Skins: The Aftermath

(Cook sat on his bett drinking a bottle of wodka looking all drunk while taking off his shoes and socks. Then stands up and takes his oben, nach oben off)
Cook: (lies on his bed) Freds why did Du have to go I need Du man?
(Cook begins to close his eyes as he doses off to sleep hearing Freddie’s voice)
Freddie: cook make sure Du look after eff (faint voice)
(While hearing Freddie’s voice cook jumps up out of bett looking around to see there’s no one there)
Cook: Freddie! Come back man
(Cook walks over to the bedroom door and peaks at the landing and walks slowly towards the stairs and shouts)
Cook: Freds where Du hiding man!
(Cook walks slowly down the stairs meanwhile a knock at the door)
Cook: (opens the door)
JJ: morning cook are Du okay mate Du look like you’ve seen a ghost?
Cook: (looks away almost a shocked face)
JJ: cook is there something you’re not telling me?
Cook: (walks over to the fridge and gets out another bottle of vodka)
JJ: cook what the fuck happened to this place looks like Du haven’t tidied in a month?
Cook: (sits down clinging onto the wodka bottle) I keep having these dreams.
JJ: (sits Weiter to cook) about what?
Cook: all I see is him.
JJ: who cook?
Cook: (takes a huge gulp of vodka) it just haunts me.
JJ: why can’t Du tell me?.... if Freddie was here then...
Cook: (jumps up and throws the bottle at the wall) well he’s not here and he never will be thanks to me!
JJ: (gets up in shock as he tries to calm cook down) cook listen....
Cook: forget it!
(Cook storms out of the house while grabbing his jacke meanwhile JJ following after him)
Cook: (carries on walking then stops and walks upto JJ)
JJ: (backs off slightly)
Cook: really Du think none of this is my fault! I had to watch and there was nothing I could do.
JJ: I think that wodka has got to your head mate!
Cook: (walks off again) Du will never understand what I had to do jay.
JJ: fine (shouts) I’ll come back when it’s a convenient time prefebly when you’re sober.
(cook continues to ignore JJ as he walks further down the straße he doesn’t care about anyone oder anything at this point just kicking cans around as he walks down an alleyway and just rests his head on the wall)
Cook: why.... why Freddie I Liebe Du man. Du have to come back (says punching the wall)
(Cook just stops punching the Wand as he feels his phone in his jacke pocket reaches for it and starts looking threw his pictures)
Cook: (smiles to himself as he sees a picture of Freddie) I’m gonna miss Du man (with a slight tear in his eye)
(Still flicking through pictures as he sees a picture of effy as he slides down the Wand crying)
Cook: (crying) didn’t even have the guts to tell her. (Talking to himself)
(Cook then gets up walking up and down the alleyway wiping away his tears. As he looks all angry walking into the nearest pub)
Bar Man: yes fella what can I get you?
Cook: (looks rough) vodka
Bar Man: yeah sure one sec.
(As the bar man turns to get the wodka cook looks around and see’s a young woman with red coloured hair looking back at him. Cook looks to the front as though he knows her)
Bar Man: (puts glass of wodka on the bar) that’s £3’s please.
Cook: where’s the bottle?
Bar Man: no son you’ve misunderstood Du asked for vodka.
Cook: no mate I asked for wodka and I mean a bottle so get it me now!
Bar Man: calm down pal oder I’ll have to call security.
Cook: fucking security (laughs) I’ve dealt with pricks like Du before Du ain’t nothing on me.
Bar Man: I’m definitely not serving Du now mate!
Cook: do I give a fuck? You’re all the same nothing ever goes my way and when it does someone always takes things away from me!
(Cook walks out of the bar meanwhile the red haired girl follows after him)
Cook: (lighting up a fag)
Katie: cook! ...
Cook: (takes a drag of his fag and looks around)
Katie: cook it’s me Katie Fitch!
Cook: (looks at Katie)
Katie: what’s happened to Du cook?
Cook: (goes to walk off) leave me alone man!
Katie: (walks in front of cook)
Cook: well Du know me Katie but the Frage is do I know myself anymore.
Katie: but your fucking cook remember.
Cook: there is only 2 people that heard me say that and it was effy & Freddie (looks away)
Katie: look Du have my number and so do the rest of the gang remember from college?
Cook: No! I don’t want to talk to them anymore it’s a fresh start.
