Hullo my lovelies. It's been a while since I uploaded a new episode, and I just found one of the worst Sonic Yaoi fanfics on Deviantart. PREPARE YOUR EYES!

I warned you, here it goes:

it was a Tag like no other. everyone sagte hi to me and I did the same. I might of had a few conversation......what who am I?. well I'm king of the school, sonic the hedgehog. and I thought everyone here is a cliques. key word thought, it turns out there was this guy who didn't get notice because of his hood, he never talked, and his hands were in his pocket all the time. there were rumers that he trashed every school he's been tracefered to. I didn't care 80% of rumers aren't true. so I walked up to him thinking with my beliebt magic to see if I could get a word out of him.
"hey there!" the guy looks away and walks. "Hey!" he walks faster. then sonics running not at sonic speed though. the guy walks the same speed then brakes into a run. "Hey! Wait!" then sonic goes into sonic speed. sonic. chases the guy the guy runs through the crowed of kids throw trash cans down and pushing big items in the way to cut sonics path off. "STOP!" the guy is still being chase Von sonic till he turned to a dead end. he turned to only to see sonic. "hey man, I'm not going to hurt Du I just want to talk." the guy takes a step back everytime sonic takes a step forward. then he tripped and fell back and then his haube fell back revealing his idenity. "hey......your hair." the guys eyes glowed turquoise. "wha-whats wrong with your eyes?" then the guy pointed and sonic turned to see what he was pointing at........nothing was there. "hey that was really not a useful tri--" he turns to see he's gone. " what the." he runs to the spot he was in and look everywhere. "oh my god the new student is an alien!" sonic yelled."oh no!" someone yelled. sonic went back to the hall where he was chasing the guy. it was a mess. students shouted things like " he's recking our school now!" , "that little--", " we might have to cancle some things just to clean this up", "oh no" sonic just stood there till the princable came." who the hell did this?!" asked the princable.
"it was that new kid sir. ask sonic." the princable went up to him. "is this true sonic"

Wow can someone please remind me that Du need to capitalize the first letter of the first word in a sentence, also even though it's so easy to spell principle/principal, they spelled it princable!
Oh yeah, ever learned how to even spell cancel? I guess not, the one who spelled it cancle. Grammar errors, too. Need I say more? Yes, the boy who cried "TRANSEFERED!" was probably you, author. Hell, I don't wanna continue with this, but it's a fucking fanfiction review and people wanna see the rest of this horrid abomination people call a fanfiction.

I didn't even write it like this. Let us continue:

" that's it he will be excpelled!"
"wait..wait sir. it wasn't his fault."
"I chased him so I could talk to him and he threw things to stop me but it didn't stop me so he kept doing it. so its my fault."
"...................well sonic your a good kid so I'll take your word for it." with that he walked off. "ok let's get this clean up guys!" sonic yelled
"ALRIGHT SONIC!" then the guy peeked out from the other side of the hall.
"sonic?" he sagte qietly. he turned and walked till he bumped into scourge. "hey! watch where going." he kept walking. "HEY! at least say sorry!" scourge grabbed Von the collor. "what the hell is wrong with you!"
"hey scourge is fighting again!"
"what?" sonic said. then he runs to see the fight while everyone yells fight. when the guy started coughing sonic stepped in. "scourge....SCOURGE! stop it! your choking him!" scourge couldn't hear him over the loud ranting he also couldn't hear the guy coughing. then sonic spin dashed and they flew into the air. evryone walked away because it was over. scourge and the guy had a distace from eachother and sonic walked to scourge "what the heck scourge. Du were killing him. Du need to be Mehr gental." the guy finally sat up and coughed. sonic ran up to him and rubs his back.the guy gets scared and jumps up"what's wrong?" the glocke rings the guy looks up and walks away. "hey! how are Du even walking when Du just got--!"
"cough cough.......cough coug cough........cough cou--" the guy falls forward. Weiter thing they're in the nurses office and he finally wakes up. he a heard a door open. " nurse its the end of the Tag can I see him again?"
" fine sonic." he walks to his side and sits in a chair. "hey are Du awake yet?...................its hard to tell with that hood....let's just--" the guy pulls the haube down. "oh so Du are awake." sonic teased
"is he awake?" a nurse asked

Alright, the flaws for this paragraph are the same for the oben, nach oben one, but cut out a few of the spelling errors and the grammar errors. He misspelled collar.... Geez the human population is just so fucking lazy when it comes to Schreiben a fanfiction. NOOOOO PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T TELL ME HE EVEN MISSPELLED EXPELLED!!

