Bonnie and Damon were in the living room of the Boarding House. Bonnie was placing white candles in a triangle. As she lit each of them she mumbled Latin words. When she was done, she blew out the match and looked at Damon.
“So, here’s what we’re going to do” Bonnie said. “You have to step into the dreieck and sit down”
“And what are Du going to do?” Damon asked, quite insecure.
“I’m going to stay outside the triangle” Bonnie answered. “I will put Du under some sort of hypnosis. I will be with Du in your subconscious”
“Very reassuring” Damon sagte sarcastic.
“Now listen carefully” Bonnie said. “Because what we’re about to do is pretty dangerous. I’ve never done this before and gegeben the fact my magical battery is very low, it could go wrong”
“You mean Du don’t know if Du can bring me back?” Damon asked.
“You still want to do it?” Bonnie asked.
Damon sighed deeply. “I’ll take comfort in the fact that Katherine will eat Du alive if I end up dead oder forever stuck in my subconscious”
“Well, there Du go then” Bonnie sagte and Damon walked inside the triangle. He sat down in Indian style and Bonnie did the same outside the triangle. She took his hands. “Close your eyes”
Damon closed his eyes hesitantly and so did Bonnie. As she mumbled Damon felt cold wind blow and a familiar smell penetrated his nose. His wrists hurt terribly and he felt something streaming down his arms.
“Open your eyes” Bonnie whispered.
Damon opened his eyes and though it was pitch dark, he knew exactly where he was.
He was back in his cage.