Katie: your choice but the offers still there (walks away)
(Katie and cook go their separate ways)
(2 hours later)
(Cook’s sat on a bench which is surrounded Von open gras, grass looking around as he imagines Freddie sat Weiter to him)
Freddie: where’s my spliff? (Smiles)
Cook: (closes his eyes) you’re not really there freds.
Freddie: where the hell is your life going cook?
Cook: I can’t do anything without Du freds your my brother remember.
Freddie: cook Du have to be strong.
Cook: how?
Freddie: Du need to tell them I need effy to know.
Cook: no I can’t it’ll break her heart.
Cook: (puts head in hands) I really hate myself for this but whatever Du say Freds.
(Cook finds himself talking alone as he lifts up his head and no one is there and can only hear the birds. As his phone rings)
Cook: (stands up and takes the phone call) yep?
Karen: cook this is urgent I really need to see you.
Cook: yeah okay (cautious)
Karen: yeah and make it quick.
Cook: (starts to walk) okay
(Cook finds himself walking down the straße to Karen and Freddie’s house.)
Cook: (stands at the gate about to walk into the garden but just stops dead and takes a deep breath as he walks towards the door and knocks)
Karen: (doesn’t open the door but shouts) come in cook.
Cook: (opens the door slowly)
Karen: come through to the living room.
(Cook follows Karen into the living room)
Karen: Freddie still hasn’t returned Home after 2 years. I can’t help but think something must have happened that sister instinct Du know.
Cook: I dunno Karen but revenge is not the answer.
Karen: who sagte anything about revenge?
Cook: well I’m thinking if someone has done something to him you’d probably want to seek revenge and it’s a long strange road believe me.
Karen: how come Du don’t sound upset?
Cook: (stands up) what are Du saying Karen?
Karen: he was your best friend cook why don’t Du Zeigen any emotions
Cook: cos I’m cook (looks at her) I don’t Zeigen my feelings I just live life like it’s my last every day.
Karen: are Du sure Du don’t know anything?
Cook: look do Du not think I don’t punish myself every Sekunde of everyday knowing that he’s been missing cos I do.
Karen: (walking around the room then suddenly bursts into tears)
Cook: maybe I should go....
Karen: no wait cook (still crying) I’m not going to drop this. And I can’t rest till I know for certain what happened to him.
Cook: what Mehr can we do Karen?
Karen: (walks up to cook) don’t Du want the same?
Cook: yes but no I don’t want to seek revenge what good is it going to do (looks mad)
Karen: Du know ... I’m thinking Du know something cook and you’re not leaving till Du tell me exactly what Du know.
Cook: (looks serious but like he’s hiding something) I know nothing but don’t think for a Sekunde that I don’t want to know the truth because that’s the reason why I fight myself every day.
Karen: (sits down as cook explains) so where are the others?
Cook: I don’t want to talk about them (looks away)
Karen: cook they were your friends.
Cook: yeah but we went our separate ways didn’t we (sniffles)
Karen: well Du need to get in contact with them cook maybe they might have some information.
Cook: why should I after 2 years they might not recognise me oder probably deleted my number.
Karen: Du need to talk to them at least effy she was his girlfriend how can she just live her life not knowing where he is?
Cook: Karen! Just shut it a Minute I need to think!
Karen: (looks at cook shocked as she begins to get silent)
Cook: (pacing up and down) okay so Pandora went to universität along with Emily. Thomas went onto become an athlete. And I don’t remember what the rest did.
Karen: so does this mean you’ll get in contact?
Cook: I have to go Karen (walks out of the door)
Karen: (runs to the door) cook wait!
Cook: yeah see ya arand (walks out of the gate)
(Meanwhile Katie is knocking on a house door)
Emily: (opens the door)
Katie: hi Emily (smiles)
Emily: Katie I’m kind of busy right now maybe another time....
Katie: (just walks past Emily and goes into the house)
Emily: oy Katie do Du have any idea what busy actually means?
Katie: chill out ems I have something I need to talk to Du about.
(Naomi comes into the room after hearing Katie’s voice)
Emily: go on then what is it?
Katie: well.... (See’s Naomi) oh hi Naomi looking sexy today.
Naomi: yeah whatever stop with the lesbian digs and get on with it yes.
Katie: well it’s not really that important but earlier today when I was at the pub I saw someone (gets fidgety)
Emily: and?
Katie: (looks at Naomi & Emily) I saw cook.
Naomi: cook as in James cook?
