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Zoey opened her front door. She had to pick up some stuff she had left behind. Now that the divorce was completed she didn’t have to come here anymore. Except this one time.
“Gerard? Are Du home?” she called.
Gerard didn’t answer. Maybe he was sleeping. Zoey walked upstairs when she heard a crack. Apparently Gerard wasn’t sleeping.
“I’ll be as quick as possible. I’m out before Du know it” Zoey promised, even though Gerard didn’t come out. She walked into the spare room, where Gerard had stored her stuff in one box. She picked up the box and walked out of the room. She walked passed her bedroom and caught a glimpse of Gerard’ body. She dropped the box and pushed the door open.
Gerard was hanging on the chandelier, a rope tightly around his neck.
Zoey gasped and covered her mouth while tears rolled over her face. She ran towards him and tried to lift him up, but he was too heavy. She grabbed a chair and let Gerard’s feet rest on it, after some effort. Then she took her phone and dialed 911.
While she waited for help she ran downstairs to get a knife. She ran back to the bedroom and climbed on another chair. She cut the rope and after what felt like hours the rope broke and Gerard’s body fell in her arms. She lay the body on the ground and she started giving him CPR.
“Come on, breathe. Don’t Du dare die on me! Du hear me?” Zoey cried.
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Is this ridiculous oder what? And will Du help?

( This is mostly for people who go on and have heard of the site called My friend asked me to do this )

*This is not spam nor a joke

IMPORTANT: Fan-fiction is deleting
stories than contain yaoi, yuri, lemons, violence, stories based on songs, and any story on the site. My friend is organizing a Black Out Day. On June 23rd(according to GTM timing, so that we know we're doing it together), do NOT go onto fan-fiction. Don't read, don't review don't message your friends, don't update. If
enough people participate, then the site will...
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Alaric was in the küche solving crosswords when Jeremy walked to the cupboard and took a glass. He leaned over Alaric’s shoulder. “Cheese” he pointed at the page. Alaric filled in the word. And then closed the book. “I’m done” he said, stretching his arms. “I’m going to bed” he looked at Jeremy. “And Du better not stay up too late, either. Has anyone told Du how wrecked Du look?” Jeremy nodded. “I know. But I have a good feeling that will change soon enough” For a moment Alaric wanted to ask what he meant Von that, but then decided he was too tired. He sagte goodnight...
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“Before I kill Du there are a few things Du have to know” Bonnie rolled him on his back with her feet. “You’re evil. You’re a worthless, useless waste of space. You’re not even worth spitting on. You’re a monster. You’re a sinner and for your sins Du have to make amends”
She walked around him pouring water over him and Damon knew what was to come. But this time he did not have the strength nor the courage to try and prevent it.
Bonnie looked at Damon and set him on fire. The flames started at his feet and searched their way to his chest. Damon rolled over the floor, but instead...
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Elena looked around and learned she was in Damon’s bedroom. She looked at her hands. They were covered in blood. That way she knew she didn’t just have a dream, she knew it meant something. Damon needed her.
She heard her phone ring and saw Alaric was calling her. Remembering what Stefan had sagte she picked up. Giving him no chance to say anything she said: “Damon’s not with you, is he?”
A little confused Alaric replied: “No, but Elena...something happened with Jeremy”
Fear came over Elena. No, not Jeremy too.
“Damon stabbed him, but it was really Emily. At least that’s what Jeremy...
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The door in the living room went open and Kelsey entered the house. She had wished her parents were gone to bed, but even her 13 Jahr old sister was still awake.
“You’re Home early” Amber noted, looking at the clock. “It’s not even midnight yet”
“What’s on your head?” Gabe pointed at Kelsey’s head. Kelsey, who had forgotten there was blood on it, tried to wipe her head. “Oww” she groaned.
“What is it?” Gabe repeated. Kelsey shot a glance at her sister and Rachel understood what she was trying to say. “Amber, go to your room. It’s bedtime”
It was as if Rachel...
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A trailer for THE Faberry FanFiction, Should Have Asked for Directions Von dylanhart. "A lifelong story about what it's like to know at fifteen who your herz belongs to and what lengths a girl will go to in order to keep it there forever."
quinn fabray
rachel berry
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Cas was cleaning up the mess the guests had left behind when he saw Daphne’s reflection in the mirror. He looked down and put the glasses in the sink.
“Emmanuel” Daphne sagte soft. Cas didn’t respond. “Emmanuel, look at me” Cas reluctantly turned around, but still didn’t look at her.
Daphne cupped his face, forcing him to look up. “Emmanuel, honey, I am so sorry for yelling at you. Please believe me”
The look in his eyes made her step back. “You’re not afraid of me, are you?” she asked slowly. Cas didn’t answer that question.
“You should consider your actions before...
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If looks could kill Bonnie would’ve been dead right now. She, Elena and Caroline had just finished lunch and they were now walking through the shopping street. Elena had been shooting dirty glances at Bonnie all day, but Caroline was too busy talking to notice. oder so they thought.
“You have to keep your eyes on the Zeigen windows, not on Bonnie” Caroline sagte a little annoyed. “You’re not wearing her tonight, Elena”
Elena shrugged and jerked her eyes from Bonnie. The Weiter moment she let out a shriek. Caroline and Bonnie jumped up and looked at Elena, who was pointing at a dress in...
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Damon lay on his bed, his eyes closed. He hadn’t woken up since Bonnies attack. Elena sat on the bed, tears rolling over her face. She didn’t understand any of this. Why was Stefan so mean to her? Why did someone do this to Damon? And why did she have all these different emotions? She knew she was seventeen, but she didn’t feel like that. She felt like a little kid. She wanted to be cuddled and cherished. She lay down and snuggled against Damon’s cold body. She weaved her fingers in his and lay her head on his chest. She felt him moving and looked up. He was awake.
“No, Du need to...
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Stefan’s eyes glided from Elena’s oben, nach oben to her naked legs. “You really had nothing else to wear?” he asked doubtful. Elena frowned her eyebrows and pouted. “What’s wrong with this?” she asked, looking at her clothes.
“Nothing” Stefan waved his hand. “It’s fine. Du look great, Elena”
“Are Du angry with me?” Elena asked careful.
“No, I’m not angry” Stefan sagte annoyed.
“Yes, Du are” Elena sagte upset. She crossed her arms and pressed the door bell, refusing to look at Stefan.
Stefan walked Weiter to her. “Elena, come on, don’t… be like this, okay? Look,...
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“So, what’s the plan?” Katherine’s voice came out of Damon’s bedroom. Damon and Elena were outside, leaning against the Wand opposite of the door. “The plan is to lock Du in here for all eternity” Damon replied. “You’ve always had a great sense of humor, Damon” Katherine sarcastically said. “Come on” Damon sagte to Elena. He walked downstairs, Elena behind him. “Damon, what is the plan?” Elena asked. Damon opened the door and let Elena go first as he answered. “We’re going to your place” he said. Elena blinked. “Why? How is going to my house solving Katherine’s...
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trailer for chapter 5 of my TVD story The Host :)
Vampire Diaries
the host
Fan fiction
chapter 5 the reunion
may 17 2012
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Attack of the Mary Sue from Kingdom Hearts 2 performed at A-Kon 2008 / Akon 19. (Really cute, though I'm not familiar with the fandom.) :)
mary sue
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