I don't want to come near this fanfic, but let us continue on:

"good." she picks something off the table. "your mom sagte its been a long time since Du have used your in halor but it was just in case." she hands to him. "he has asthma?"
" well no, but he hyperventilates when he worries about his --"
" cough."
" oh right s-sorry." the guy takes his inhaler.
"what do Du worry about? least tell me your name.............oh I guess I forgot to introduce myself, I'm sonic the hedgehog now your turn......................." the guy looks about him and gets up fixes the bett and walks. "hey!" sonic gets up and runs to the door and blocks it. "where do Du think your going Du need to rest!" the guy looks then falls alittle but sonic catches him. "see" sonic carries him to the bed. "at least be my friend."
"...........why?" the guy said.
" what?!"
" why do Du want to be my don't know me."
"w-well no but that's why people becomes friends." sonic sagte still shocked he could talk.
"you still want to be my friend even after Du saw my hair."
"its not that bad."
"no it is......people usally think I'm an alien when they see it. Du probably did too."
" well then your the first, and that's not even the bad part"
sonic got serious. "are the rumers true.....did Du trashed the schools?"
"yes." he sagte it so quickly sonic got shocked.
"um well." sonic smiled. " here I can't take Du seriously if I can't see your face." sonic says pulling down his haube but when he had his face out there were tears. " now why is such a cute face crying?"
"b-because I didn't mean to...."
"I didn't. mean. to. trash the schools. I just got scared."
"what happened."
"when I get scared....I can't control it.....I can't control my psychic powers." sonics eyes widened.
"it happed the same way everytime."
"look at that hair yuck."
"go back to your alien family with your magic powers Du freak."
"go away."
"what are Du gonna do?"

WHY IS HE CONTINUING THE SAME BIGGEST ERROR FROM BEFORE??! When did Du ever learn to capitalize words when Du need to? Probably when school never existed. Or, when the big bang occurred.


Not even gonna bother reviewing the other pages, screw it.

