spyro is Schreiben in his journal:my name is spyro and i think im in Liebe cause ive seen this dragoness shes black with smaragd eyes and shes the most beautiful ive ever seen it would be a miracle if she would Liebe me too , i try to talk to her but theres another dragoness named ember now shes rosa but i dont Liebe her but shes crazy about me , when i see cynder i try to go over to her but ember is watching and pops out from where shes hiding and pulls me away and cynder doesnt seem to notice me but today's going to be a new Tag cause im goin to march up to ember and say i dont Liebe her, tell her to stop following me and if she crys ill ignore her then ill go over to cynder and tell her how i feel and hopefully she'll take a liking to me and grow a bond between us. (stops writing) i just gotta do it spyro says
well thats the end of part one ill start part two immediatly