A good porn fanfiction. Enough said, now look at the picture. :D
Yep, a good porn fanfiction, I sagte it. Need to hear (Or read it XD) Again?

1 Thing, this fanfiction, which Du can read here,


Is MEANT to be bad. It's one of those so bad it's funny fanfics and I actually laughed at it's horribleness quite a lot. This fanfiction is good because of that, and the Autor knows it's bad.

I know that pointing out you're problems doesn't fix it, but this guy knows how to make a good fanfiction.
And no, I am not a pervert at ALL. Don't believe me? Read my Toxic Fanfics Series. AND THIS SAYS EPISODE 2.

I won't Kommentar over it, because it IS pretty gross,

(And don't think I am getting lazy and don't want to Kommentar over fanfics anymore, because some fanfics Du just need to read for yourself.)

But just read it, it's hilarious. Very perverted and disturbing, but he WANTS it to be bad.

And of course, the guys grammar.....IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

So here we go, Latifah27's fanfiction, Du Want Lemon? Here we, no, Du go. :D

"Ok, I had sagte I don't do sex-scenes unless it involves rape oder molestation, but I really, really need to make a point here. And this is not to get anyone off. I didn't get aroused Von it, and I doubt anyone else will, though I really have my doubts now. Anyone Lesen this had better take your hands off their crotch and put away that vaseline. Right now."

(Ok, NOW here Du go. :D)

"One day, Sonic woke up and realized he had an erection. It was a big erection for such a little hedgehog, so he decided to make it go away. And there was only one way to do that. Yep. Du guessed it.

What, pray tell, would he do about that, Du may ask.

He masturbated, Du idiot!

Sonic whacked off for a few minutes, and nothing happened. So he decided to think about someone who made him horny. And pretty much everyone made Sonic horny.

So he thought about someone.



What? Did Du really think he would be thinking about his true Liebe Sally?


Sonic's gay! Everybody knows that!

So Sonic tossed-off some more, until, of course, he came. oder cummed. oder whichever way Du would prefer to spell it. This is a zitrone anyway, and not a good one.

He looked at the mess on the floor, and then realized he was still horny, and still had one helluvan erection.

Yep. Du were probably expecting that. After all, this is a Sonic-lemon. No room for good taste here.

Sonic started whacking-off again, thinking of Knuckles, and then making another mess on the floor. He thought about all his friends, who made him soooo damn horny, and whacked until his great big hedgehog-member was red and smoking.

He was knee-deep in hedgehog-sperm. And he was still horny. He had never been so horny in his life.

Then Tails walked in, and noticed the big sea of white substance. Then he looked at Sonic, who's penis was still about as big as his head...

Ok, dumbass, Du can stop laughing now. Yeah, it's a damn-funny pun, and I'm sure you're pissin' your pants laughing at how cleaver Du are to have gotten that pun.

Well I got news for you, pal. Everyone else has already gotten it. Go back to your broom-closet and finish what Du were doing before Du happened upon this fic. Du got way too much free time anyway.

Anyway, Tails saw Sonic's big penis, and he got horny. He got so horny that his twin penises started to come out of their sheaths.


Du didn't expect that? Don't Du know that Tails has two tails, so the laws of nature dictate that he would also have two members?

Yes. Dictate. Dick-tate. Penis-tate even.

Go get a job and a life, loser.

Tails' penises grew even bigger, and he decided to have sex with Sonic. He walked up to his friend, and sagte "Hey, Sonic, wanna bend over so I can fuck your ass?"

And Sonic sagte "Sure. Go right ahead"

He bent over, and Tails stuck both his penises inside. And it didn't hurt.

It didn't hurt, of course, because it's a fucking lemon!

In fact, it felt so good, Sonic came immediately on the floor several times. He began thinking about pounding on Knuckles' echidna-behind, especially since ol' hard-ass Knux won't let him.

Yeah. Hard-ass. I made another funny. Ha ha ha ha ha. Now let's get on with the damn story, OK???

Tails was very experienced for a fourteen-year-old. He had been having sex ever since the people who took him in found out he had penises. In fact, the people who adopted him would have sex with anything that had a penis, including Michelangelo's "David". Yep. They were very horny people.

And Sonic has been having sex ever since he was little. Tails gave him head when they were just kids, and then Sonic had sex with Sally.

Then Sally did it with with a woman when she was a kid. Sally's a lesbian now. And she's probably doing it with Bunnie, oder Amy. oder both.

Amy's a she-male. Yep. She's a she-male, a hermaphrodite, like most innocent girls in hentai. And she's got a big penis. So big, it's a wonder she can hide it under that starched rosa dress of her's.

Du may wonder how Bunnie can have sex. "But she's roboticized from the waist-down!" you're probably saying.

Don't Du know anything??? This is a lemon! This is a Sonic-lemon, folks! Bunnie-rabbot has a vagina under her metal-plating. oder whatever other names Du so like to call it. She has it.

And it's wide, and can fit several penises and toys at once.


Anyway, Sally walks into Sonic's hut, where the sperm is now waist-deep.

Damn. I wouldn't want to go in there. Don't wanna get pregnant with Sonic's baby, and have to explain to it that his daddy like guys and jerks-off several times a day. I don't wanna warp a kid's mind.

Besides, he would probably want to Mitmachen his daddy, since Sonic's only eighteen years old.

I think I just went hysterically blind now.

So Sally is watching Sonic and Tails doing it, and she gets horny. She gets so horny, that she touches herself. In both places. And moans, before releasing woman-juice where she's standing.

Sonic watches her doing that, and starts getting really horny.