Katie: yes the one and only but he looked Lost and mad not the hard man that he’s always been.
Naomi: (sits down) should we contact him?
Emily: look Naomi I get that he was a good friend of ours but we’ve all got our own lives now.
Katie: that’s what I was thinking then I decided to say that if he needs to he can contact us.
(Emily sits Weiter to Naomi on the sofa)
Emily: (looks at Katie) still no news on Freddie then?
Katie: (looks slightly upset) no it’s been 2 years.
Emily: Du must miss him.
Naomi: (looks away in a less sympathetically way)
Katie: (begins to cry) I loved him and all he wanted was effy.
Naomi: (looks at Katie) yes he loved effy so what.... what exactly were Du expecting Du sagte Du were fine with it.
Emily: Naomi! Stop it you’re making her cry. Why don’t Du make yourself useful and make us a cuppa oder something?
Naomi: yes sure darling you’re the boss (says sarcastically)
(Naomi gets up off the sofa and walks into the kitchen)
Katie: (wiping her tears) how come Du have a nice house?
Emily: I had to work for it remember.
Katie: (nods)
Emily: well both me and Naomi had to. I go to universität and she deals so there Du go.
Katie: my life was ruined from the Tag I couldn’t have children.
Emily: (hugs Katie) I know Katie that must be horrible it’s just Du might not think it now but when Du really Liebe someone Du want to be with them for the rest of your life. You’ll find someone.
Katie: wait aren’t Du supposed to be at uni?
Emily: yeah but I’m allowed a few days off I took them to spend time with Naomi.
Katie: I was wondering if I could stay with Du for a few days it’s just mum and dad are driving me mental and with James there too he still pervs on me Du know.
Emily: I’m not quite sure about tha......
(Naomi comes walking in with the coffee’s interrupting Emily’s answer)
Naomi: (passes Emily a coffee) here Du go my ladyship.
Emily: Naomi I have something to ask.
Naomi: what is it Emily?
Emily: Du see Katie has nowhere to go and I was wondering if she could possibly stay here for a while.
Naomi: (takes a sip of her coffee) are Du serious ems?
Katie: its okay Emily she’s never liked me I had a feeling she’d object.
Emily: come on Nioms she’s my sister.
Naomi: how could I forget Katie fucking Fitch (gives Katie a dirty look)
Emily: (looks at Katie) the answer is no then. Whatever Naomi decides I go with.
Katie: fine then (gets up) I always knew she’s be first choice how pathetic.
Emily: Du should know Katie that’s how a relationship works!
Katie: whatever Emily! (Slams the door behind her)
Naomi: (looks at Emily) she’s always been stroppy hasn’t she?
Emily: yes (begins to laugh)
(Naomi and Emily begin to giggle at what’s just happened)
Naomi: here’s to the future (puts cup up)
Emily: to the future (bangs cup to Naomi’s cup)
(The Weiter morning at Angela’s house a knock at the door)
Angela: hang on I’m coming (opens the door)
Pandora: hello mum can I come in?
Angela: yes of course panda. How come you’re back so early?
Pandora: well I mainly wanted to see Du and also I came back Home cos I wanted to see how effy is getting on.
Angela: how is effy anyway? Not heard anything.
Pandora: (takes her mantel off) well I heard she’s loads better now but I’m not sure if she’s still living with anfea oder not.
Angela: panda! (Walks into the kitchen)
Pandora: yes mum?
Angela: (stood in the door way with a tray) would Du like one of my brownies?
Pandora: no thanks mum do Du mind if I just go to my room?
Angela: yeah sure panda. (Walks back into the küche singing)
(Pandora walks upstairs into her bedroom and closes the door behind her and lies down on her bett holding her phone)
Pandora: (sits up and uses her phone to text which reads.... hi tomo I’m so missing you)
(9.00 In the morning an alarm goes off)
Effy: (wakes up and switches off the alarm) oh shit is that the time.
(Effy gets out of bett puts her clothes on and opens the curtains then goes out of her room and goes downstairs)
Effy: (picks up her fags and begins to light it as the doorbell rings)
Dr Specialist: (rings the door bell)
Effy: (opens the door) hello
Dr Specialist: morning effy I’m just visiting to see how your getting on with things anything in particular Du want to ask?
Effy: nothing in particular but there has been one thing bothering me.
Dr Specialist: anything I can help with?
Effy: probably not.
Dr Specialist: effy remember I’m here to help and Du did say there is something bothering you.
