Chapter 1:A twist of fate!

XxXxX-Konoha, October 10th-12 years ago

It was a warm summer evening within the village of Konoha,and it had an odd calming effect on the people.There was still many people bustling about despite the fact the sun had set several hours ago.Minato stood,or rather paced,frantically around in his office.He kept glancing impatiently at the door,then to the walls,then the door again,in an endless cycle of anxiety that had been going on for hours."Kushina should be here yourself together!"

Minato berated himself,attempting to calm his nerves."I can't let her see me like this,or she'll never let me live it down."He continued pacing for several minutes,before finally plopping down in his chair.He wanted to just go out there and get her himself,but he had promised he'd let her make her own way here.Tapping his fingers on the wood of the schreibtisch impatiently,he glanced at the door again,wondering where she was.

XxXxX-With Kushina

"I bet Minato's going crazy right now."Kushina snickered with a mischievious grin,walking along the village streets at a slow pace.The atmosphere nights like these had was something she loved to enjoy,and this one in particular felt simply wonderful,though she was unsure why she had this gut feling something bad was going to happen.She had purposely taken the long route both to enjoy this,and to annoy the crap out of her husband.

Payback for treating me like a child for nine months!-ttebane!She reasoned mentally,so Lost in her thoughts she didn't a little girl until she bumped into her,causing Kushina to stumble and the girl to fall flat on her butt."Huh?Oh my,sorry about that!I was just a bit distracted!"Kushina apologized immediately, bending down on one knee despite the extra effort it took to see the girl's face."What's wrong,little girl?"The girl's crying died down to loud sobs as she spoke."M-my family i-is moving away from Konoha,'cause they got a j-job in another village!"

Kushina understood this,as she had been upset as well when she had been forced to leave the Hidden Eddie village as a little girl to come to Konoha."And Du don't want to leave your Home and all your Friends right?"Kushina questioned kindly.The girl nodded."Well then...what's your name,little one?"the girl whiped her eyes before giving an answer."M-misaki."She sagte hesitantly.
Kushina gave her a comforting smile,pulling a wooden blue comb out of her gad the uzumaki clan swirl carved into it.She placed the comb into Misaki's hands.

"Well,when i was little,i used to live in another village,but i moved to Konoha with my grandmother anyway.This comb used to belong to her before she died,and it reminds me of home.I carry it with me everywhere i go,so i never forget her,or my old home."
She pointed to the clip in the girl's hair.It had the symbol if Konoha's leaf etched into it."That clip is just like my comb, y'know.You can use that to remember the village by."She returned to her feet,groaning at the effort.

"And when Du come back,just Zeigen me that hairclip and i'll immediately remember you,okay?"Misaki stared at the red haired woman in disbelief."R-really?You promise?"Kushina nodded."Mh-hm!Now go find your parents.I'm sure their looking for you."
Misaki nodded eagerly,giving Kushina a hug and smile."Thank you,Kushina!-San..."She sagte gratefully,bowing,before turning to leave."And goobye!"She ran off,bumping into a few people as she ran along in Suchen of her parents.

Kushina just smiled,and was about to continue on her way when a loud scream interrupted her,followed Von a sudden presence of demonic chakra entering her senses.

"It...It's the Nine-Tails!"

XxXxX-Hokage's office

What is that demonic chakra i'm sensing? Minato thought,rising to his feet as he heard a loud knock."Come in!"He said,and the door flew open as an ANBU agent rushed inside,moving clumsily to Minato's desk."Sir!The nine tailed fuchs has been spotted very close to the village!"He announced,and Minato's eyes widened dramatically."What!?That demon!?But why!?"He picked up his mantel from the desk,slipping into it quickly.''Do Du know where Kushina is?"Minato demanded the ANBU,who nervously shook his head.

"Um,no sir.I do not know her exact location."Minato grabbed his Tri-pronged Kunai as well,taking a breath."Then please,find her and assure she is safe!"Just as he sagte that,the entire ground tremored violently.He scowled,picking up a Sekunde Kunai.
"Go!Now!"He ordered,and the ANBU nodded withous speaking another word,disappearing in a puff of smoke.Minato followed suit,disappearing in a yellow flash of light.


Minato promptly reappeared in a large group of Ninja who had gathered near the eastern gate.One of the Ninja,a man with black hair in a ponytail and a goatee,stepped forward."Hokage-Sama,i am Shikaku Nara,Jounin, reporting."Minato nodded,signalling Shikaku to continue."I gathered most of the Jounin and Chuunin in the area.I have the Genin escorting the civilians to the undrground bunkers.So far,we have just been attacking however we could.Your orders?"

Minato looked up at the demon fox,scowling deeply as it came closer to the village,each step it took causing the earth to shake."Keep doing what your doing until Du receive new orders from me.Shikaku,your in charge"Shikaku nodded as the Hokage flashed away again,turning to the other Ninja."You heard the Hokage!Keep attacking with all Du have!"