his eyes glow turquest. "GO AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!" then a explotion came out of him. "I tried to hold it in but I just couldn't..........I thought if no one bothered me and I don't bother them I'll be fine. but I really don't want that to happen again."
" so when your eyes turned colored--"
"yeah I was almost at my breaking now that Du know Du can make fun of me now."
" make fun of you.....why would I.........I still want Du to be my friend."
"come on don't tell me after all that I'll just shun you...nope not me. I'm Gold hearted."
the guy smiled"....silver..."
"no my herz is gold."
" my name is silver the hedgehog."
"oh.....well hello silver."
"hello sonic."
the Weiter Tag silver was walking through the halls without his hood.
"oh god the new guys an alien."
"I wished he'd put that haube back on."
"or cut his qills." silver started to tear up then sonic came up to him. silver looked at him and smiles.
"hey silver."
"h-h-hello sonic."
"guess what todays a very special day."
"......your going to meet my bests friends." silver puts up his haube and walks away. sonic then drags him off.
"come on Du don't have to be anywhere."
"sonic I fainted and slept through the whole day....I havnt even met my teachers don't worry I got the princible to asign Du to every class I'm in."
"but they won't like me no one here does." sonic froze and looked at silver. "I like who cares if they don't....that won't change my opinion."
"okay sonic. but...but I'm scared."
"its okay to be scared just do what Du want."
"...ok." they walk "so how do Du know these guys."
"were all in student council."
"your in student council?"
"better I'm the presidant."
"oh really?"
"yeah." sonic opened the door and a stapler flew over his head. "knuckles we can't cancle Clubs so we can clean up that hall." shadow said
"shadow if we don't the we'll have to Abbrechen classes to clean it all up." knuckles protested.
"hey!" sonic yelled
"mr. presidant." everyone says
"what is going on here!"
"knuckles wants to Abbrechen Clubs for another Tag of cleaning up the hallway but shadow says no because some important games are coming up and the teams need to practice." tails reported.
"if your so worried about it Du clean it up." shadow said
"no Du clean it up to save your prasouse teams." knuckles backtalked.
"if Du ask me I say we should make that little runt pick it all up, I mean have Du seen his hair. what a freak" sagte amy.
"yay he's probably an alien oder something" rouge quoted
"those are the rumers going around. they're probably true too, right sonic." after shadow made his joke he turned to sonic for backup, but instead he saw he was in rage. "s-sonic?......what's wrong?" sonic looked angry but then heard someone running and turned around to see it was silver. the he turned back madder then before and had feuer in his eyes. "so Du guys think that's funny do ya?" his body bursted with flames "well I've got a joke for you..................that freaks name is silver! and I was bringing him here to feel welcomed and safe, sicher because he's been through a lot!...but instead hes feeling like damn piece of shit and ran away crying!........ now I have to go get him and Du better have a damn good apoligie!!!" he turn away "now I hope I've made Du laugh." then he runs off. silver is still running and crying then he bumps into someone and falls backwwords. he looks up and sees scourge once again. " Hey your that little runt." he picks him up Von the collor. "thanks to Du I can't play in the final game, so now your gonna pay." he pulls a fist back to schlagen, punsch him."s-stop! put me down!"
sonic came out of no where and yelled "put him down scourge!"
"why should I?"
"because I sagte put me down!"
"what are Du gonna do?" that line repeated over and over in silvers head rembering the story he told sonic. his pupils shrunk small and his eyes turn turqost making the whole eye go away."I sagte PUT ME DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!!!" hearing silver scream sonic punched scourge in the face making scourge drop silver. sonic ran up to silver and tried to rub his back but silver swatted it away. then silver pulled his haube down and his eyes were still turqost. "silver?" sonic asked. silver stood up and lifted in the air and ripped a door off a locker and lantched it at scourge using his psychic powers. a tornado formed around silver and student coucil came out. "what's going on sonic!" tails screamed.
"silver is past his breaking point!"
"what the hell is that soupost to mean?!" knuckles shouted. silver saw student council and through a psychic messer at them but they all ducked down but it scrapped the floors. "Hey! stop that your destroing the school!" amy yelled. silver spin dashed through a wall. "stop your making it worse!" sonic said. silver comes out of a classroom with kid running and screaming. tails cuffed his hands around his mouth and yelled "look silver! we're sorry for making fun of you! so please stop!" silver just through a chair at them. "we're not getting through to him!"shadow said. the princeabl came out, "sonic! do Du think Du could get through to him!"
"me! but princable--!" sonic looks at silver and see tears running down his eyes. "I guess but Du have to promise one thing!"

Fuck you, schoolme1. At least fanfiction Schreiben was taken away from you. This isn't even the last paragraph. Dear lord what has happened to people and Yaoi fanfictions. I'm Schreiben a Sonic Yaoi fanfiction, and three of my very good Friends on here sagte it was really good. Fuck my life.