Effy: well my boyfriend has been missing for 2 years now and he’s not came back since.
Dr Specialist: and?
Effy: and Du don’t think it’s suspicious that I’ve only just recovered from a mental breakdown and he’s not here?
Dr Specialist: and have Du ever thought that this boyfriend of yours ever existed in the first place?
Effy: what are Du saying?
Dr Specialist: I’m saying could it be possible that Du were imagining him the whole time?
Effy: well no that’s not possible I had Friends that knew him his name was Freddie.... Freddie mclair.
Dr Specialist: and can I just ask who your dr specialist was when Du were in the mental home?
Effy: I can’t remember exactly what his name was don’t forget I was hyped up on all these stupid drugs I can’t remember.
Dr Specialist: look effy me and my team are here to help so if Du need anything at all we are all here.
Effy: yes well I’m better now it was 2 years Vor and I think Du should leave now.
Dr Specialist: whatever Du want effy remember Du have our number.
Effy: yes I’m aware of that.
(Effy closes the door after the specialist leaves as she rests her back on the door and sighs)
Effy: where the hell are Du Freddie?
(Effy goes to her cupboard and gets out a glass and pours some wine into the glass begins to drink it as she sees her phone lying on the table)
Effy: (picks up her phone and dials a number)
(The lights are off and cook is asleep tossing and turning and is woken up Von a phone ringing)
Cook: (gets out of bett holding his head from being hung over) what the fuck!
(Gets a plastic bag out from under the bett along with a phone which is a Motorola razor and presses answer)
(Effy is surprised to hear that someone has answered)
Effy: hello Freddie?
Cook: effy.
Effy: Hey I know that voice
Cook: yes it’s me effy ... its cook
Effy: cook where the hell is Freddie?
Cook: I can’t explain over the phone.
Effy: cook do Du know something?
Cook: (pauses)
Effy: cook Du still there?
Cook: yea.
Effy: where are Du I’ll meet up with you?
Cook: I’m sorry I can’t.
(Meanwhile effy is talking the words are not sinking in as cook feels Freddie sat Weiter to him)
Freddie: cook Du need to tell her
Cook: (doesn’t say anything to Freddie but just nods with a tear in his eye)
Effy: cook.... cook where shall I meet you?
Cook: (looks back behind him as Freddie is not there again) meet me at the shed and could Du get in contact with the rest of the gang I haven’t been completely honest with Du lot and it’s been haunting me ever since.
Effy: yea I’ll try my best to get in contact with them it sounds important
Cook: because it’s Du eff Du deserve to know the truth. (Puts phone down and hangs up)
(Meanwhile back at effy’s house she gets her mantel and goes out of the door as she locks it behind her)
Effy: (calls for a cab) hi I would like to hire a cab please?
Cab Officer: yeah where Du at?
Effy: I’m on Station straße outside my house Du can’t miss me a woman wearing a black long coat.
Cab Officer: yeah I’ll send someone there right away.
Effy: thanks (puts phone in her pocket and begins to walk out of the gate when she bumps into Pandora)
Pandora: sorry I didn’t mean to ... effy is that you?
Effy: yeah
Pandora: blimy eff you’re looking better.
Effy: Thank Du Pandora I can’t get over how nice looking you’ve turned out.
Pandora: thanks eff. Where Du heading?
Effy: cook wants to see me at the shed.
Pandora: no way I thought Du two were finished?
Effy: no I mean he wanted to tell me something important. (Looks at Pandora) infact all of us panda.
Pandora: so does this mean I need to come eff?
Effy: yes it seems pretty important there’s a cab on its way.
Pandora: I still haven’t heard anything from Thomas.
Effy: (lights up a fag) oh?
Pandora: yeah I’m hoping he’ll come back he went to a college to become an athlete.
Effy: yeah I remember that last party for Freddie’s birthday. Fancy a smoke of this? (Offers a fag to Pandora)
Pandora: no thanks.
Effy: still don’t smoke then?
Pandora: I have a spliff now and again but Du know what my mum’s like she still doesn’t know about Thomas.
Effy: yeah I know her pretty well how could I forget.
(Effy throws her fag on the floor and stands on it as the taxi cab arrives meanwhile she gets in with Pandora as the cab drives off)
(Back in cook’s house he’s tidying up then grabs his mantel and leaves the house)
Cook: (gets phone out of his pocket) pick up JJ.
