Elena opened her eyes and sat up. One thing was certain. This was not her room. Neither was it Damon’s. A picture of her and Stefan told her this was Stefan’s room. She got up and regretted it the moment she stood on her feet. Her head bounced, everything was blurry and she got so dizzy she had to sit down again. And on oben, nach oben of that her stomach was twisting around. Then she remembered the state she was in. This was just one of the symptoms…Wait, Caroline didn’t say anything about feeling nauseous.
“Hey, I cleaned your sheets” Damon sagte in the doorway. He noticed Elena’s pale face. “Are Du okay?” he slowly asked. Elena didn’t dare to speak in case she’d vomit. Damon, who saw the danger, rushed to Elena, took her elbow and flashed her to the bathroom. Just in time.
“Don’t be shy, just let it all out” Damon sagte as the vomit splashed on the porcelain. He winded her hair around his hand so it wouldn’t get dirty.
Elena leaned back and hit his thorax. Damon jerked some toilet paper and wiped Elena’s mouth. “I’m sorry, Damon” she sagte weak. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me”
“You’re having a hangover” Damon explained. “You drank too much bier last night, Du were drunk”
“Have I done anything stupid last night?” she asked afraid.
Damon recalled the last night.
Elena smacked the bottle, which she had stolen back from Bonnie, on the table. She staggered to Damon and Bonnie, grabbed Bonnies shoulder and pushed her away. “Stay away from him, bitch” she babbled.
“Elena, you’re drunk” Bonnie sagte annoyed.
“No, I’m not” Elena denied. Her head rocked up and down and she gagged. “I feel sick”
She grabbed her stomach and threw up, vomit splashing on Damon’s shoes. She rocked back and forth and fainted, but Damon caught her. “I think that’s our key”

“No, not at all”, Damon reassured her.