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Zoey opened her front door. She had to pick up some stuff she had left behind. Now that the divorce was completed she didn’t have to come here anymore. Except this one time.
“Gerard? Are Du home?” she called.
Gerard didn’t answer. Maybe he was sleeping. Zoey walked upstairs when she heard a crack. Apparently Gerard wasn’t sleeping.
“I’ll be as quick as possible. I’m out before Du know it” Zoey promised, even though Gerard didn’t come out. She walked into the spare room, where Gerard had stored her stuff in one box. She picked up the box and walked out of the room. She walked passed her bedroom and caught a glimpse of Gerard’ body. She dropped the box and pushed the door open.
Gerard was hanging on the chandelier, a rope tightly around his neck.
Zoey gasped and covered her mouth while tears rolled over her face. She ran towards him and tried to lift him up, but he was too heavy. She grabbed a chair and let Gerard’s feet rest on it, after some effort. Then she took her phone and dialed 911.
While she waited for help she ran downstairs to get a knife. She ran back to the bedroom and climbed on another chair. She cut the rope and after what felt like hours the rope broke and Gerard’s body fell in her arms. She lay the body on the ground and she started giving him CPR.
“Come on, breathe. Don’t Du dare die on me! Du hear me?” Zoey cried.
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A Suite Life of Zack and Cody fanfic. Lol!
suite life
Jeremy and Jenna were now somewhere unfamiliar. It was cold and dark and musty. They were standing in front of a cage, Weiter to Bonnie, who looked furious. Apparently Damon had done something Bonnie had not allowed him to do.
“You have been a very bad boy, Damon, disobeying me like that” “I’m sorry” he mumbled, though he didn’t mean a word of it. “Shut up” Bonnie commanded. “I believe bad boys should be punished” she finished with an extremely evil smile on her face. Damon swallowed, fearing whatever was coming. But Bonnie just sat there. She wasn’t mumbling anything, she...
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The fanfiction lingo (I do not own any of these words. Plus, i did not feel like getting them all, as some are unimportant, so Du can go Suchen it up yourself if Du feel that this is an unfinished list):

Fandom: The whole thing that Du are a Fan of.

O.C.: Original Character (one that Du make up to Mitmachen in with other characters in your fanfics).

O.O.C.: Out Of Character.

I.C.: In Character.

Crackfics: Zufällig ridiculous stories.

Squee: Really entertaining/funny stories.

Woobie: A woobie is a character that elicits the sympathy of the reader, often because the character has experienced excessive...
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It's about my story where bella is Stefan and Damon Salvatore's sister
The story is in French! Expand your knowledge, and have an open mind. One who knows one, knows nothing at all. Full story here: link
Dean was still in his room, like a moping teenager. Sam closed his laptop and came sitting Weiter to Jo. Ellen was making lunch.
“It’s a long story” Sam said, before Jo had sagte anything.
“Well, then Du shouldn’t bother telling me” Jo replied.
“It’s complicated” Sam said.
“I can handle complicated” Jo said. “What I can’t handle is being used without knowing why”
“A lot has happened, after Du and Ellen died” Sam started. “We managed to stop the Apocalypse and Cas gained Mehr power. He became the leader of the other Engel and he was stuck in a civil war. Raphael...
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Footsteps told Amber the Vampire were back. She ran outside and saw them heading her way. She stood on her toes and looked for Stefan. When she noted him she noticed he was dragging someone with him, just like all vampires. Only difference was that the person Stefan dragged was alive and kicking. She struggled and slapped Stefan to get away. Amber ran towards him. “Why didn’t Du bite her?” she asked. “Hello to Du too” Stefan replied. He pushed Lauren in Ambers arms. “Here, she’s all yours” “You caught someone for me?” Amber asked slightly flattered. Stefan gave her a...
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“No, I do not want to talk to you. Not now, not ever, and the only reason I don’t rip your herz out this very instant is because of my girlfriend who’s celebrating her eighteenth birthday and who doesn’t need to witness such gruesome scene. So if Du could lift up your anorectic butt and Bewegen it out of the door Du came in and vanish for the rest of your afterlife, I’d be forever grateful” Stefan said.
Amber ordered two beers and gave one to Stefan. “I just need Du to listen to me. I’m really sorry for what I did. I Lost control that night. I saw Elena sitting there all alone....
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He didn’t have to say anything. She could read it on his face. He walked passed her to the stairs. “I’m sorry, Damon” Katherine sagte soft. If he wouldn’t hurt so much he might have been surprised how sincere she sounded. “I tried to stop him” she continued. Damon nodded, but refused to look at her. “She’s not in her right mind, Damon, it’s because of what Bonnie did” Katherine sagte desperate. Damon walked upstairs, pretending not to hear what Katherine was saying. He walked into his room and let him fall on his bed. He felt something underneath his back. He touched with...
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It was the Weiter morning. Bonnie slowly opened her eyes. She saw a silhouette sitting Weiter to her bed, but her view was too blurry to see who it was.
After a Minute oder three the room became sharper and Bonnie could see who the visitor was. She looked Caroline afraid in the eyes.
“Hi” Caroline sagte soft.
“Hi” Bonnie sagte hoarse and shy. “How long have I been here?”
“About 24 hours” Caroline answered. Bonnie nodded. “How, eh, how’s Elena doing?...And Damon?” she asked careful.
“They’re okay, considering what happened” Caroline said. “They’re dealing with it”
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Katherine was standing on a ladder when some kind of tornado swirled in the room and collided to it, causing Katherine to tumble down.
“Okay, ow!” she exclaimed. She accepted the hand that was reached out and pulled herself up. The moment she looked at Amber’s face she jerked her hand and wiped it off. Amber rolled her eyes. “Bitch, please, get over yourself” she sagte disdainful.
“What are Du doing here? Stefan doesn’t want Du here” Katherine snapped.
Amber chuckled. “See, that’s where you’re wrong. Stefan practically begged me to come back and since he turned me I find...
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Cas opened the front door and carried Daphne over the doorstep. “You can put me down now” Daphne said.
“Shouldn’t I carry Du into our bedroom?” Cas asked.
“I’m thirsty. I want to have a drink first” Daphne explained.
“Okay” Cas sagte and he put her down. She walked to the küche and Cas followed her. As she took a glass from the cupboard Cas came standing behind her. He lay her hair over her shoulder and kissed her neck.
Daphne groaned and turned around. Cas continued Küssen her as his hands searched their way underneath the dress.
“Bring me to our bedroom” Daphne said...
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