JJ: (answers phone) Du sober now cook?
Cook: look eichelhäher, jay I don’t have time for this Du want the truth get down to the shed Du know our old hide out place me Du and Freddie used to go to. the three musketeers remember.
JJ: yeah I guess so.
Cook: good I’ve got alot of explaining to do so I haven’t been entirely honest with Du guys but now’s my chance to put things right.
JJ: fine I’ll meet Du then we’ll go.
Cook: right well I’m on my straße just turning the corner get down here soon as.
JJ: okay I’ll be there cook.
Cook: good man always knew I could rely on Du JJ.
(Cook walks down the straße as he hangs up after calling JJ then dials another number)
Cook: come on Katie pick up. (Crossing the road while on the phone)
Katie: (looks at her phone which says cook calling she then Antwort it) what is it cook I’m kind of in the club partying at the moment?
Cook: yes I know your clubbing I can hear the fucking Musik (puts finger in other ear) listen Du got 5 mins?
Katie: what can’t hear you!
Cook: is there any chance Du could get down to the old shed for me darling?
Katie: (goes outside of the club) what for?
Cook: I’ve got something important to tell but I can’t hold it in forever. And Du all deserve to know the truth so when Du get time could Du let Naomi and Emily know that they are needed at the shed?
Katie: Well I and Emily are not on speaking terms at the moment so...
Cook: oh Katie. Life’s too short to be holding stupid grudges at the end of the Tag she’s your sister and whatever she’s done I’m sure it can be fixed.
Katie: I guess your right cook but she’s a bitch.
Cook: (smiles to himself) yeah maybe so.... so Du fucking go over to where she lives and be the first to apologize cos life’s too short I’m telling yuh.
Katie: okay I will (nearly in tears)
Cook: now Du gotta promise me Katie that Du will tell her and make it to the shed yeah?
Katie: (sniffs) I promise.
Cook: there’s a good lass anyway me and JJ will meet Du there he’s on his way now seya love.
Katie: bye (puts phone away and walks off)
(Meanwhile JJ walks up to cook)
Cook: Du ready jay?
JJ: yeah (begins to walk with cook)
(1 Stunde later)
(The cab arrives outside Freddie’s house as Pandora and effy exit the cab as Karen comes out of her house)
Karen: effy... is that you?
Effy: (walks up to Karen) hello Karen how Du keeping?
Karen: I’m coping Du know Tag Von day. Any particular reason why your here?
Pandora: yeah cook wanted all of us to meet him at the shed.
Karen: (looks at Pandora) any idea why?
Effy: he sagte something about some kind of big news that’s been haunting him for a long time and also something he hasn’t told us lots about.
Karen: (looks like she’s thinking)
Pandora: yeah and we also think Karen that Du should listen as well I mean we don’t know for certain what it’s going to be about.
Karen: okay then I’ll just go and get the key to the shed. (Looks down touching her hands) no one has been in there since the last party that Du guys had for Freddie’s birthday.
(Pandora and effy look at each other as Karen goes to get the keys)
Pandora: I don’t know about Du eff but if feels so weird for us to be back here.
Effy: I agree panda I just want to get the hell out of here to be honest.
(Karen comes back out and unlocks the shed door with the key)
Karen: here Du go Du two go in first.
Effy: (takes a deep breath as she walks in)
Pandora: (walks in after effy looking around) wow this looks exactly like it did before we left.
Karen: yeah like I sagte haven’t been in here since. (Closes the shed door behind her)
(Meanwhile Katie is walking down the straße all drunk as she approaches a garden gate which is Naomi & Emily’s place)
Katie: (knocks twice) oy let me in!
Naomi: (opens the door) Katie do Du mind Emily’s gone to sleep cos she has a headache and there Du are shouting.
Katie: look I’m sorry okay.
Naomi: (steps outside and closes the door slightly) what do Du want Katie?
Katie: I’ve had a phone call from cook he wants to see us.
Naomi: Du know what I think you’re too drunk to know what you’re saying.
Katie: why are Du always like this with me? Du may not like me Naomi but you’re in a relationship with my sister and if Du ever break her herz I swear I’ll....
Naomi: you’ll what exactly Katie?
Katie: I’m Katie fucking Fitch!
Naomi: (laughs) how many times have I heard that and for the record FITCH! I would never do anything that would ever upset Emily right.
Katie: well Du already cheated on her with a dead girl.
