Pest of bad.. (it will take with in 2 days for the Doomer) (and get rid of those dibs worm baby's) (that sounds awesome) (looks like its raining...) (ima take a rest for now) now back to INVADER BADRAY IN INVADER ZIM 2.

"hey bad wake up" *why is Gaz waking me up?* "uh yeah what is it Gaz..." she look worry.. But why "did Du seen Gir".. "um no and why Du worry Du never worry for any one..?" Gaz gave a angry look "I'm not worry I'm just saying where's Gir he was around here than gone?" I look around than back at Gaz

"are Du sure cuz he do this a lot?" Gaz open one eye as meaning what I mean "well I'm saying he come back.. Just give it half a night oder in middle of the night.. He come back.."

Gaz got up and walk near the window and look around to see Gir but didnt "well damn... Whatever any ways we got Skool so I say put on your human outfit oder whatever Du call it" I close one eye half close and look at her weirdly "um yeah uh I meet Du there" Gaz left and now I'm alone.. Good "hmm" I got my outfit on and ran outside to Skool 'let note is not Emo it haves a helm with a star' *damn hurry bad we gotta hit to Skool GAAAA!!!' I ran so fast I blast though the door and made a big hole "owe damn that kinda hurt but I gootttaa mmaakkkee iitt!!!" I pass the class with my awesome sonic speed and I made a 'FFFUUUU troll face' I open the class door and saw the teacher really piss off '*well it was a great life living*

The teacher schlagen, punsch me "DO PUSH UP TILL THE END OF THE Tag MAGGET!!" I got in a push up way oder how humnas do it and started to do push ups "I... Spy's... Humans..." every one look at me and 'LOL' at me while pointing "I... Spy's... All... Of you" the teacher look at me and put her combat boot on my PAK *if she break my PAK I swear I will kill this human "I spy's all of Du ugly humans!!" Gaz look at me and look shock that she didn't even notice this "bad... What.. The.." I kept doing push ups till my awesome alien muscles got Bigger and my back Mehr fixable "OHH YEAAHH!!" all the Girls pass out even the teacher but not Gaz she never pass out "I'm sexy and they know it" I sing aLil with a funny tone in it and Gaz giggle "wow bad how many times Du gonna do that"

All the boys was in shock so they jump though the windows and ran Home to ma ma "i don't know... Well it's time to go Home let's skip this dumb Skool "yeah i guess" she got up and walk besides me back to Home BASE... get it becuz it's Home and it have a base under it so it's a Home base "no bad that joke kinda suck" I look at her and how did she heard my thinking "umm... .. Yeah I guess it did suck"

We reach Home and open the door to see Gir siting on the ground waiting for some thing? "um see Gaz I told Du so" Gaz look at me and back to Gir "it's not even night oder midnight... Lier" I look away in anger *whatever...* I saw Gir jump on Gaz and two of them having fun *hmm ok I spy's humans* I close the door and look out the window and saw those nasty dibs worms babys walking Home "grr how they skipping Skool "I don't know maybe they spying on Du oder getting ready for some thing" Gaz look ALil mad Von this "well whatever..." I look back at Gaz starting the ps3 and putting the bf3 disc in "yeah I guess I can watch "yeah Du be shock of how many ima kill today" I smirk of how she sagte it "hmmm this maybe be some thing to see what happen?..." Gir got ready and was shaking a lot "Gir stop it" Gir look at me than back at Gaz "I DON'T WANNNAAA" than he stop.. Heh I look at my plans on my gloves hand and look up some things to do with the Doomer "only one Mehr earth Tag and I will have my Doomer "hehehe.. MWAHAHAHAHAH" Gaz look at me than back at the tv playing with Gir *hem* .. I saw Gir and Gaz shooting RPGs at a helicopter and it got blown up and saw 6 body's flying out of it "wow Du guys are really good team mates" Gaz smirk and Gir giggle...

"hmm maybe one Tag I play this battlefield 3 with Du Gaz" Gaz look at me aLil happy and Gir just well "GIVE ME A taco TANK" yeah.. Du know "no Gir don't blow yourself up near THHHEE TTANKKK" I saw the bomb blow up and eery thing went Boom I saw in shock that Gir is one crazy Irken to do that "HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAH HE FLY NOW IM NAKED HAHAHA" I look and saw Gaz really mad Von this and she got up and grab Girs head and drag him in the küche "um Gaz don't hurt me that much"

Gaz didn't sagte Notting and heard Gir moaning.. I don't know if it was pain oder weirdness "ok now I spys humans" i didn't brother getting up and see what she was doing but all I know get away and run for your dear life if she's mad "hehe" well guess ima just look up my plans again "hmmm?" I heard Gaz came back in and saw aLil white stuff on the side of her lips "um Gaz what is this white thingy on your side lips" I close one eye and share at it "Notting" she wipe her lips and it was gone

"and where is Gir?" Gaz point in the küche and I saw Gir coming in the living room looking happier "umm ok than" atfer awhile they started to play again

To Be Continue

*i know this was kinda like rated m but sorry I just wanna get things like Mehr Du know oh of the invader zim 1 and get in to invader zim 2*