They accelerated their steps, but Damon was heavy to carry and the feuer was catching up with them.
“Damon, please, try to walk faster” Jeremy said. His neck and shoulders hurt.
“I can’t” Damon sagte weak. He braked.
“Damon, what are Du doing?” Elena sighed. Her shoulders hurt too.
“I can’t” Damon repeated. “You have to leave me here. I’m holding Du up”
“Shut up, Damon” Elena said, having no mercy. She forced him to keep walking.
“I’m going to get Du killed” Damon said.
“Well, we’ll have to die someday” Elena said, Schauspielen careless, but she couldn’t hide the tremble in her voice completely.
Jeremy felt the messer glow in his hands. He let go of Damon, causing Elena to lose her balance.
“Jeremy? What are Du up to?”
Jeremy squeezed the dagger. “I’m going to end this”
He raced through the maze, until he arrived back at the cage. But Bonnie wasn’t there. Of course she wasn’t there. She had fled already.
“Jenna? Anna? Vicky? Anyone, please help me” Jeremy shouted. He felt a cold grip on his wrist and an invisible force pulled him along.
The feuer had caught up with them. The flames licked Elena’s legs and though she tried her best to just ignore the pain, her expression told Damon otherwise.
“Go away, Elena”
Elena let out an annoyed sigh. “Shut the hell up, Damon Salvatore. I didn’t come down all this way to watch Du rot in here! Oww!” she cried when the flames winded around her body. Damon grabbed Elena Von her shoulders and pushed her down, covering her body with his. The feuer on Elena was put out, but they easily found their way to Damon. One single tear fell on Elena’s cheek as they lay on oben, nach oben of each other, their lips only an inch away from one another.
Jeremy was back in Bonnies kitchen, where Bonnie was standing with her back towards him. How could she be so uncaring? How could she let her best friend, his sister burn to death? She was throwing away the stuff in the basement she had used to start this game. For her it was all over. She got her happy ending…but it would be a lonely one.
Jeremy stood right behind her, the dagger ready. He waited for her to turn around. He wanted to look her in the eyes when he did what he had to do.
She turned around and for the first time since they encountered each other down below she looked genuinely frightened.
Jeremy stabbed the dagger in her stomach. Bonnies eyes bulged, her face went pale and she dropped on the küche floor.
The moment she hit the floor the house started shaking.