
But few of us know that medals also follow us.

Fact is that these Medaillen need us, they are longing for us as much as many of us are longing for them. The medal whore can not live without the Medaillen and Medaillen can not live without us. Probably they do even need us Mehr then we need them and the common medal whore thinks she did a great job catching a medal when in reality the medal whore is the...
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This part of my Fanpop User Guide describes some of the basics of using the site, and was last substantively edited on 19 December 2007.

Covered in this article:
Finding spots
Fans of spots and users

Finding a spot
There are three primary ways to find spots that fit your interests, which is really the whole point of the site.
The first (examples are marked with "1" in the illustration) is Von Lesen the lists on the main page of the site ('fanpop home'): it's entirely possible that some content displayed there is of interest to you, whether it be a spotlit spot,...
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 Welcome....To the world of PROPS!
Welcome....To the world of PROPS!

Certainly one of the minor kühler things about Fanpop. They allow users to add a prize alongside a message to Friends in eight different and colorful little medals. Awesome, right?

And they are! But since I have to make everything over-complicated beyond belief, today I'm going to Zeigen Du some statistics regarding the Requisiten System we know and love.

These statistics will SCIENTIFICALLY Zeigen Du guys how often certain Requisiten are picked, judging Von my collection of props.

 My Requisiten Showcase :3 (WHICH IS ALREADY OUTDATED DAMN)
My Requisiten Showcase :3 (WHICH IS ALREADY OUTDATED DAMN)

Whether it be for popularity, aesthetic appeal, oder the Requisiten itself...
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