He visited several Mehr groups,telling each essentially the same thing as Shikaku's group.Keep attacking until he gave new orders.He stopped when he spotted another group."Sarutobi-San,Inoichi-San!"he called,causing all of the Ninja to turn to him with expressions ranging from complete surprise to relief that he had arrived."Hokage-Sama/Minato!"The two breathed simultaneously,along with the other gasps of surprise and relief among the Shinobi.

"What's happening here?"He asked them,walking over."We've gathered most of the Ninja in this district,and we've been assaulting the Nine-Tails for several minutes.The Genin are escorting the civilians to the bunkers."Minato nodded,expecting that answer."Keep attacking until Du hear orders from ,i need Du to use your jutsu to send a message to all the Ninja in the village.Can Du do that?"Inoichi smirked."Of course i can.Just tell me what Du want to say,Hokage-Sama."

XxXxX-With Kushina

"Kushina-Sama,please hurry!I must get Du to the emergency base immediately,Hokage's orders!"The ANBU sagte anxiously,turning to see Kushina barely able to run.She scowled at him,which sent a chill up his spine."I'm pregnant dammit!Don't ru-"she suddenly stopped,making the ANBU panic."What's happening,Kushina-Sama?What do Du need?"Kushina looked down."My water just broke!I think i'm going into labor!"
The ANBU wordlessly took out several items from a sealing scroll,taking off his mask."Then i guess your luck i'm a medical Ninja,huh?"He asked rhetorically.

XxXxX-With Minato

"Okay,is everything ready to go?"The Nine Tails was now at the village,and had begun destroying everything in sight,despite the amount of attacks being thrown at it."Yes sir,ready to give the order?"Inoichi questioned." Do it.I need to check something."He flashed away,leaving Inoichi to give the command to begin their plan."Okay!Start the plan now!"He shouted mentally to all of the Ninja in Konoha, his jutsu active.

XxXxX-With Kushina

"Push once more!"the ANBU medic said,despite Kushina cursing and threatening his life several times.He understood giving birth was a stressful process."Aaaaaaaagh!"Kushina screamed,giving one last push as the baby finally made it out.The ANBU wrapped the baby up,and was about to hand Kushina the child,but stopped when he heard a shout."Kushina!"The voice was Minato,flashing to their location."Kushina,are Du alright?"he asked frantically,but kushina stopped him Von placing her hand on his shoulder.

"I'm okay."She sagte weakly,barely above a whisper.He nodded,taking a deep breath to calm himself.Afterwards,turned to the ANBU."Thank you,ANBU.I'm in your debt."He sagte gratefuly.The ANBU merely nodded."No need to thank me,i was just doing my job."Kushina pointed to the bundle in his arms."The baby."The ANBU nodded."Your son,of course."He handed the bundle to Kushina,who smiled at the boy.

"Minato,look!He has your hair and eyes!Oh,look at those cute whisker marks!"She gushed,pointing at each feature on his tiny face as she talked.Minato just smiled at the scene,but it quickly dissapeared when he remembered their situation."Kushina. Right now,all the Ninja in this village are trying to stop the Nine Tails from destroying the village."He started,interrupting her."I came up with a battle plan,but i'm almost sure it'll fail...and if it does,i'm going to have to dichtung half the nine tails into myself...and the other half into Naruto."

Kushina's eyes widened."No!You can't do that to our son!"She yelled,and Minato winced at the volume of her voice.The amount of guilt and sorrow he was feling weren't helping either.
"I know Du don't want me to do this,but it's my only chance of stopping this thing."He tried to explain,but Kushina shook her head."Then just dichtung the other half into me!"She shouted defiantly,holding the little boy in her arms tighter.Minato gasped in surprise at his proposal."But...if do that you'll..."Kushina stopped him.pressing her finger to his lips.

"I know,but i don't want him to bare such a burden!Even if i have to die,i won't let him become a jinchuuriki!"she stated firmly,and Minato sighed in defeat.Even now,when the village was on the line,he couldn't win an argument against Kushina."Fine..." He reluctantly gave in.Kushina smiled a little as he did."Thank you,Minato."She sagte thankfully,giving him a soft KISS on the lips,causing Minato to blush lightly.After that,she flexed her muscles,giving him a large grin."And besides,my Uzumaki Chakra can probably take it anyway!-ttebane!"She gave him a thumbs up,and minato just laughed a bit and flashed them all away.

XxXxX-With the Konoha Ninja

"Nara Clan,hold it in place now!This'll be our final attack!"Inoichi mentally ordered,and a very large shadow emerged and began crawling onto the beasts's body,making it come to a complete hault."Now,everyone attack!""Did we do it?"The aged Hokage wondered aloud, peering through the smoke to see the figure of the demon,rising from the ground slowly."Even after all those truly is a monster,huh?"Hiruzen's eyes widened in alarm when he saw the ball of black and red energy swirling together in front of it's mouth.