"don't punish silver!"
"what! do Du not see what he's doing!"
"look I'll explain later just promise!" a locker got thrown between them. "ok just do something!"
"yes sir!" sonic tries to walk to silver but the wind was to strong. "SILVER ITS ME! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! Du NEED TO STOP THIS!" silver through a trashcan at him. "SILVER STOP! THIS ISNT RIGHT AND Du KNOW IT!"
"they'll pay! they'll all pay!!"
"you don't want that silver!"
"yes I-I do!"
"THEN WHY ARE Du CRYING!.........WHY IS SUCH A CUTE FACE CRYING! ......................................SOMEONE AS CUTE AS Du SHOULDNT CRY!" silver eyes came back small but was sill turqost. "YOUR SILVER THE HEDGEHOG! YOUR SHY, NICE, AND SENSETIVE! ........SO STOP THIS BEFOR! ........BEFORE.........." sonic looked at him with cruel eyes, "before your not my friend anymore." silver was shocked then remebered something.
"silver Du can't make Friends if Du keep doing this."
"face it mom if I told anyone oder if they found out about my powers they wouldn't want to be my friend."
"maybe someone at this school will. like ummmmmmmm....oooh sonic!"
"yeah he's a clique."
"it means he want everyone to be his friend. as it turns out everyone at that school is his friend."
"no, as soon as I tell him about me he'll run of like everyone brother."
"I bet sonic will become Friends with you!"
" and if he does I swear........I'll be the best friend I can be!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" the tornado disappeared and a psychic ball formed around him, it got bigger and bigger and bigger till sonic started floating in the air. he looked at silver and how he was screaming in pain he knew what he has to so he sort of floated to silver. silver is screaming "aahhhhhhhhhh" and sonic pulled him close and hugged and kissed him on the forhead. silver stopped screaming and looked at sonic. "s-sonic?" sonic smiled
"its ok now. I'm your friend and no one can change my opinion."
"sonic." silver teared up."waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." the ball shrank until it disappered then they slowly came down. "its ok silver you've stop." sonic sagte calmly.
"shhhhhhhh. shhhhhh. its ok. its ok." silver barried his face in sonics chest and cried. Weiter thing they knew silver was once again sleeping in the nurses office but this time he was surrounded Von the whole student council and the princabl. "sonic what's going on?" sagte shadow.
"well its kind of hard to explain but maybe I should tell Du outside." while they were out a women came out. "sliver!" she saw him"SILVER!" she ran up to him "silver are Du ok." they came back in. "hey!" sonic yelled. he ran to silver push the women softly and sheilded silver. "back off lady. just who the hell do think Du are!"
"clean the dirt out of your ears lady.....DONT TOUCH HIM!" then sonic felt a hand tugging on his arm. he turn and silver sagte come here with his finger. silver whispered in his ear. " mastake....its just Du don't look like his mother."
"well of course not he's adoppted."
" what? he sagte nothing about being adoppted."
"he-he talked to you?"
"yay what of it?"
"might I ask who Du are?"
"I'm sonic, sonic the hedgehog."
"and what's your relationship with my son."
"they're dating of course." tails said. both sonic and silver got shocked.
" we are not dating we're just friend!"

Actually,Sonic, Du are dating Silver because so many people make Du one the gayest hedgehogs alive. I think I'm not going to continue my new fanfic because of this horror. Let us roll on until the end of this motherfucking bullshit.

"then why did Du KISS him on the forhead?" rouge asked.
"thats what my mom does to me when I'm crying." sonic anounced. silver once again tugged on sonics arm and sagte come here with his finger. and whispered into sonics ear. "he want all of Du to leave." sonic sagte to the student council and princable. "wait silver." amy sagte "we all wanted to apalogize for making fun of Du earlier.... and we were hoping.... maybe we could be friends." sonic put his ear to silvers mouth. "he says he would like that very much. they left so it was just silvers mom, silver, and sonic. "what's the matter silver?" asked sonic.
"so Du and silver are friends?" sagte the mom.
"ummm yeah."
"told Du silver. now will Du do your part?" silver looked at sonic and teared up. he pulled sonic in and hugged him yelling "soniiiiiiiiiiiiiiic!"
"what's wrong?"
"I don't wanna leave."
"you dont have to...I pulled some strings and Du can stay."
"of course dont let that cute face cry."
"sonic can I ask Du something in private?" asked the mom.
"actually he won't let go of my arm."
"ok I can tell Du both. ummm I thought we would have to Bewegen so I got a job in new york."
"so I signed a contract saying I can't quit for a year, so I was woundering if could stay with you?"
"ummmm I guess but my parent have to be ok with it."
"I'll call them just dial the number." sonic dials the number and gives it to the mother and she walks off. "sonic if I am able to stay with you.... will your parents like me?"
"are Du kidding they'll Liebe ya."
"how do Du know.......?"
"because they're my parents and if I like Du they will too."
silvers mom came back and sagte "they sagte any friend of sonics is a friend of ours." they both smiled. "well it looks like were gonna be closer than ever silver." sonic said
"I can't wait sonic"


I hate you,schoolme1. Du should have never touched fanfiction writing. This horseshit fanfiction is motivating me to quit Schreiben the 4th page of my Shadilver fanfiction.

Until Weiter time, beauties. My rage level has reached Maximum Fucking Rage.