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trisha1 posted on Sep 01, 2018 at 07:01PM
I often write chapters way ahead of time, and one of them is Jack’s death in my Titanic fic. This chapter takes place after they reach land.

Rose’s POV
I read the contract.
“Jack, why didn’t you read the contract before signing it?” I said.
“Why?” said Jack.
“You’ve been snuffed,” I said.
“You mean... I’m going to-?”
“To die, Jack. For some cheap movie no one will ever see.”
The director came back.
“Are you excited, Jack?”
“I know what you’re planning! You’re not fooling me! I’m gonna live!” said Jack. He shoved a man out of a Jeep and tried to drive away, then crashed into Cal’s Ferrari and died.
What was Cal doing here? Had he tracked me down?
Cal came out of the car.
“There you are!” said Cal. 2 Antworten

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vor 5 Monaten trisha1 said…
It’s supposed to be more comedic than tragic.
vor 5 Monaten trisha1 said…
Don't get me wrong, I love Jack, it's just that the "characters the audience sympathize with get tragic deaths and characters the audience hates get comedic deaths" thing is too cliche. Yes