Sakura's P.O.V.

"Naruto there Du are" I said. "Yeah I'm here now let's get going" he said. "Ok lets find Sasuke and the others." "Why" he asked. The Frage took me off guard "so we can defeat this creature" I reminded him. "We can't defeat him" he said."Did Naruto just-" I started. "No don't be silly" I told myself "Naruto would never give up."

A few Minuten Later

Soon most of us were reunited but everyone was Schauspielen strange. Hinata was being really mean, Sasuke was holding a dirty piece of paper and Schauspielen as if it were valuable,Konohomaru didn't want anyone having fun, and Naruto had gegeben up."What's happening to everyone" I wondered. "All we have do is find Gaara" I said. "Huh there he goes" Sasuke said. 'Told Du we were doomed" Naruto said. Konohomaru went to walk Hinata and she tripped him. "oops sorry" she laughed. "What are Du laughing at " he snapped. "What's happening to all of you" I asked. We have to defeat this creature." No one sagte anything. "You don't even care do you" I sagte feeling frustrated. "No" they sagte in unison. "Fine I don't need any of you: I sagte angrily. "Well I don't need Du guys either" Hinata agreed. "Fine' Sasuke said. "Good" Konohomaru said. Naruto looked at us " I never wanna see Du as long as I live" he said. "Well that settles it" I said.

Meanwhile Minatos P.O.V
We were Minuten from Konoha but we had to stop and rest. "Minato I hope we're not too late" Kushina said. It'll be ok" I sagte a little unsurely. Honestly I had a bad feeling but I didn't dare tell Kushina that.

Konoha Sakura's P.O.V.

Why should I care about Naruto oder the others? Their not my problem I thought. "Hows it going Sakura asked the creature. "Fine" I sagte sadly. The road turned to soap making me slip. "Who are Du anyway" I asked. " My names Discord" he replied. "The King Of Chaos".As I tried to stand back up I slid down the road my knees got cut and I had to heal them. When I got to my house it was upside down "how do Du like it" Discord asked. "Like what" I asked confused. "Konoha the new Chaos Capital Of The World" he told me. "Not if I have anything to say about it" sagte a voice. When I turned around I saw someone with blonde hair and blue eyes just like Naruto and a girl with red hair."What's your name" he asked me. "Sakura Haruno" I replied. "Sakura where are your friends" He asked. "They left we teilt, split up" I explained. "Why" he me I wasn't really sure what to say. "Haven't Du had a lot of great times together ? Are Du gonna let all that go just like that" he asked." You're right I have to find them" I sagte realizing what a fool Id been. The girl with long red hair grabbed my wrist. "We'll go with you."

The Forest Naruto P.O.V.
Schokolade milch rained from cotton Süßigkeiten clouds. "This is it I guess." It was funny I had actually thought a person like me could make a difference. Suddenly I began to doze off.

Nine tails P.O.V.

As my host slept I could sense how he changed. It wasn't good for either of us. Something had to be done.That's when I felt a presence that made me uneasy one I hadn't felt since I was sealed.

Naruto P.O.V
"Naruto, Naruto wake up" sagte a male voice. When I opened my eyes I saw the Fourth Hokage. "Lord Hokage" I gasped. "Did Du come to save the village" I asked hopefully. "No this is your mission Du must complete it" he told me. "How" I asked."You're really giving up" he asked.

Minato's P.O.V
"You'll never become Hokage like that" I said. "Me Hokage ? Yeah right" he said. Discord was better than I thought. "Minato" Kushina sagte looking worried. She was thinking the same thing I was maybe we WERE too late. "Everything's going to be fine " I sagte trying to sound confident. Finally I had an idea. "so you're giving up" I asked. "Why now though ? Why not when Du were going after Sasuke oder during the Chunin Exams oder when Du wanted to beat Kiba's record I said. Naruto's eyes widened "if Du gonna give up does it really matter when Du do it ?" Naruto rose to his feet and I knew my words had reached him. He smiled "We have to find the others" he said.

Sasuke POV
Nobody was going to get their hands on my book I I heard someone coming and clutched it close. Naruto Sakura and two others appeared. "Sakura what do Du want" I said." We just want to talk she sagte "Alright but don't even think about trying to take my book" I warned. A blonde man that looked familiar stepped up. "Why is this book so important to you" he asked I didn't answer. "Isn't your friendship Mehr important" he asked.That's when I looked at the book and realized it was just a dirty piece of paper and felt embarrassed.

Hinata POV

"What are Du guys doing here I told Du I don't need any of you" I sagte angrily."That's not true sagte someone who looked like an older version of Naruto. "Who cheered for Du during the Chunin Exams" he pointed out. Then it all came back to me "I'm sorry everyone" I apologized, Its okay Sakura sagte It wasn't really you."

Naruto's POV

Konohomaru was sitting on Hokage mountain "I got this one" I said. We spray painted the village until he was his old self again.

Desert Outside Sand Village

"Gaara we need Du in Konoha" I said. "No way I'm staying in the Sand Village" he said. "How can he think that little patch of sand is the village" Sasuke asked. "The same way Du thought a piece of paper was a book" I reminded him. Sasuke didn't say anything after that. Lord Fourth stepped up "is abandoning one Friends the right choice" he asked.

Leaf Village

"Ok everyone we can do this" I said. " How" Hinata asked. "Together" I replied I put my and in and everyone followed then something strange happened.

Minato's POV

AS they put their hands in to symbolize they were Friends they began to glow. "What's happening" I asked. Finally it stopped each wore a bracelet except for Naruto who wore a necklace. "Wow" I said." Maybe we can use these to defeat the creature" Naruto said. "His names Discord" I informed them. "Discord" he corrected himself.

Naruto POV

As we walked up to Discord I honestly had no idea what to do but I knew we could do but I knew we could do it. "Hello" Discord said. "Get ready everyone" I instructed. My halskette lifted up,all of tem began to glow then there was a giant fuchs with a Sharingan. It tackled Discord soon discord wasn't moving so I took the chance and threw him out of the village. The fuchs disappeared in the halskette and the bracelets. That's when I looked at my necklace. It was an orange fox,Sasuke's was a red Sharingan,Hinata's was a light blue Bykaugan,Konohamaru's was a green leaf Sakura's was a rosa medical symbol and Gaara's was a red raccoon. Well the important thing was we saved Konoha. This halskette and these bracelets now held us together, I clutched the tiny fuchs in my fist. We would always be a team now always.