I look angry at the humans walking around and PICKING THEY'er Nasty nose... But I find that I have no nose so I feel my face where the nose area is but didn't feel Notting ... "Hmmm so why do the humans Have nose" I turn around looking at Gir sitting and Singen some thing that I can't find out what it was "GIR get over here" Gir got up and ran fast here turning red with a hands behind his back "YES MASTER"

good thing I Pro him with some stuff in him ever since zim turn to a tallest... "OK Gir LOOK OUTSIDE WHAT DO Du SEE" Gir walk up to the window and share in a very long time.... "I see humans and cars?.." I look at the window and back to him "no Gir look at the humans look at they'er nose... Tell me why

they need those nasty things?..." Gir look up at me than back outside "updating humans nose..." I share outside waiting for why the ugly nasty humans have those things "updating done" I look back at Gir "good now tell your master what are those things" Gir turn to me with his hands behind his back
nose are for-" when Gir was about to tell me some one hit Gir in the side head Von a rock.. "Gir!?... Who dares hit my SIR UNITED" I ran to see that nasty dib girl worm baby "damn Du ugly female dib's son" I look in anger and she hold her hips "LOOK ALIEN FREAK IM A GIRL AND MY FATHER IS NOT NASTY AND MY NAME IS JADE" I look at her for long time...

"oh yeah well be lucky Du didn't got a big head like his!" she almost hit me with a rock but I Bewegen away "don't talk about my father be happy he didn't take over your land" i remember that day.... That dib human almost killed me when I pin him down the ground when he blast the red tallest and than he kick me

and push me to the Wand really hard that my cuts open up bigger and I bleed while watching my purple tallest getting blast... I cover my face with my hands and feeling my gloves with tears going down my hand to the floor "Hey Du hear me alien freak?.." I guess she the feeling that she hurt me for what she sagte and felt bad and walk away... i look up and back at Gir that was now sitting and looking at me "master?..." I look away..."Notting Gir...now tell
me again why the humans have those things so call nose.."

To Be Continue.. Ok nasty humans tell me what Du think
about my story... *wipes tears*