Naomi: not this again. It’s in the past just let it go Katie!
Katie: how can I when my sister is not safe, sicher with you!
Naomi: Du know that’s not true. Du know it’s no wonder Du don’t have anyone Katie if this is how Du treat people.
(Emily can hear all the shouting so she comes to the door)
Emily: what’s all this?
Naomi: I told her ems that Du were trying to sleep but she wouldn’t listen.
Katie: Emily cook wants to see us.
Emily: what now ... what about?
Katie: well what I was going to say before Blondie here came to the door was we need to go.
Emily: (walks up to Katie) wait a Minute are Du drunk Katie?
Katie: not really.
Naomi: yeah she’s totally bladdered.
Katie: no I’m not. Du know Emily if she wasn’t your girlfriend I would of knocked her out long before now.
Emily: so is that all you’ve came around here to tell me is it about cook?
Katie: well no I also came to apologize.
Emily: well yes we’ll be there won’t we Naomi?
Naomi: (nods) uh hu.
(Katie doesn’t say a word as she goes to walk out of the gate)
Emily: oh Katie and just for the record I would always choose Naomi over anyone oder anything just thought Du should know!
Naomi: (smiles and kisses Emily)
(Emily and Naomi go back inside the house as Katie finds herself walking down the street)
(Meanwhile back at the shed cook and JJ arrive outside)
JJ: cook are Du sure Du wanna do this?
Cook: (looks down then up at JJ) yeah I’m sure.
JJ: cook wait whatever Du need to tell us I’m sure we’ll all take it the right way and no harm is done yeah.
Cook: (nods as he opens the shed door)
(Cook and JJ walk in as Naomi ‘Emily ‘Effy ‘Pandora and Katie are all sat in the shed waiting and all eyes are on cook as he walks in)
Effy: (gets up and hugs cook) cook am I glad to see you.
Cook: (hugs effy) it’s great to see all of Du too. (Looks and nods at Naomi and Emily then smiles at Katie)
Karen: so cook what is it that’s so important that Du had to drag us all here?
(Effy stops hugging cook and sits down as JJ follows sitting Weiter to her)
Cook: (looks at Karen) okay so I wasn’t completely honest with Du all.
Pandora: I don’t get it about what cook?
Cook: (takes a sitz as he puts his head down) I mean that night at Freddie’s birthday party after I left here.
Naomi: this must be hard for Du cook but tell us please your starting to worry me (says as she grabs Emily’s hand)
Cook: well I saw someat didn’t I.
Effy: go on?
Cook: that night after I left here the party was still going on so I decided to leave but when I was outside I saw this shadow. So curiosity made me follow it and it lead me to the mental place where effy was. So I climbed in through the window and had a loot around and when I was looking I found.... (Puts hand over face starts to cry)
Katie: (looking around at everyone) cook I understand this may be hard for Du but what did Du see?
Pandora: Katie could Du give him a Minute he’s obviously upset.
Cook: (lifts head up) no Katie’s right Du need to know the truth.... So I found a plastic bag and inside was Freddie’s clothes.
Karen: (looks at effy) so where was Freddie?
Cook: that’s the thing this guy caught me and threatened me with a baseball bat and he happened to mention that he hit Freddie over the head and killed him while he was visiting effy.
Effy: who was the guy... what was his name?
Cook: (looks upset as he looks at effy) it was the guy who was brainwashing Du eff he sagte he wanted to have Du all to himself and he also tried to kill me to get me out of the way but I told him that he’s never gonna get Du on his side cos Freddie is the only man your ever gonna love.
Katie: (gets up) Jesus (nearly crying) so he was killed?
Cook: (nods with tears strolling down his face)
Effy: (crying heavily) so what did Du do how did Du get away from this guy?
Cook: (wipes tears and looks all serious) I punched him and punched him and didn’t stop until he wasn’t breathing then I was still kicking him and laying into him I couldn’t stop all I kept thinking was .... Du killed my best mate. Then I ran as fast as I could and never looked back but I have nightmares and I see Freddie’s ghost.
(Everyone are in tears as cook gets up and is walking up and down)
Emily: so where does this go from here?
Cook: there’s nothing we can do but as much as I beat myself up about Freddie and that crazy son of a hündin at least now I can finally get on with my life and I hope Du lot will.
Pandora: but cookie how will Du be able to....
Cook: look Pandora don’t call me that okay I’m not that person anymore I stopped being me when I witnessed knowing that my best mate Freddie had gone!