"It still has that much power?...No..."

XxXxX-With Minato

They landed in a forest several miles away from Konoha,Minato starting to feel a bit drowsy from Chakra loss.Minato gasped in surprise when he looked towards the Nine-Tails."I knew it..."he looked back to Kushina,who was looking at him."Are Du alright?"He asked,and she nodded silently.He looked back towards the beast."I don't have much chakra left..."
He rose to his feet,his mantel flowing in the wind."But as long as i have things i need to protect..."

He looked back to the Nine-Tails,the determined look his eyes radiating strength."I'll never give up!"He flashed away,after making several handsigns.Kushina looked down to Naruto with a small smile."That's your daddy,Naruto.Look at him go!"She whispered to him,though he just giggled a little bit in response.

XxXxX-With Minato

"Summoning Jutsu!"He called out as he landed from the sky,and a large puff of smoke appeared under him in mid air.
A very large toad appeared,falling onto the fuchs and causing it to fall to the ground and the tailed beast ball to dissipitate.
"Bunta,hold it down!"he ordered,once Mehr preparing the flyinv raijin."I know!Just do it!"gamabunta snapped back,pushing the demon's face down with his webbed hand as they all vanished in a yellow flash,leaving the other Konoha ninja in confusion.

"Minato intends to dichtung it away,doesn't he?"Hiruzen wondered,his staff lying on the ground Weiter to him."Well then..."He looked back at all of the ninja who'd gathered around him,awaiting command.With a heavy sigh,he picked up his staff,turning to where he saw the beast had reappeared."Everyone,follow them!"

XxXxX-With Minato

Minato began panting heavily as he appeared again in the forest,though not near Kushina."Hold him off as long as Du can,Bunta!i'll be right back!"He shouted, flashing away once Mehr and leaving the large toad summon too fend off the rampaging demon,despite their clear difference in power.


He reappeared Weiter to Kushina,his breathed ragged and forced.His cakra was so low...he felt like collapsing,closing his eyes and giving up.But already knowing he couldn't do tha,took tushina's hand in his own,looking her in the eyes."Are Du sure about this, Kushina?"Kushina nodded, softly squeezing his hand."Yes.I'm sure."He let her go, rising back to his feet and going through another set of seals."Then I'll start!Ssealing Art:Reaper Death Seal!"

A ghostly figure appeared behind him holding a messer in it's mouth, it's face twisted into a demented smile.Minato took a deep breath,bracing himself."Here i go!"A large arm reached through Minato's chest, going into the fox's body."Pull!"The arm began retracting itself back, pulling a large stream of red chakra from the demon, who didn't appear to notice the missing chakra, as it was too busy fighting Gamabunta,who was on the losing end of the fight.

"Seal!"The Chakra began flowing into Minato's body, and he grit his teeth, fighting the urge to scream at the pain as the chakra entered him.The intense burning feeling he felt as each ounce of it entered his body was nearly unbearable, but he managed to endure it until the end.When it was finished,Minato stumbled back,barely able to keep his balance.The chakra was...heavy, that was the word for it.It was extremely heavy.He was having trouble even moving.It was a testament to the power of the Nine-Tails's chakra.

"Okay,once more!"He shouted as the arm once Mehr went into the demon, who noticed it this time.It roared in fury,causing several trees to uprooted from the force of the howl and be swung around Von the energy laced wind.Minato barely dodged the assault,though most of the trees never reached him.
The arm began coming back, though much Mehr slowly this time,as if something was trying to pull the chairs back into the demon's body.

"The Nine Tails is fighting back!"He exclaimed,gritting his teeth and pulling at the demonic chakra with all of his might. "Haaaaaaaaa!"He screamed, feeling the chakra tug of war draining Mehr of his already drained chakra reserves.Finally,the arm began pulling away Mehr and Mehr of the chakra, until this time, the whole demon's body had faded into the gel like red chakra."Okay Kushina.I'm about to dichtung it."

Both of them were in tears."Goodbye Minato,and thank you, for giving me the chance to raise our son."Minato couldn't even bring himself to talk, he was far too upset to form anything close to a coherent word.He just nodded solemnly, looking back up towards the mass of chakra that floated in mid-air above him.
"...Seal."The chakra flowed into Kushina this time, who screamed in lainas the slow painful process went on,the searing effec of ghe chakra causing her extreme pain,despite her Uzumaki Chakra taking some of the pain away.She eventually fell into unconsciousness just as it finished,apparently unable to withstand it and remain awake.

It's all a matter of Kushina's will now...I know she'll make it...He thought as the Shinigami cut the blue hamoid shape that represented Minato's soul,Minato collapsing to the ground,his body now lifeless and empty.



Well,that was chapter 1!Like I said,I really wanna hear what other people think of my story,tell me anything I can possibly improve on,so I'd appreciate it if Du comment.