What? What now? Don't Du know that Sonic's bisexual? This is a lemon, after all! And how would Sonic know what she's doing, since she's standing in a big pool of semen?

It's a lemon, Du dolt. Du don't have to make sense, oder have a point. It just has to be all sex, all the time.

Sonic is watching her, and his erection is getting bigger, and bigger. Almost as big as his whole body. Head and all.

Yes, his head, Du moron. The one with his face on it. Not the one that's growing bigger.

And Sally is so entranced Von his enormous hedgehog-meat, that she immediately walks up to him and Tails, and bends over, Wird angezeigt her butt, which is still bleeding from the three-way she had with Amy and Bunnie just a few Minuten ago.

Sonic, of course, enters her, and immediately climaxes. Several times. And Sally enjoys it.

She's having a Fantasy about being gang-banged Von a bunch of horny men like Sonic. Maybe she should take up a job as a phone-sex operator, since she would be better at that then ruling Knothole.

Amy walks in. Naked. With the biggest erection ever seen on a girl. It's about as big as Geoffrey St. John's ego.

Nope. Even bigger. She just saw them doing it.

Suddenly, there's a loud crash, and a big flash of light. Guess who it is?

*Jeopardy-theme plays*

It's Shadow, Du idiot. Shadow has survived, and now he wants to fuck Sonic's brains out.

In fact, he want's to fuck everyone's brains out, 'cause that's why most writers revive him, right? To write about him sucking Sonic off and getting it in the butt from Knuckles.

oder even doing it with Amy and her member. He likes she-males. And Maria.

He did her good before the GUN-bastards killed her. Got her pregnant too. Would've had a litter of baby hedgehogs that looked just like him.

Shadow walks into the hut, his body still smoking from the fall. Luckily, he's the ultimate life-form, and he heals faster than Sonic can come.

And he's not alone. Nope. Rouge and Knuckles are with him. And they want to have sex.

Of course they want to! Look at Rouge! She's a slut! She's almost naked, and claims to be a 'government-spy'. With jugs like those? FAT-CHANCE!!! All she want's to do is slut around with the men and women in the Sonic-verse.

She's already got Knuckles up her back-side. After she had been up his ass, stealing the Master-Emerald and all... And Shadow's next. Because it's obvious that the two would hook up, what with them both being villains.

And besides, doesn't everybody want to see Shadow and Rouge having sex? Isn't it better than doing it yourself and wasting the energy?

So Shadow, Rouge, and Knuckles start having a big three-way, like they did all the way here, before Shadow decides to have Sonic give him the intern-treatment.

And Shadow's the ultimate life-form, so he has the ultimate penis, and the ultimate erection. And don't forget that Sonic has been having wet-dreams about Shadow ever since they met, and fantasized about fucking his brains out and getting fucked Von Shadow.

What? Du didn't expect that? Come on! Don't Du know that in every good Sonic-lemon, it has to be totally plotless and just about sex? And it has to be between your Favorit characters, especially if the pairing is popular?

Where would we be without the sonadow? Without the sonuckles, the sails, the shails? What would we do without our daily dose of Slash and smutt??? Huh???

And then there's everyone's Favorit Sally-the-lesbian, with Bunnie as her bitch.

Yeah. Bunnie's walking in now, and she starts touching Sally and making her come and....

Awww shit! Why would Du want to see that? Why would Du want to see someone drinking another person's fluids? Du should really go get professional help. Now.

I think I'm gonna retch. This is just so sick, what Bunnie's doing. These lemon-writers really have to get a life.

And now Antoine and Rotor are coming in, with St. John oder skunk-butt, oder whatever Du like to call that scum-bag. And they have a three-way, taking turns pounding away at St. John, and he likes it. It's better than doing it with Sally, and they had gone through the whole Kama Sutra last night.

And they are coming. Yep. The instant they start doing it, they come. Because this is a lemon, of course.

Then, Robotnik runs in, and is followed Von his mother, yes, "Mama-Robotnik", who is naked, and wearing a...

Nope. I'm not gonna gross Du out anymore. Just the thought of Mama-Robotnik naked... and her son...

...and possibly Snively.

Yes. This is a lemon.

So anyway, the hut gets so full of sperm and girl-juice, that it explodes, but not before everybody drowns while going through the throes of ecstacy. Even Dulcy the dragon watches, gets hit Von the juices, and dies from a killer dragon-climax.

...and somewhere, some dude is sitting in the corner now, mentally composing another porn-fic involving sexual-antics from characters of all ages, while simultaneously drooling on his own over-sized man-meat.

His pants are un-zipped and he has no lubricant.


Gross, but it's meant to be, and it isn't demented.
This is how to make a gross porn fanfiction good, it's just so FUNNY!

This guy's sense of humor is actually really entertaining, and if Du can get over the porn, IT'S FREAKING HILARIOUS!

Seriously, I know I am going to get a bunch of weird looks for this, BUT IT'S SO FUNNY! I can't get over it!
Now the reason it's ADMIRABLE is because this is one of the best examples of a gross porn fanfiction done right.

And the guy even sagte in the beginning that it isn't for fapping and he doesn't seem to be a demonic pervert from hell, so yeah!

I KNOW that Du guys are probably thinking this is god awful, but I like it's comedy, CORRECT Grammar, and how much logic doesn't exist.
And again, it's MEANT to be bad! Not everything that's meant to be bad is good, but this sure is.

Not even lying, I LIKED this. Enough said. :D
Well that was embarrassing, so....SEE YA!
And Zufällig meme because WHY NOT? :D