Effy: (gets up and walks over to cook as she puts her hands on his face) cook listen to me it will get easy Du know.
Cook: (tries to turn away but can’t resist the touch of effy’s presence) I can’t eff.
Effy: yes Du can.
Cook: no I can’t. (Shakes his head)
Effy: cook Du can and Du will I loved him and I always will and if I can surely Du can and do Du know why?
Cook: (doesn’t respond)
Effy: cos your cook. (Smiles)
Emily: effy’s right. Freddie was all of our friend and we’ll never forget him but I know one thing for sure. He wouldn’t want us all to cry and be upset.
Effy: (kisses cook on the lips) this is for old time’s sake.
Cook: (is shocked Von this KISS but kisses effy back) so.... fresh start right guys?
Effy: yeah. (Smiles) Du know that’s what I’ve always admired about Du cook. So brave.
Cook: (smiles)
Katie: (looks at cook and effy and smiles then shouts Emily over) Emily I just want to apologize for everything and want to wish Du all the best at uni okay make sure Du smile though (smirks)
Emily: (holding Naomi’s hand) thanks Katie and just remember one thing.
Katie: yeah?
Emily: I’m not Du (smiles)
Katie: I know. (Looks at Naomi) look after her okay Naomi.
Naomi: Du don’t have to tell me twice I Liebe her. (Smiles)
Emily: Katie! ... Where Du gonna go?
Katie: I’ve always wanted to go travelling I guess it’s better than been a useless waster. Hopefully I’ll have a Home like yours.
Emily: (looks at Naomi) yeah only one problem with that one.
Katie: (looks surprised)
Emily: I’m going back to uni and Naomi won’t be able to afford the rent so we’ll have to Bewegen out.
Katie: I’m sorry to hear that Emily good luck with the future anyway.
Naomi: oh and Katie!
Katie: yes Naomi?
Naomi: try not to hook up with another footballer this time. That Danny was repulsive.
Katie: (laughs) how can Du judge you’re into women?
Naomi: not just women and only this one in particular (looks at Emily)
Katie: (smiles and waves)
Effy: (walks over to Naomi & Emily) so if Emily is going to uni how about me and Du get a place?
Emily: oh effy that’s so nice but she can be abit too much to put up with at times.
Naomi: (taps Emily) Oy I’m not that bad. (Looks at Effy and smiles) thanks effy that means so much.
Effy: but there are gonna be rules yes.
Emily: (hugs Naomi) god I’m gonna miss you.
Naomi: (hugs Emily) don’t forget to come and visit yeah.
Emily: yeah I will to see effy as well (smiles at effy)
JJ: (walks up to cook) I’m thinking I might consider going on to work on my magic Du know.
Cook: that’s cool JJ Du were always good at that shit.
JJ: thanks cook (looks down) I also think it’s what Freddie would of wanted to see me do.
Cook: yes stay out of the drug industry eichelhäher, jay it’s only what guys like me do. I hope I’ll see Du again JJ.
JJ: for some reason I think this could be the end of us Du know. A fresh start.
Cook: yeah (looks around at everyone)
(Effy walks upto Pandora as she is daydreaming)
Effy: what’s up panda?
Pandora: nothing it’s just I’ll be going back to uni soon and haven’t seen Thomas for 2 years.
Effy: panda believe me sometimes Du just have to let go while Du can maybe fate has done Du a favour. Du never know Du might see him on the telly as an athlete.
Pandora: Du think so eff?
Effy: I know so.. Anyway panda I’m gonna miss Du (hugs Pandora)
Pandora: (hugs effy) me too you’re like the bestest friend I’ve ever had.
Cook: (shouts) okay cos this maybe our last ever reunion I’d like to raise a toast.
JJ: (gets out glasses and pours out wine)
Cook: (raises glass) to the best mate we’ve ever had Freddie Mclair will never be forgotten. (Looks up) where ever Du are Freds always look out for me.
Everyone: (repeats) to the best mate we’ve ever had Freddie Mclair will never be forgotten!
Effy: and also raise our glasses to our futures!
Everyone: (raises their glasses) to our future!
Karen: (looks at cook and mimes) thank you.
Cook: (winks at Karen)
The End Credits

James Cook
Jack O Connell
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Katie Fitch
Megan Prescott
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Angela Moon
Sally Phillips
Emily Fitch
Kathryn Prescott
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Effy Stonem
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